4 easy ways to make a bow out of hair

Hairstyle hair bow It gained popularity not so long ago, but has already been loved by many. Even stars such as Paris Hilton and Lady Gaga came out with this original hairstyle. Fashionistas can not worry, because in fact the hairstyle of the bow is very simple and it will take about 10 minutes, and after some training 5 minutes will be enough.

How to make a bow out of hair: step by step instructions

Preparing hair for a hairstyle

Before you begin styling, hair should be prepared. They must be thoroughly washed and dried, so that you do not have difficulties with naughty curly curls, they must be leveled with an iron.

Hairstyle bow from hair 1 way

Required Inventory

To create a hairstyle you will need the following set of tools:

TitleWhat functions does
Classic hairbrushGives curls a neat look
Hair dryerDries hair and adds volume
Thermal protectionProtects locks from damage and drying out
IronSmoothes excessively curly curls
WaxMakes strands shiny and silky.
HairpinsIndispensable for fixing curls. Choose the color of the strands
InvisibilityHold the bow volume. Must match the color of curls
Rubber bandsAllow to fix the preliminary version of the bow before the end of work
Decorative ornaments (ribbons, scallops, beads, flowers)Add a twist to the created hairstyle.
Persistent fixation varnishHelps the bow not fall apart

Hair bows for long and short hair

It is quite fair to believe that not everyone comes with bows of hair, and they simply cannot be built on short haircuts. In what cases can one experiment and not look ridiculous at the same time?

It is most convenient to make a bow hairstyle for long hair - even a child can cope with this task.

An equally successful solution would be the choice of this hairstyle for medium-length hair. The hairstyle of the bow for short hair like a bob also has a right to exist, but it will be performed a little differently - from single strands.

Bows are great for young fashionistas, but ladies aged 40+ can try on such a styling.

True, it is better not to build a volumetric composition on the top - lower a peculiar bunch closer to the back of the head or make a miniature bow from thin strands.

If you have a costume party or a thematic photo shoot, where you appear in a baby-dollar dress, the best choice would be a hair bow bow hairstyle - the video shows very harmonious images without additional accessories:

If you are used to gathering hair in a bun or wearing a simple “loop” from the tail to remove curls from your face, the bow will become a modern and stylish solution to the usual styling:

Also choose a bow if you want to demonstrate self-confidence and surprise others with bold ideas, because such a styling always looks spectacular.

Step-by-step instructions for creating hairstyles

There are several options for bows. Each option differs in execution technique and result. They are suitable for hair of different lengths, textures, densities. You can collect all the curls in a bow or leave some. Laying can be symmetric or asymmetric. The bow is best suited for long hair, which allows you to do voluminous hairstyles.

7 easy ways to make a bow out of hair

Before you start creating any of the hairstyles, you need to determine the location of the bow. It can be on top, bottom, side or a strand dotted with small bows. The color of the elastic should be selected as similar to the hair as possible so that it is not noticeable.

Bow adorns volumetric high beam Before you start creating any of the hairstyles, you need to determine the location of the bow. It can be on top, bottom, side

  • Method 1. For long hair.

The first step is to collect the hair in a high tail. He is tied tightly with an elastic band. The second rubber band fix the tail so that it doubles up, forming a loop. The ends should fall forward, on the frontal zone of the head. Then the resulting loop is divided into two equal parts with the tips falling on the forehead and fastened with invisible backs.

Hairstyle bow on long hair Hairstyle bow on long hair. Step 1-4 Hairstyle bow on long hair. Step 5-8

Long hair makes experimentation possible. Therefore, we can distinguish another method of creating a stylish bow at home. They also make a tail for him, but they divide it with elastic bands into three identical parts. Each gum must be carefully hidden behind a small strand, wrapping them and fixing them with invisibility. Then the split tail must be laid so that it is in front of the base of the tail. The tips can be evenly distributed behind the head, hidden in a bow or arranged so that they peek out amiably from behind the hairstyle.

Hair bow - a stylish and original hairstyle

At the end, the hairstyle is sprayed with varnish to hold well.

  • Method 2. For medium-length hair.

First you need to carefully comb all the hair into a high tail. While tightening them with an elastic band, you do not need to remove the hair to the end. There should be a loop, with an end that falls forward. The loop should be divided into two equal parts and smooth in the middle. The front strand is shifted back, forming the middle of the bow. Carefully fastened with invisible.

How to make a bow out of hair on medium hair

The tail can be tied in a different way. From the main tail, a small strand for the core is selected and fixed in front. Then the tail is divided into two parts using a second elastic band. It is fixed at the very tips. A loop is made from the hair that remains between the elastic bands. She rewinds with a left strand and closes herself in a bow.

Finally, we fix the structure with strong fixation varnish.

A small bow decorating a high beam

  • Method 3. For short hair.

Owners of short haircuts rarely boast a beautiful hairstyle. Usually they cost a laying or pile. However, you do not need to deny yourself the female tricks. If you have patience, a bow of hair can be made on such hair.

From short hair you need to select the longest strands and from them twist the bow

Firstly, you need to separate two identical strands in the temporal zone and take them to the back of the head. There they are connected with a thin almost imperceptible elastic band so that a small loop is obtained. That is, you do not need to pull the ends out of the gum. Then we divide the loop into two “ears” of the bow. Hairstyle is obtained from the bottom of the head. Fasten the bow with additional hairpins, so that it does not hang, to the bulk of the hair. The middle is done in a separate highlighted strand. It is best to select it in advance from above, so as not to repeat all the manipulations again.

Beautiful bow on the hairs of a little girl

  • Method 4. In combination with malvinka.

Hairstyle malvinka familiar to all girls since childhood. Its essence is that side strands, twisted into thin flagella, make a rim on the head. At the back, they are connected with a hairpin or elastic, and the rest of the hair remains intact. To create an evening malvinki, you can tighten them or vice versa align them.

Malvinka is stylized with a bow from her own hair. A voluminous bow on top of the head adorns the hairstyle of the baby

Owners of long hair are lucky. They can stylize the familiar little girl and instead of the usual hairpins at the ends, use a beautiful bow from their own hair. So you can not only save on hairpins, but also surprise others with original hairstyles.

Neat bow in the hairstyle of a baby How to make a bow on the crown. Step 1-4 How to make a bow on the crown. Step 5-8

Performing such a hairstyle is slightly different from the classic version. To do this, you need to collect not all the hair in the tail, but only select the upper strands. It will turn out not very thick, but it will look great in the end. The bow itself is formed according to the previous scheme. The resulting loop of hair must be divided into identical parts, twist them together and secure the core with a separate pre-prepared curl.

Own hair bow tie Malvinka with a bow from her own hair. Step 1-3 Malvinka with a bow from her own hair. Step 4-6 Malvinka with a bow from her own hair. Step 7-9

  • Method 5. Bow as a decoration of weaving.

With pigtails, you can experiment in different ways, creating new amazing images. The collected comfortable hairstyle can be worn on daily walks, shopping, at work and at festive events. The hairdo of a bow with a pigtail will last a long time and will not spoil the mood with the fallen strands.

A bow on the crown adorns a long braid Bow decorates a scythe fishtail

To create it, you must first braid the well-known braid-spikelet. But you need to weave it not in a standard way, but from the bottom up, starting from the neck, rising to the back of the head. To make it convenient to weave, tilt your head forward, comb your hair well, and treat your hands with wax or gel. Next weaves an ordinary French braid. In the process, additional strands are selected on both sides and added to the main ones. When the braid is braided to the nape level, you need to tie a tail with an elastic band and a loop is formed from the remaining ends. The loop is smoothly turned into a bow, dividing it into two equal parts. A lock left in advance locks the core.

Bow of multi-colored hair Inverse French braid turning into a bow French braid, braided from the base of the neck, turning into a bow. Step-by-step instruction

Braids can be woven in many ways in any direction. The main thing is to leave part of the hair to create a bow.

  • Method 6. Bow on the side.

For hairstyles you need a beautiful elastic band. First, the hair must be divided into four parts. They should be the same, so the zone is distinguished from ear to ear, and then a comb draws a line in the middle of the head. All hair for a hairstyle is not needed. You need to choose one of the parts, depending on which side the bow should be.

The bow on the top of the head

A strong tail is formed from the selected hair with an elastic band. With a beautiful elastic band you need to tie a loop, and under it hide all the ends. A bow is formed from the loop, the ears of which should be well spread so that they are voluminous. Secure the structure with invisible or studs. You can save a neat look for a long time using varnish.

The hair that remained can be left loose, slightly twisting individual strands, evened or braided - any creative wish.

  • Method 7. Small bows.

At the heart of the hairstyle is the French braid, however, having the habit of performing small neat bows on their own, they can be introduced as separate elements into other hairstyles. For the convenience of weaving, you will need one large stud for work and many small ones for fasteners. In the standard version, bows are located on the sides of the head, but in fact they can be made diagonally, along the bangs, around the head or behind.

Reverse French braid dotted with small bows A braid of bows all over his head

For hairstyles, you need to comb the hair and divide it evenly into two identical parts. Near the parting, a strand of hair 1-2 cm in size is separated. If the bows should be large, you can take a strand thicker. It is removed from the rest of the hair mass separately.

On the right side you need to braid a tight French braid and tie the tip with an elastic band. Next begins the formation of bows. The strand separated in advance must be sprayed with water or varnish. A large hairpin is threaded through one binder of the braid and catches the loop of the processed strand, dragging it out.

Small bow on the back of the head

It turns out a bow, the size of which can be adjusted by changing the size of the loops. The tail that remains from the strand must be put along the braid, the next strand will hide it.

Repeat the action until the end of the braid.

Advice!Before you do the hairstyle, the hair needs to be prepared. Clean and dried, they will be obedient, especially in combination with gel and mousse for fixation. For extra shine, you can use wax.

How to braid: a quick and easy way

If you need to create a hairstyle quickly, a ready-made bow-tie can come to the rescue. It is made of natural and artificial materials.

This simple way is ideal for decorating a familiar bun or giving an elegant style to a hairstyle-malvinka.

Step-by-step instructions for doing hairstyles

The simplest bow can be built in a minute, for this you will need invisibility, a narrow elastic band and a massage brush.

If you have naughty hair, you can first apply a styling agent on them, foam or gel in a spray format is best.

If the curls are fluffy, apply a special serum that removes static electricity and makes the strands smooth:

  1. Gather the hair in the ponytail on the crown, smoothly combing all the strands with a brush
  2. Make another gum revolution, but do not stretch the entire length of the tail - you get a loop
  3. Try to make the loop so that the ends of the hair are in front on the crown of the head
  4. Divide the loop in half and spread the petals of the future bow on the sides
  5. Throw the ends of the hair between the bow petals, thereby fixing them on the sides
  6. Pin the ends of the tail with invisibles under the elastic

If the ends are too long, you can wrap the base of the bow with them or double up, fixing it under the bow with clamps.

In the photo there is a step-by-step instruction for the implementation of the “Bow of Hair” hairstyle, it turns out very cute and original, the styling does not need additional decorations:

Perfectly combined with this styling earrings in the style of Dior, as well as earrings with large pendants.

1 way

    We determine the location of the bow

First of all, determine where exactly your bow will be located? On the back of the head, top or side. At this point, we tie the hair in a regular ponytail. Try to use a thin elastic band, the color of which is as close as possible to the shade of your hair.

Making the middle of the bow

Carefully separate a thin strand (1.5-2 cm wide) from the top of the tail. Put it on your head, in the direction of your forehead. We fix it with a hairpin, in the future it will be needed to create a beautiful bow middle.

Around the middle of the tail we tie another elastic band. We carefully divide the hair between the elastic bands into two equal parts - these will be the “ears” of your bow. After separation, they should be formed by fixing with invisibility. We also divide the tail, which is located below the second elastic band, in half - and, twisting each strand a little into a bundle, we hide it under the “ears”. Gently lower the previously separated thin strand, forming with it the middle of the bow. We fix it with invisibles or hairpins with decor, and again we hide the tail under one of the "ears". A little hairspray and your amazing and stylish bow is ready.

Plain bow

A regular bow involves collecting all the hair. The result is a neat hairstyle for different occasions:

  • It is necessary to comb hair thoroughly, and collect them in the tail.
  • With the help of the last turn, you need to fix the tip of the tailso that the back is a voluminous cocoon.
  • The finished beam in the middle should be divided into 2 parts, pulling the halves in different directions. The result is a bow.
  • The remaining tips should be thrown through the middle, fix with invisible.
  • At the end of the hairstyle fastens with varnish.

The same option is great for medium hair. A bow created at home is great for all occasions:

  • The hair collected in a ponytail will help to make an original bow. To do this, lower your head down on the back of the head to braid in a classic spikelet.
  • Weaving ends on the occipital part of the headand then the braid is fixed with an elastic band.
  • Then everything is done as welllike with long hair.

Creating an extravagant beam

To transform you need:

  1. To collect hair in a bun. As a “helper” use a donut-pin or, as it is also called, a donut, thanks to which the hairstyle will hold the volume for a long time.
  2. After that, fix the bow hairpin on the desired side.

2 way

Bow from hair 2 way (photo)

  1. The hair collected in the tail in the last gum revolution does not stretch it to the end. You have the end that is located in front of you.
  2. Then, divide the tail into equal 2 halves and smooth.
  3. We shift the tail back and fix it with invisibles. We hide the remaining tail with 2 invisibles.

Ponytail and bun with hair bow

There are several ways to combine the bow hairstyle with the tail, among which are both modest solutions for respectable fashionistas and exquisite compositions for young ladies.

  • The easiest way is to tie the tail on the crown or a little lower, to separate the lock of hair directly from the tail and stretch it through the elastic band not completely, making a small loop.
  • Then we make a bow according to the instructions, and the tail itself can be left in its natural position or curled with a curling iron.
  • You can take a bow strand from the top of the tail or from the side.
  • Do not forget to separate another strand and wrap it with an elastic band that holds the tail.

The second option is suitable for long hair. Make a bow from the entire volume of hair according to the instructions, but do not hide the ends, but curl them into lush spirals:

  • The hair is collected in a ponytail at the crown, but one temporal lock is left outside the ponytail.
  • The tail is formed into a bundle - use a foam “donut” or twister for performances, and for boho hair styling and hairpins.
  • Then pin the temporal strand invisible so that it seemed to fall out from under the beam.
  • Form a bow from this strand using a thin elastic band from the children's set for weaving.

A small bun hairstyle with bow is suitable for dance performances or for images in the style of boho.

Watch the video how to make a bow hairstyle out of hair, leaving the curls loose, this option is suitable for ladies of any age:

  • Make a tail not from the entire head of hair, but only from the parietal strands, as for the malvina, or only from the temporal strands, combing the parietal back.
  • Form a bow from the resulting tail, and you don’t even have to hide its ends - they will merge with the total mass of loose curls.
  • If you have perfectly straight hair, the ends of the bow can be curled with a curling iron in two distinct spirals, then the composition will be even more realistic, resembling a ribbon.

For long hair

Performing a bow on long hair is easy. First, it is better to wash your hair, treat with mousse, and dry. Wavy curls need to be straightened, and thin it is desirable to wind on curlers.

In this case, the locks retain their shape and volume:

  • Hair should be collected in a high tail, secured with an elastic band.
  • Then the second rubber band you need to fold the tail in half, and throw it on the forehead.
  • With the tip you need to divide the beam into 2 parts.
  • The back of the hair should be secured with an invisibility.
  • To be varnished.

DIY ribbon bows: simple, fast and beautiful

There is not always time and desire to do the hair yourself. For such cases, you can stock up on original ribbons of our own production. They can be made in different sizes, shapes, colors. Any hairstyle will look bright and stylish with a homemade accessory.

To make a simple bow from a satin ribbon, you need to arm yourself with 20 cm of ribbon and a good mood. The material is folded in half and a loop is obtained, which is lowered down. The resulting two small loops are crossed among themselves.

Do-it-yourself jewelry for your hairstyles

For a flower-shaped bow, it is recommended that you choose a medium-width ribbon. It is twisted so that the obtained first turn is connected crosswise with the tip. Repeat the action several times until you get the flower of the desired splendor. It is fastened with the help of the last turn and the node in the center.

A bright pink bow from a wide ribbon can complement your delicate look. A ribbon bow can be put on an elastic band or attached to the hair with a hair clip

It is convenient to make a small bow with an ordinary fork. To do this, a fork is wrapped in a thin tape so that one edge is free. Its length should be about 5 cm. This end is wrapped around the fork and extended at the bottom of the short edge. Then this tip is held in the middle of the cutlery cloves at the top of the ribbon and lowers. It remains only to thread the end of the tape into the loop that has formed.

Elegant "Malvinka"

A little hairstyle is created in a matter of seconds. It is suitable for any hair length. In a duet with a bow hairpin, an uncomplicated hairstyle can turn into a work of art.

To create an elegant "malvinka" you need:

  1. Comb your hair and separate it with a straight parting.
  2. On one and the other hand, take strands and twist them into bundles.
  3. You need to connect the hair on the back of the head with silicone rubber.
  4. As the final step in creating a hairstyle, fasten the bow hairpin to the elastic.

General description

Most women dream of standing out from the crowd, attracting admiring glances. An unusual stylish hairstyle will help to achieve this. Stylists unanimously claim that a hair bow is a prime example.

The laying method arose spontaneously. Proof of this will be independent experiments. Having bent in half the strands collected in the tail, while removing the free ends inward, you can fix the structure, having received the likeness of a deliberately tied bow. This is how Lady Gaga stylists got an unusual hairstyle.

A bow made of hair makes the image cute and mischievous. Depending on the general style, the owner gets a mysterious, infantile or feminine look. Celebrities often turn to the option. Styling is done for everyday life or in exceptional cases.

The hairstyle is performed for different lengths of hair. The volume and appearance of the bow depend on the format of the strands. The element is able to play a leading role, complement the complex styling. The bow goes well with bangs, pigtails, a bun, and other components of the hairstyle.

Unusual, complex-looking styling is easy to perform. The option is often called "Malvina" for the similarity of appearance with the hairstyle of the famous heroine of the tale. To perform styling, the structure of the hair is completely unimportant. The bow will turn out to be made of thin, thick, straight, curly, rare or thick strands.

To work, you need a few minutes of time, imagination, a minimum number of auxiliary tools. The main thing is to carefully consider the integrity of the appearance, perform styling in accordance with the available external data.

hair bow with bangs

3 way to make a bow out of hair

  1. We collect hair in a tail, with one thin strand we wrap a tail to hide an elastic band. We fix the end with an invisibility so that it does not fall out of the hairstyle. Spray our lock on the tail with varnish and smooth it with your fingers.
  2. Divide the tail into 2 equal halves and comb it carefully. After that, start twisting the lock on the finger from the end to make a hollow circle. Lay it near the tail, straightening the resulting roller. We fix it with invisibility on the reverse side. Invisibility choose the color of your hair. With the second strand we perform similar manipulations.
  3. The hairstyle is ready, we decorate it with a beautiful hairpin on the ponytail or in front of it.

Video instruction for creating a bow hairstyle from hair in 3 ways

Two hair bows for girls

For young fashionistas, variations with two bows made of two high tails are suitable, but you can make the hairstyle even more unusual:

  1. Divide the entire hair in half with a straight parting
  2. From the nape to the crown, braid two spikelets, gradually picking up loose strands
  3. Tie two tails at the crown level
  4. Make Bow Tails
  5. Be sure to hide the tips so that they do not cover the weaving

Hair bows, of course, are undesirable under the condition of a strict dress code at work, but in other cases you have the right to experiment.

Romantic dates, daily walks, special occasions - such styling will always find a place in the framework of spectacular bold images.

Low hair bow

In addition to the high option, there is a beautiful low bow. If the previous hairstyle is considered youth, then the second is just right for girls and women.

To execute it, there is the following instruction:

  • Hair needs to be collected in a low bun, just do not stretch it completely.
  • Then it is divided into 2 parts.
  • The tip needs to be lifted up and fixed with an invisibility.
  • Hairstyle is fixed with varnish.

Satin Ribbon Decoration

Also, the hairstyle can be decorated with a bow from satin ribbons.

In order to find out how to make a bow from a hairband, there is a detailed step-by-step instruction:

  1. Fold the tape (about 20 cm) in half. You will get a loop, which must be lowered down to form two loops.
  2. Cross them together. To do this, turn one loop into a circle and gently pull.

How to make a bow with your own hands from a hair ribbon can be seen in the video.

How to tie a ribbon bow to your hair:

  • satin jewelry can be attached to the hair with an invisible
  • stick silicone gum to the bow in advance,
  • if you leave the “ends” of the satin bow long, then you can use them to fix the jewelry on your hair by making a knot.

4 way

4 way to create a bow from hair on your head

  1. Make the tail. We tie the elastic bands from above, from the base of the tail down. We hide each rubber band behind a lock of hair, fixing the end with an invisible one.
  2. We put the resulting tail in a bow so that it is in front of the tail.
  3. We end the end of our main tail with an elastic band to make it flat. Then we fix the bow with invisibles or hairpins and with the help of varnish or wax we make sharp ends sticking up.

Evening hair bow

If you are planning an evening event, then for this occasion you can perform a beautiful hairstyle. The bow will be with loose hair, which looks very original:

  • Need to split the hair with even parting.
  • All sides need to be separated 2 strands and put back.
  • A tail with an elastic band is created from these locks. It does not need to be stretched to the end, since the bow needs an original eyelet. The tail needs to be fixed tightly so that everything looks neat.
  • The eyelet is divided into 2 parts.
  • It is necessary to fix each part with a hairpin. The result is an original bow.
  • You need to raise the tip up, creating the middle of the bow. Fixing is invisible.
  • Hair style is varnished.

The remaining hair should be left straight, or wound. The result was a wonderful holiday bow option.

Bow Malvinka

Separate the top of the hair at the crown and form a bow, as described above. At will, we select hair at the temples or leave curls. Having formed a bow, we do not hide the remaining strands, but we stack and wind them on curlers or curling irons, tongs.

Evening version in the style of Malvinka (video)

This is the easiest way to make a bow hairstyle. It is an ideal solution for owners of long, or medium length, straight hair. At the same time, using a corrugation curler will help to make your bow even more original and mischievous. To do this, at the stage of preliminary preparation of the hair, give them light waves.

A bow from two elastic bands

There is another convenient way to create a bow - from two rubber bands:

  • It is necessary to comb the hair well, divide it into 2 parts: front and back. A bow will be created from the first part, and the second remains free.
  • The upper part must be divided parting and tie 2 tight tails.
  • Then they are fixed with an elastic band.
  • The first tail must be bent so that the gum is in contact. Fixed hair invisible. The result is one bow petal.
  • The same work is done for the second.
  • Tips stay free, hairstyle is fixed with varnish.

High bow

A high bow hairstyle is universal. It is ideal for both everyday walks and social events. With the correct styling technique, no bow correction will be required when worn.

Before doing romantic styling with a high bow, you must:

  • wash your hair thoroughly,
  • apply mousse to wet hair,
  • Dry the strands with a hairdryer.

If the hair is sparse and thin, pre-curling will help give them volume.

Technology for hairstyles with a high bow:

  1. Collect carefully combed hair in the shape of a ponytail on the crown and fix with an elastic band. Curls should be perfectly combed, because the slightest "cockerels" ruin the hair.
  2. Using a second elastic band, grab half of the tail. A loop forms between the elastic bands. It is necessary to lay it in such a way that the ends of the hair "fall" on the forehead and a bun forms.
  3. The strands in the loop must be divided into two identical parts. To fasten them, use studs or invisible.
  4. The middle of the bow should be “encircled” with free tips and secured so that the remaining strands are hidden “under the bow”.
  5. Received a high bow with varnish with a strong fixation.

Such a hairstyle will look great both with and without bangs. If several curls will be knocked out of the hairstyle, they can be hidden with the help of invisibility.

Options for a bow from braided hair

Bow from hair (photo) with weaving

There is another way to make the hairstyle more unusual and stylish. First we braid the pigtail-spikelet. The difficulty lies in the fact that you will have to weave not from top to bottom (that is, from the nape to the neck), but vice versa. Your pigtail will rise from the neck to the back of the head.

How to make such a hairstyle?
Tilt your head forward, carefully combing and greasing your hands with wax or mousse, begin to weave an ordinary French braid. Pick up strands on both sides and add to the main ones. Bringing it to the back of the head, we tie the tail and form a bow according to the previously described steps. The braid can be located not only below the bow.

How to weave such a braid, look at the video from Lily Moon

Secret: owners of "thin" or thin hair, this hairstyle is also suitable. It is enough to master the methods of adding volume described in the article how to make a wave on the hair. Paying particular attention to subsections with instructions on how to create waves.

If you want to make a bow with a braid, you should master the instructions on how to weave a French braid, described here.

To complement the bow from the hair with a spectacular small crown and all the secrets of its weaving are available at this address http://ovolosah.com/parikmaher/kosi/7-master-klassov-prichesok-koron-iz-volos-foto-video.html.

Hairstyle of a bow from hair (video)

Pigtails can be braided on either side of it. Or, braid the braids in a tail prepared for separation, so that each passes along the outside of the formed “eye”.

If you do not want to form a bow from all hair, you can make it small by using a relatively small strand. To do this, tie the tail, after separating the hair on the back of the head. Curl a little strands that do not fall into the bow - this will allow you to create an incredibly gentle, romantic image.

Alternative styling

With this option of laying, the bow is attached more firmly, and therefore it does not need to be adjusted throughout the day. Simple execution technology allows you to make a hairstyle with any length of hair.

The basis will be a classic malvinka:

  • It is necessary to carefully comb the hair, divided into 2 parts: the upper one will be the base of the bow, and the lower one will remain loose.
  • The upper part is divided perpendicular parting into 2 parts. You need to create 2 ponytails. To choose gum is better than the same color, then curls. With the help of this technique, it will be possible to eliminate many of the shortcomings of the hairstyle.
  • Tails are divided into 2 parts. Get 4 similar shares, which should be collected in the tail.
  • At the end, you need to wrap the tail so that the lower elastic coincides with the upper. The tail must be tucked inward.
  • The same job is done with 2 tail. The hairstyle is fixed with invisibles and hairpins, and then with varnish. The result was a beautiful bow.

The hairstyle looks original with loose curls. This bow option is suitable for a holiday and date.

How to make small bows? or braid with hair bows

Scythe with small hair bows

Tender small bows can be added to almost any hairstyle with a braid. We braid a not-so-tight pigtail, and then, pulling a few strands out of it, form a bow. In order for the “ears” of the bow to hold well, they should be fixed with varnish.

Bow on the side

A hairstyle with a bow on the side will help to add playful notes to the image. It is perfect for a children's party or carnival party.

Make such a hairstyle is not difficult: just follow the step-by-step instructions of the previous master class. Only instead of the crown, it is necessary to collect the hair in the tail from the side.

Hair Style Guidelines

  • To get a neat hairstyle, you must use the technique of professionals. It is necessary to fix 2 invisible from different sides of the gum. When grabbing tail 1, invisibility must be inserted into the base, wrapped with elastic, and then another invisibility must be inserted from the other side.
  • No need to use a lot of spraybecause the bow will not work out neat.
  • The bangs can be combed or straightened. In any case, the styling will be original.
  • A bow is undesirable for owners of problem hair. If they are dry and dull, then the hairstyle will not last long. In addition, she will look untidy.
  • Hairstyle is not very suitable for owners of large noses and chins, since all emphasis will be placed on these facial features.
  • When creating a styling, you need to followso that the tip does not fall out.
  • Mid bow is created both with straight hair and with a braid.
  • When performing low styling do not do it at the base of the head.
  • At the end, styling is fixed a small amount of varnish.
  • Accessories are best to choose those that suit your hair color. To work, you need gum and studs.

Bow is a fairly simple hairstyle. It is suitable for long and medium hair. It is better to make a hairstyle in advance, and make sure that it suits the appearance. In addition to the classic options, you can come up with special ones. Styling is perfect for both girls and women. With the choice of such an original option, you will be able to create an original image.

Low bow

In addition to a high bow from hair, you can make a low one. In terms of execution technique, it is no different from its “counterpart”. However, if a tall hair bow is more suitable for little girls and young girls, then women can do low. Such a hairstyle will not spoil them at all.

On long hair

Long hair allows you to experiment with various hairstyles and hairstyles. A bow in a duet with long curls looks gorgeous. It perfectly complements the evening look.

To create such a hairstyle for long hair, you must:

  1. Comb the hair. Make two tails on the sides. Do not take all the hair: to create this hairstyle, only curls from the crown are needed. The remaining strands will be loose.
  2. In the center of the two tails, make a bunch, fixing with an elastic band.
  3. Divide the resulting bunch into two equal parts to get 2 "petals" of a bow.
  4. In each part, you need to "blow" the ends of the hair.
  5. Fix the resulting bow with invisibility.
  6. Loose long hair can be curled with a curler or curler.
  7. Sprinkle the finished hairstyle with varnish.

Bow in 3 minutes

It is suitable for medium length and long curls. If you have hair of different lengths, it will be difficult to chop the ends with 1 crab, use several or invisible ones.

You will need: gum, comb and crab.

  1. To collect hair in a high tail. At the same time, you should have 1 more revolution for threading hair. Stitch invisible or hairpin dropping strands on the back of the head.
  2. Make a bundle by threading the tail through another gum revolution. You should get a bun and hair from the tail in front.
  3. We divide the beam into 2 parts and throw the remaining ends of the tail back through the middle. It turned out the middle.
  4. Wrap the ends of the elastic at the front to completely cover it.

Video on creating a bow hairstyle in 3 minutes, it works, just click on it and it will start playing:

Bagel with bow

To create a voluminous and festive bow you will need: bank gum, 2 hairpins, 2 bagels, hairpins and invisibility, silicone rubber bands.

  1. Using a rubber band and 2 hairpins, make a tail on the back of the head. We hold the collected hair by hand, fasten the hairpin and wrap it several times around the tail with an elastic band, the second hairpin is similarly fastened to the tail. Comb thoroughly.
  2. With a rubber band we tie it at the end. Divide the tail into 2 parts and lay on the sides.
  3. The tip of the tail should be in front, then shift it back and fasten. We process the tip ourselves with varnish and fix it at the back - this is the middle of our bow. We fix one more silicone rubber on the tip of the tail. And from the back we fix at the base of the tail.
  4. It remains to raise the sides of the bow. To do this, we hide the bagels in the side pockets and carefully hide them with our hands and varnish.

A tutorial video on creating a hairstyle bow with bagels from Eva Lormann:


To keep the bow well, it should be fixed with invisibility. You can make the hairstyle more stylish by adding decorative elements to it.
It can be:

  • beautiful studs with pearls or rhinestones,
  • artificial or natural flowers.

The choice depends on the image that you want to create.

The peculiarity of the hairstyle bow: it is suitable for a girl of primary school age and an exquisite socialite. The ease of creation and the elegance of hairstyles make it extremely popular with both ordinary girls and stars.

To whom and when will this hairstyle fit

A bow from your own hair is a good alternative to a bundle, bundles, braids. With this styling, you can go to study, work. Little girls can go to school like that. Hairstyle does not take much time. If you practice, everything will work out in minutes.

  • simplicity, lightness,
  • universality, because the bow fits any outfit, complements the most diverse looks, it goes well with a dress and jeans,
  • You can make such a styling on both straight and curly hair,
  • you can make a bow in different ways: on loose strands or in a bundle.

The bow is primarily suitable for stylish, young and active girls. This styling is combined with ripped jeans and a long dress. If desired, the bow can be supplemented with accessories: hairpins, invisibility or ribbons.

Hair styling lasts a long time if properly fixed. It is better to do such a hairstyle for owners of long hair, but medium strands will also be able to withstand a bow. But for those who have short hair, it will be difficult to make a bow. In this case, it is better to use overhead tails, and already build a structure from them.

How to make a bow hairstyle?

First you need to prepare the tools. Required:

  • round brush
  • hair dryer
  • a small tooth comb
  • natural bristle brush,
  • elastic,
  • hairpins
  • styling agent and strong hold varnish.

It’s better to prepare some small thin rubber bands. Instead of gel or mousse, you can safely take wax for styling, it will give the desired shape.

Making a bow is easy, but experience will come with time. At first, the hair can fall apart, so you should carefully fix them with hairpins.


  1. First you need to wash your hair and blow dry. The hair does not hold on dirty hair. You need to dry the strands with the help of a round brush: it stretches and smooths the hair. If the strands are very wavy, it is worth straightening them with an iron or applying a smoothing agent.
  2. Hair should be collected in a high tight tail and secured with an elastic band. The tail should be smooth, so the strands should be carefully smoothed.
  3. With the help of another elastic band, twist the tail in half and turn it towards the forehead.
  4. Divide the resulting loop into two parts. They must be equal.
  5. Fix the resulting structure with invisibles.
  6. Ready to sprinkle a bow with varnish.

High styling

  1. Make a high tail.
  2. Intercept it with rubber bands at equal distances. Then wrap these elastic bands with thin locks of hair.
  3. Gently put the resulting tail into a bow.
  4. Pin the end with an elastic band, and then fix the entire hairstyle with hairpins and varnish. High styling for a special occasion is ready!

This option is much simpler, but it needs long hair.

Simple bow

If you want to make a simpler and more natural option, you should use the instruction:

  • comb your hair well and pick it in a low tail,
  • pull the strands from the tail so that you get a loop,
  • divide it into two parts,
  • close the middle with the tip of the hair,
  • fix laying with varnish.

Such a bow is suitable for both young girls and adult women. The hairstyle looks cute and natural, but at the same time strict.

Medium length

The bow hairstyle will look interesting on medium-length hair. To make a beautiful styling, you need:

  1. Collect clean and smooth hair in a ponytail.
  2. A small strand of tail must be secured to the crown with the help of invisibility. This part will serve as the core of the future bow.
  3. Divide the tail into two equal parts and fix with elastic bands at the base.
  4. A loop should be made from the hair between the elastic bands and rewound with the left strand.
  5. The tip must be "hidden" under the hairstyle.


The hairstyle got its name due to the outward resemblance to the wings of a charming insect. Due to the fact that the French weaving braids is at the heart of the styling, it is also called the “butterfly braid”.

Spit "Butterfly" is ideal for girls.

To create a beautiful hairstyle with wings, you need to perform the following steps in stages:

  1. Comb your hair thoroughly, collect it in the back of the head and secure with an elastic band.
  2. Curls divided into 4 identical parts. Use clamps to avoid tangles.
  3. After this, you need to start weaving the French braid: first on the right side, then on the left. At the same time, make sure that its shape resembles a wing.
  4. When two butterfly wings are formed, a small curl should be separated from the bottom of the hair. He will play the role of the "body" of the insect.
  5. When two pairs of wings are ready, their lower strands need to be weaved into a classic braid, lift it up and fasten with invisibility.
  6. The antennae can be formed from the ends of the “body”.
  7. The entire hairstyle needs to be fixed with varnish.

To give the hairstyle the most festive and solemn appearance, it can be decorated with beads, rhinestones, pebbles.

Who is suitable for

Bow of hair - a unique variation of hairstyles for everyone. The styling method is universal, suitable for little girls, adult girls, mature ladies. To match the hairstyle with age, you will need to carefully consider the integrity of the image. A bow can complement the hairstyle or stand out brightly in the total mass of hair.

Attention! Laying from strands folded into a kind of bow is acceptable to wear as an everyday or holiday hairstyle. It all depends on the format of the element. A bow can become a neat addition or catchy spot.

Hairstyle is suitable for owners of any type of face. The main thing is to position the element correctly. Women with a large oval are not recommended to fully collect the hair framing their faces. With a round, oval shape, it is permissible to make a bow on the crown. This will allow you to slightly stretch your face, distract attention from the cheeks. The method is not acceptable for owners of an elongated, narrow, triangular oval. For individuals with this type of face, it is better to place a bow at the back or side.

Hairstyle successfully combined with different shades of hair. The styling looks best on a single-colored hair. It is permissible for courageous girls to experiment with color, to turn into a real Malvina with a blue, pink, purple shade of curls. Little girls, mature ladies, adherents of the classic look will suit any natural or moderately bright shade.

Using a bow, you can simulate the volume of hair on thin hair, pacify the rebellion of curls and tough strands. The canvas can be dissolved, forming a bow from a part of the volume, to make an element of the total mass. For a delicate image, it is permissible to make a small accent stroke from a thin lock.

hair bow with a bump

A hairstyle can consist of a large bow against a background of long hair, a square or other haircut, to complement a bun, curls or braids. The styling can be supplemented with a small neat bow or a whole line of elements of the same type. It all depends on the motive, external data, the imagination of the master.

Refusing a bow from hair is recommended for those who are not ready to experiment, to attract attention. For owners of strict principles of behavior, you need to think carefully about the format of the hairstyle, the appearance of the element. Not every woman can allow such "liberties" in everyday life.

Spit with small bows made of strands.

An elegant bow is able to decorate weaving, and set the tone for the whole image. To revive the usual braid-spikelet, it is enough to pull out only a few strands from it, which will play their role in the transformation.

To do this is simple:

  • before weaving, you need to comb your hair well,
  • after this, the curls must be braided into a fishtail braid, fixed with an elastic band,
  • from the resulting spikelet it is necessary to carefully pull two strands in the place where the bow will be formed,
  • from two curls it is necessary to form a bow, by weaving them together,
  • the tips of the hairstyle need to be fixed with the help of invisibility.

There can be many bows on such a fish tail. The amount depends on the imagination of the master.

The first version of the hairstyle:

  1. Wash your hair, comb your hair well.
  2. Divide hair in the middle.
  3. Select two strands of equal thickness on each side.
  4. Remove the selected strands back and make a tail out of them. It is not necessary to stretch it to the end, a loop should form. But the tail should be well tied with an elastic band so that the hairstyle does not fall apart.
  5. Divide the loop in half, secure with studs. It should make a ready-made bow from the hair.
  6. Fix laying with varnish. The rest of the loose curls can be wound on curlers.

Bow with a Malvinka

In the fairy tale by A. N. Tolstoy, “The Golden Key”, on the head of the girl Malvina, there were huge bow sizes. Today, a bow made of hair is a great alternative to create this image.

To make a bow with a malvinka you need:

  1. Comb your hair well. They should not be confused.
  2. In the area of ​​the little head, it is necessary to divide the hair into two strands and collect them in a tail, securing with an elastic band.
  3. The resulting tail should be folded in half. Get a small "roller". He will become the main hairstyle. It also needs to be fixed with an elastic band.
  4. And then divide into two parts and fix each using invisible.
  5. The remaining strand can be combed and pulled through the base of the bow.
  6. Loose curls should be curled.
  7. To fix the hairstyle you need strong fixation varnish and invisibility.

Execution technology

It’s very easy to create a hairstyle folded in the format of a bow from hair. For work, you need a skeletal comb, elastic gum, hairpins (invisibility) for fixing, long or medium hair. It is permissible to decorate the finished design on the head with the help of jewelry.

Before starting work, it is recommended that you carefully study the step-by-step instructions for execution in Russian. A classic bow from hair can really be done in different ways. The most popular, simple do-it-yourself options are:

  1. In a place that will become the center of the bow, a tail is tied. It is important to assemble the hair carefully, carefully level the surrounding area. The tail will become the base of the bow. It is permissible to collect all or part of the hair. The format of the future element depends on this. To fix the tail using durable thin elastic bands to match the color of hair. Allocate a thin strand from the top of the tail, pin to the side with a clip. The item will become the center of the bow. In the lower part of the tail, another elastic band is tied. The tail is divided in half, two parts are bred in different directions. These are bow ears. The tips of the tail are cleaned under the ears, reliably masking the protruding strands. Gum is brought together. The previously separated strand is applied to the elastic bands, and a central bow of the bow is formed. The element is fixed with hairpins or hairpins, the remains of the strand are hidden under the ears. The structure is fixed with varnish.
  2. The tail for the bow needs to be braided, leaving 1 revolution of the gum. In the last ring, the hair is not fully stretched, but leaves a free tip. The resulting ring of hair is divided in half, parts are bred in different directions. The remaining tip is thrown to the opposite side in the center of the structure. The resulting bow is fixed. The remains of the tail are hidden under the ears of the bow, pin up with a hairpin. The element is fixed with varnish.
  3. The tail for the bow is bandaged with elastic bands in two places. Fastenings are hidden by wrapping a strand of hair. The tail is distributed in the shape of a bow. The free ends are fixed at the back with hairpins. The method of forming hairstyles is most successful if necessary, subsequent decoration of the design with jewelry.

There are other schemes for performing styling, which will be easy to find and study in stages. Everyone chooses the most convenient and acceptable way to create their bow.

Video of performing a bow from hair.

Video of a beautiful hair bow.

Hairstyle variations

A classic hair bow is complemented by a long hair. The element is formed from the total mass of the canvas or the bulk of the curls are left loose. The free ends can be twisted with tongs, braided in a braid. It will turn out to form the basic volume into a babette or cone, and make a bow only by decorating the structure.

hair bow with curls

A small bow looks prominent as an accent detail. An element of this format can complement styling even on a short haircut. Small items will be executed in a series. Details are arranged in a row, receiving a decorative line.

The middle of the bow or the fixing strand can be supplemented with an attractive hairpin, hairpins with decor. Finished hairstyle is decorated with sparkles. Additional braiding is not excluded. This will give the styling a festive look.

It will turn out not only to create a hairstyle from your own hair, but also to imitate using purchased jewelry. On sale there are headbands, scallops, hair clips with finished bows not only from fabric, but also from artificial or natural hair. Pictures of jewelry prove that the option deserves attention.

Usage Details

A bow made of hair is considered one hairstyle. Laying is simple in execution, does not imply long-term preservation. With careful handling of the structure, the life of the element will be extended by 2-3 days. Usually this is not necessary. It’s easier to create a new neat bow, and not be afraid to ruin the existing one.

For each occasion, you can create a separate design. Possible daily variations with a moderate catchiness. For a special case, it is permissible to make a design of increased brightness. With a haircut you can go to work, date, holiday. Variation is in demand by stars and ordinary women of different ages, lifestyles.

Pros and cons

The obvious pluses of styling are ease of implementation, versatility of hairstyles. The option is able to be youthful and respectable. The styling method corresponds to fashion trends, it is used in different situations.

The hair bow has no drawbacks. The option has a high demand. The only drawback to styling is that the model quickly gets bored. Both stars and ordinary women try different ways of diversity of appearance.

Original options with weaving

You can make a bow hairstyle in a duet with weaving. To do this, you first need to braid the braid-spikelet.

Further actions are easy to perform:

  • the French braid needs to be braided only to half,
  • after which the bow should be formed according to the classical method.

A pigtail-spikelet can be located both below and above the level of the bow.

Some more interesting ways

It is not necessary to make styling from only one tail. You can do one of two. Instruction:

  • carefully comb the strands of the comb with small teeth,
  • divided into two parts: front and back,
  • divide the upper part with a part and tie two light tails over the ears,
  • in the middle, each tail to intercept with an elastic band again,
  • bend the first tail in the shape of a petal,
  • bend the second tail in the same way, we get two petals,
  • smooth and secure the loose ends,
  • apply varnish.

You can make a bow out of pigtails. In this case, there are several options for creating styling:

  1. You need to comb your hair well, apply wax to them for styling. Then pick up in a high tail. Divide into 4 parts and braid from each of them. Lay braids in the shape of a bow with 4 petals. The tips can be hidden under an elastic band, or you can simply fasten them at the base. It will be easy and interesting styling.
  2. The method is similar to the first, but now you can make braids of different thicknesses. For example, the two upper petals can be large and the lower petals small, or vice versa.
  3. You can simply combine the bow with weaving.

You will have to work hard, because you need to braid a spikelet that will go from the neck to the back of the head. It is complicated and takes time. Instruction:

  • comb hair well, apply styling agent,
  • gently braid the spikelet, while you need to tilt your head forward,
  • at the nape of the neck, stop weaving, tie the tail and make a bow according to the previously described instructions.
  • An interesting option is hair with many small bows. Such styling looks beautiful. At first glance, they seem complicated. In fact, everything is simple. You need to braid an ordinary spikelet all over the head, and then pull out a few hairs. To form small bows from them. Usually you just need to pull out the locks and secure with hairpins.

    Examples of stars

    Thanks to Lady Gaga, who loves shocking hair styling in the form of a bow received massive popularity. The extravagant star has long experimented with the image of Malvina. Inspired by Lady Gaga's idea, Paris Hilton. It was possible to notice with the styling option other famous women: Kelly Osbourne, Jessica Alba and others.

    Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton

    To perform the original styling, it is not necessary to put a lot of effort, spend a lot of time. A bow made of hair is a universal and practical option that has gained mass popularity.

    We offer even more bright and original hairstyles:

    Children's bows

    Children's hairstyles-bows can be made in various options and styles: with braids, rhinestones, loose hair, curls, beads, kanzashi, satin ribbons, etc.

    It is important to follow the instructions for creating a classic bow-style hairstyle. The main difference between the process is that the children's styling will contain two bows: on the left and on the right.

    Useful Tips

    • The tip of the tail should not fall out and crumble, otherwise everything will be broken. Therefore, it should be securely fixed.
    • The jumper or middle is not necessary to close with straight hair. You can braid one of them or close it with a ribbon. This will make styling unusual.
    • A low bow is best done on the back of the head.
    • If the density of the hair allows, you can make two bows at once.
    • Stacking must be carefully fixed, so it lasts longer. Before the procedure, you should use wax for styling, it forms a hairstyle.
    • Studs and elastic bands should not be noticeable. Therefore, it is worth picking them only in the color of hair.
    • You can make a bow on the crown, side, on the back of the head and even need a forehead. No need to be afraid of experiments: here they are welcome.

    For each day, you can choose the usual option, and in solemn occasions do more festive hairstyles. For example, you can decorate a bow with hairpins or hairpins with rhinestones. Ribbons, rims, flowers look interesting. All these accessories in a few minutes will make any look more elegant.

    You can experiment with color. For example, supplement your hair with a contrasting false bow. If you still want to use your hair, you should first dye it. This will help make colored chalk for hair. The tint balm will also cope with the task.

    Do not forget to use varnish. It will make styling sturdy and reliable. You can make a bow big or small - it all depends on desire and imagination. A similar hairstyle is good for both an adult business lady and a little schoolgirl.

    Evening version with loose strands

    A hairstyle bow with loose curls looks great. The technique of performing the evening version of the hairstyle is not much different from all the others. The only difference is the presence of original and mischievous light waves made using a curling iron.

    How to make an evening look:

    • you need to create a classic hairstyle-bow in the style of “malvinka”,
    • to curl loose hair with a curling iron.

    You can add shine to your hair with a varnish with sparkles or jewelry in the form of beads.

    Who doesn’t have such a hairstyle?

    Hair styling is not suitable for owners of dull thin, dry hair. If they split, break, lie poorly, it is worth choosing another option for hairstyles. You should first bring the hair to a normal state, and only then collect it in a bow.

    Such a hairstyle is not suitable for those who have a rare weak hair. In this case, it is better to use ready-made false bows. If you pick them up in the color of natural hair, no one will notice the substitution.

    How to give strands splendor

    To make the bow-hairstyle look magnificent, stylists use diffusers, curlers and a regular pile.

    Recommendations of stylists:

    1. Before you start creating hairstyles, curls should be wound on medium or large curlers.
    2. When using a diffuser, wet hair should be dried head down.
    3. Do combing with a comb with rare teeth, carefully combing and "lifting" the hair at the base of the roots.

    Original hairstyles with a bow of hair can be made in different versions. There is no specific standard or framework for execution. Fantasy is what should be guided in creating an image.

  • Watch the video: How to Make a Hair Bow. Hair Tutorials (April 2020).