Fascinating French nail polish 2019 2020: fashion trends and French ideas

What will be the French manicure in 2019? Bright, noticeable and varied!

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Text: Victoria Volkova
Updated March 29, 2019

  • French on the nails in the spring of 2019: fashion trends
  • New summer french 2019
  • French for fall 2019: design ideas
  • Fashionable winter french manicure 2019
  • French manicure for long nails: 2019 ideas
  • French 2019 for short nails: 15 ideas
  • Actual ideas of a white jacket
  • Color French 2019: a selection of the best ideas
  • French manicure with a pattern
  • Options for designing nails “black French”
  • Red jacket: 10 ideas

French manicure is not afraid of any fashion storms, it is appropriate always and everywhere. And if you consider yourself a loyal fan of the French, you will definitely like this article: it contains dozens of ideas that will help diversify your favorite nail design.

Before implementing these ideas, you need to make a model jacket. This will help our detailed video tutorial.

French on the nails in the spring of 2019: fashion trends

In spring, it all starts from scratch: I want to update the wardrobe, make a new hairstyle and an unusual manicure. Full speed ahead! Here are five ideas for a great spring jacket.

Let the flowers bloom in spring, not only on the flower beds, but also on your nails. Complement the usual manicure using the French technique with floral drawings, depict rose buds, lilies of the valley and tulips. A detailed photo tutorial on creating a floral manicure lies here.

By the way, floral patterns may well be convex and voluminous: this is even more interesting.

Replace the classic white strip on the tips of the nails with a colorful and vibrant one. Or even decorate the nail borders with varnishes of completely different colors.

How do you like the idea to make out the tips of the nails not with an ordinary strip, but with an interesting pattern? You can create simple patterns (for example, fill the edges with colorful strokes) or whole pictures.

Another fashion trend-2019 is to draw on the nails not one strip, but several at once: different colors, shapes and thicknesses.

If you prefer a classic two-tone French manicure, the original design will help to make the image more fashionable. Let the strip on the edge of the nail be very wide: paint the nail with colored varnish to the middle.

Trendy french manicure 2019 2020 - photo

French manicure is by far the most popular and popular manicure among fashionistas.

Any salon can offer you the services of creating such a manicure, however, make it so simple that you yourself can create it yourself at home.

French manicure is a uniform color of nail polish and necessarily implies the presence of a traditional "smile" on the tip of the nail. A smile is usually white, in the form of a neat crescent, but the tendencies of such a manicure are also developing, and so now the smile can be any color from white to black.

New summer french 2019

Most often, summer nail design is juicy, bright, unbanal. French manicure can easily become the same.

Glitter and shimmer varnishes - an absolute must have in 2019. Use them when creating a fashionable jacket. You can, for example, cover the entire nail with a ready-made jacket with shiny varnish, or make out the shiny texture of the edges of the nails.

And how do you like this unusual trick?

Minimalistic patterns and simple geometry still do not go out of style. In the summer, create your own avant-garde compositions at the tips of the nails. Or complement the simple basic jacket with suprematist details.

Juicy fruits are one of the main summer symbols. Draw watermelons, lemons, oranges on your nails - our instructions will help you.

Even if you do not like rhinestones and shiny confetti, in the summer still try to use them in a French manicure. It can turn out elegantly and freshly - as in the photo below.

French for fall 2019: design ideas

In the fall, everyone becomes calmer and slower. And the classic dark autumn manicure fully reflects this condition. But it can also be made more interesting using the French technique.

Burgundy, brown, gold, copper, beige - use the entire palette of colors for the fall season to create the most spectacular jacket.

To turn a regular French manicure into a seasonal manicure, supplement it with thematic drawings: images of fallen leaves, leafless tree branches, a fox face.

Jewelry for nails imitating precious stones is one of the main fashion trends for 2019. Gold voluminous accessories in autumn manicure will come in handy. After all, they blend perfectly with shades of red and brown.

Gold glitter or shimmer is also a great idea for an autumn French manicure.

French in calm "autumn" colors can be varied due to the unusual texture. You can, for example, paint one of the nails with varnish with the effect of a sand coating.

Fashionable winter french manicure 2019

What jacket to do in the winter of 2019? For example, one of these.

Classic French manicure itself looks quite winter-like: the white color at the tips of the nails resembles freshly fallen snow. To maximize the likelihood, complete the look with winter-themed images - snowflakes or frosty patterns.

By the way, if you design the tips of the nails using the ombre technique, the association with a snowdrift will be even more obvious.

How to make such a design on our own, we showed in this video.

A great combination for winter is a French plus a “knitted” manicure. How to create a pattern with a photo below, we examined in this material.

The most important event of the winter is, of course, the New Year. Use New Year's symbols when creating a festive French manicure. And even more ideas for New Year's nail design look here.

If you still can’t afford complex patterns, simply decorate the tips of your nails with silver or gold varnish: it will turn out quite festively.

French manicure for long nails: 2019 ideas

One of the most important beauty novelties of the last year is the return of fashion for long nails. This may not be the most convenient solution for everyday life, but such a manicure provides unlimited opportunities for effective nail art. We offer several ideas for a beautiful jacket for long nails.

Let's start with a simple: multi-colored stripes at the tips of the nails - the hit of 2019. Girls with long oval or round nails should try on this image for sure!

Bright translucent nails, as if made of colored glass or plastic, are the current catwalk trend. It is best to demonstrate it on sharp or soft-square nails.

Want to make this fashionable look even more interesting? Fill the translucent tips with clear, even points.

Another way to decorate long sharp nails is with a colored ladder. As you can see, the almond-shaped nails look with such a pattern almost like an art object.

A colored strip in a French manicure does not have to be evident: make it barely noticeable. Such a manicure looks very delicate. Use this technique if you have long nails - it will help soften the image.

Long nails of the “ballerina” form are one of the most moody. To make a manicure that will not look vulgar is not so simple. Take a closer look at the French version, as in the photo below: the color stroke plus light pastel lacquer look interesting and provide a stylish and elegant result.

Fashionable French manicure in a classic manner.

For everyone, the familiar and familiar fashionable French manicure in a classic manner will be relevant in 2019-2020.

The classic French nail design with a beige base and a white strip is also good because it is very easy to do it yourself at home.

Many girls choose a fashionable French manicure in a classic manner, made with gel polish.

Such a French manicure will last a long time and will cost you less than a regular French manicure.

A fashionable French manicure in a classical manner can be improved using nude shades to create a foundation, in particular pink, pastel, peach, etc.

Often, fashionable French manicure in a classical manner is combined with the technique of moon manicure, which also looks very interesting.

Delicate jacket on nails: features of a light and feminine design

Tender jacket can be understood as dozens of interesting nail art in calm, mostly pastel colors. It is difficult to find a more gentle and refined manicure that would emphasize the femininity and attractiveness of each girl.

In creating a delicate jacket, in addition to shades, much attention is paid to the shape of the nails. French will look attractive on almond, oval, square nails. It is difficult to achieve a delicate appearance of nails on beveled, twisted nails. As for the length, there are no restrictions for a gentle jacket. Light nail art looks great on short nails, long pointe nails, medium almond-shaped nails.

Delicate white and pink jacket: a classic combination for a sophisticated look

White and pink manicure is a universal design option for nails. He looks great in the images of young girls, business women, housewives. Ladies 50+ recommend replacing pink with light blue, gray or beige.

To make the manicure look especially feminine and gentle, choose an oval or V-shaped jacket for design. Use white gel polish to draw the edge of the nail plate, cover the rest of the nail with pink, gray or beige. White-pink manicure looks great with decor in the form of rhinestones, sparkles, floristry. But even without any decor, the white-pink jacket will look laconic and attractive.

Matte delicate jacket on nails 2019-2020

To achieve gentle manicure, many nail masters replace the glossy finish with a matte finish. The texture of the matte gel polish is velvety to the touch, looks gentle even with bright and catchy shades.

To create a delicate matte manicure, use the entire pastel palette, gray, beige shades. They look great with a classic jacket, V-shaped, double and twist-jacket. As for the design, the decor with rhinestones, Pixie crystals, acrylic powder, silver foil stripes looks great on the matte surface.

Delicate white french: sophisticated nail decoration ideas

White color is again at the peak of popularity. It is difficult to find a more delicate and feminine shade than the milky color. White gel polish looks great on short and long nails. With milky color, you can create dozens of interesting nail art. Among them:

  • French jacket with rhinestones is the best design option for white nails. Rhinestones do not attract much attention on a white background and succinctly fit into the general nail art.
  • matte jacket - white matte jacket looks more than gentle and elegant. It can be done in a monophonic version without any decor or decorated with rhinestones, broths, charms, etc.
  • inlay - for special occasions, you can create a continuous coating of rhinestones on the ring finger

Delicate French with rubs: new nail design

Rub recently appeared on the trays of manicure stores and immediately gained immense popularity among girls. The colors of the rub are still a little, there are about 10 types of rub: pearl, mirror, rainbow, beetle, gold and others. But even so much is enough to perform a gentle and very feminine manicure.

To create a delicate jacket, use pearl and mirror rubbing. They look great on a light surface, beautifully shimmer and glare. The great popularity of the design is largely due to the fact that the design does not need additional decor. The rubbing looks so bright and beautiful that the design with rhinestones, sliders or acrylic can simply ruin it.

The rubbing got its name due to the method of application. The material is spangles, crushed into microscopic dust. Sponge is usually included with the rubbing, which is easy to apply on a sticky layer of gel polish. But many nail masters do not use any additional tools for applying the rub, limiting themselves to the fingertips. In their opinion, this is how the material is distributed evenly and evenly.

Delicate jacket with foil 2019-2020: bright ideas for business and everyday looks

Manicure foil is also very popular among fashionistas, largely due to the unique look in each design. On sale you can find transfer, liquid, holographic, self-adhesive foil. The method of using the foil depends only on the preferences of the girl herself. Among the trendy decoration methods, we can distinguish:

  • highlighting the edge of the nail plate with decal foil - at the same time, the picture replaces the classic “smile” line with gel polish
  • ring finger marking
  • applying liquid foil to several fingers
  • use of foil strips in marble design

As for the shades, gray, beige, white, light pink, light blue are perfect for the foil.

French millennium 2019-2020: new ideas for nail decor of any length

French millennium is a design with highlighting the edge of the nail plate with gel polish with sparkles. If in the past seasons dry sparkles were used for French, then this season nail masters switched to transparent gel varnishes with glitter.

Glitter looks great with a light and dark palette of gel varnishes, used to highlight the edges of the nail plate and certain areas of the design, for example, geometric or floristry. Design with glitter does not need additional decor, for example, rhinestones. A glitter along the edge of the nail will be enough to make the manicure look both tender and rich.

A gentle manicure is an abundance of calm and feminine shades on the nails of a classic form. Each girl wants to show her individuality and femininity and does this largely thanks to her refined and gentle manicure. We offer you a photo selection of the best gentle manicure ideas that you can repeat on your nails.

Fashionable French manicure 2019-2020, combined with ombre technique

Mega fashion trend of nail design ombre will decorate and fashionable French manicure.
Most often, such a French manicure is performed with gel polish, because women want to keep this beauty longer.

To make a fashionable French ombre manicure, use both glossy and matte varnish. Matte French ombre manicure looks elegant and solid, and the fashionable French ombre manicure with a glossy base is very elegant.

Fashionable French manicure will not do without bright accents

Fashionable French manicure 2019-2020 with a bright color base and strip will be an excellent choice for blooming spring and warm summer.

Actual and mega fashionable French manicure in rich colors looks good in combination with a moon design of nails.

If you want to attract attention, be bright and unusual, fashionable French manicure in rich shades is your option.

French novelty - fashionable French manicure 2019-2020 with a combination of matte and glossy varnish

The next topical solution for connoisseurs of beautiful nail designs will be a fashionable French manicure using matte and glossy varnish.

It is characteristic that such a fashionable French manicure is best done on square nails, because on an oval or almond-shaped form, it can look ridiculous.

Another trendy French manicure displays the luxury of gold and silver

For many, gold and silver fashionable French manicure was a surprise. Nevertheless, such a fashionable French manicure in shades of gold and silver will be an ideal option for many fashionistas to complement the festive outfit and create an unforgettable image.

I wonder how long a fashionable French manicure will last among trendy nail design ideas.

Fashionable winter and New Year's French manicure with glitter and sparkles 2019-2020

Of course, manicure masters could not help but offer women a festive fashionable French manicure.

To make such a fashionable French manicure, they used glitter and sparkles, making the jacket festive and truly winter.

Geometric fashionable french manicure is another trend 2019-2020

Geometry has always had a special influence on fashion trends. So in the design of manicure, she left her mark, offering women a fashionable French manicure with geometrically correct lines.

Stylish geometric French manicure will add a touch of conciseness to your fashionable look. Be sure to try such a trendy French manicure.

Fashionable French manicure with floral and lace ornaments 2019-2020

Although a trendy French manicure looks great in a classic presentation, you always want something new.

Therefore, professionals in creating nail designs do not cease to mix techniques and types of manicure to create a new fashionable French manicure in original and unexpected solutions.

Fashionable French manicure will look gentle and elegant, if it is done with a floral or openwork ornament.

If you do not plan a festive French manicure, wedding or graduation, you can decorate with a drawing only one or two nails.

Such a fashionable French manicure will become a stylish addition to any fashionable look, perfecting it and focusing on the tenderness and sensuality of its owner.

Fashionable French manicure for short nails 2019-2020

Fashionable French manicure simply looks luxurious on long nails. But no less relevant will be a fashionable French manicure for short nails. It is comfortable, beautiful and fashionable.

We advise you to try fashionable French manicure for short nails 2019-2020 with a combination of different techniques, with geometric and floral patterns, as well as fashionable French manicure for short nails with bright accents in rich colors.

The main trends we have identified. And now we want to show you a fashionable French manicure in different versions, among which you will find a lot of beautiful examples for yourself.

Fashionable colors for a delicate french 2019

The delicate jacket of 2019 can be performed in a variety of combinations of shades and colors. But modern masters advise to pay attention to bed tones to create a stylish and attractive delicate jacket. Along with the usual white-beige and pink-white shades, you can choose other original and unusual combinations. For example, cover the nail plate gently with lilac, peach, blue, olive or sand color, and make the “smile” white. It will look beautiful and original, if you do the opposite, let the main tone be white, ivory or beige and cream, and a smile of any other color. It will look interesting and peculiar when each finger has its own color, this option looks fun, but not challenging.

Delicate french 2019 with floral design

For more than a year now, manicures with patterns have been pleasing women with their diversity and beauty. Floral patterns in combination with a delicate french jacket will give the nails a note of modesty, romance and femininity, even if you use a minimal format. Therefore, a floral jacket is most often in demand among gentle and dreamy girls. This solution of a gentle jacket is relevant for creating a wedding manicure. Also, a jacket made in neutral pastel colors, complemented by a small pattern - a great option for manicure for the office. This nail art is wonderfully combined with a businesslike and strict manner.

Delicate french 2019 with butterflies

The classic jacket with the image of light and delicate butterflies looks relevant and beautiful. The image of butterflies can be of any size, performed on one or more nails. When choosing the shape and size of the picture, feel free to rely on your desires and preferences. One thing is clear that the manicure with the image of butterflies looks very gentle, romantic and light.

Delicate french 2019 with lace pattern

Delicate classic jacket - manicure for lovers of concise manicure. But you can add a little originality and showiness. For example, voluminous lace patterns will give the classic jacket a tenderness and originality. To create a delicate french jacket with a lace pattern, perform a drawing on one or two nails. This design decision is very easy to implement. To apply an even lace pattern, use stamping or a slider design.

Rub to create a delicate jacket 2019

Rubbing, without a doubt, is the top material of the year to create a delicate and stylish jacket in 2019. The jacket, made using rubbing, takes on an elegant and stylish look. One of the easiest ways to make a delicate jacket original and attractive is to use as a complement a pearl, mirror or holographic rub on one or two nails. A jacket with an emphasized free zone mirrored rubbing will also look great. Such a manicure design can have clear boundaries of the “smile” line, or you can perform a gradient transition between the main coating and rub. A manicure made by matte gel polish in combination with a pearl rub, will look doubly magnificent. Also, a pearl rub will create a delicate and attractive jacket with a classic white smile.

Glitter for creating a gentle jacket 2019

Someone may say that the delicate jacket and glitter of the glitter are incompatible elements. But fashion dictates its own rules. Various glitters, foil, rubs and glitter modern masters add even to create a restrained jacket. Bring the free edge not with classic ordinary gel polish, but with glitter - and you will get a chic and at the same time not vulgar manicure. With such a manicure, it’s not a shame to go to a restaurant and to a responsible meeting. An effective way to create a delicate and stylish french jacket 2019 is to highlight one or two nails with glitter. This can be a continuous coating or the execution of some pattern.

Delicate jacket 2019 using ombre

One of the most fashionable and sought-after tandems in manicure 2019 is a combination of a classic jacket and gradient transition. But when creating such a manicure, one must remember that 2019 is the year of tenderness and femininity, so when choosing a color scheme, give preference to gentle and pastel colors. For example, start from the white edge of the nail and smoothly go into a delicate lilac, blue, peach or pink color, creating a beautiful and delicate French ombre. Such a manicure will not leave anyone indifferent.

Delicate french 2019 with rhinestones

Rhinestones and stones are not always very bright and glamorous. Today, with the help of rhinestones and stones, you can easily create a beautiful and delicate jacket. A pair of rhinestones and stones that adorn one or two nails will complement any version of the jacket and make it charming and trendy. Cover the holes with small rhinestones on one or more nails, or decorate the delicate jacket with several pebbles, and you will get an exquisite and sophisticated French manicure.

Wedding Gentle French 2019

A gentle jacket is the best option for creating a romantic and sweet bride image. Charming monograms, lace and even sculpting combined with a delicate french jacket are a wonderful design solution for creating a 2019 wedding manicure. Rhinestones, glitter or sparkles will complement the trendy wedding gentle french design.

Perhaps, not one design solution for manicure can not be compared with the classic French. The unsurpassed and diverse jacket conquers at the same time with its tenderness, restraint and attractiveness. Delicate jacket - a universal nail design that will help out in any situation. What could be more beautiful than the natural beauty of female hands with a delicate fashionable jacket that perfectly emphasizes grooming and femininity?

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