12 remedies for age spots on the face, hands and body, which creams are the best - ointments or tablets

Nature has given us an organ unique in its purpose - skin. It is she who is the source of our joys and sorrows. Beautiful skin attracts eyes, its good appearance speaks of youth and health. Therefore, any age spots or freckles cause despair. You can fight with dark spots by various means. The main thing is that they are safe. Some ointments from age spots on the face can be purchased at the pharmacy. The bleaching effect of pharmacy ointments was revealed unexpectedly. You should not expect instant action from them, but the systematic use of these funds leads to a result.

TOP of the best creams for pigmentation on the face in a pharmacy

In order to choose a really good and high-quality pigmentation cream, you need to study its composition, see the popular brands and products that they offer. In the composition, you need to pay attention to the presence of hydrohion. This is a toxic substance that gives a quick and lasting effect, but has many side effects. Throughout the world, the use of this drug is prohibited, and therefore it is prescribed only in extreme cases. Another not very useful component is mercury. Too frequent use of a cream with such a composition will lead to a collision with poisonous vapors. The consequences may be different.

The composition of a good cream for pigmentation should include the following substances:

  • vitamin C - promotes rapid restoration of the skin, softens the strong chemical effect of other components on the epidermis,
  • arbutin - take care of problematic and sensitive skin,
  • beta carotin - prevents the appearance of new pigmentations,
  • gluconic acid - enhances the action of all other components, and also has a whitening effect,
  • tretinol - a chemical substance that helps other components to be absorbed faster into the skin through the pores, and also helps to quickly repair damaged areas,
  • rucinol - the component responsible for bleaching pigmentation,
  • tocopherol - prevents the appearance of new pigmentations,
  • kojic acid - effectively fights stains, but may be an allergen,
  • hydrochion - toxic substance. Perfectly and permanently removes pigmentation, but has side effects.

During pregnancy, you need to choose a whitening cream with a separate composition.

It is very important for expectant mothers that when using this or that drug, it does not cause harm to the child. Therefore, you need to choose whitening face creams very carefully. It is strictly forbidden to use products that contain the following components in high concentration:

  • arbunin
  • vitamin C,
  • kojic acid
  • bismuth salt
  • hydrochion
  • silicones
  • flavors
  • chemical dyes
  • oil products.

It is better to pay attention to the means in which the following components are present:

  • Vitamin E
  • gluconic, citric and lactic acids,
  • salicylic and hyaluronic acids,
  • parsley or licorice extract,
  • marigold oil, jojoba oil, grapes,
  • rucinol.

Causes of Pigmentation on the Skin

Stains appear due to exposure to pigments containing the coloring element melanin. This pigment awakens from many internal or external factors, as a result of which there is a change in skin color or its individual areas.

Facial skin pigmentation

Note! Spots can occur absolutely on any part of the body, not only on the face. Typically pigmentation affects the legs, arms, back and shoulders.

The most common cause is excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays. In addition, there is a whole range of other reasons that can be divided into two large groups: internal, caused by malfunctions of the body, and external, the catalysts of which, as a rule, are climatic effects.

Currently, in medicine and cosmetology, there are several methods that contribute to getting rid of age spots. The most popular are the following:

  • cosmetics and procedures
  • creams and ointments that are most effective and easy to use.

Cream from age spots on the face in a pharmacy is not difficult to find, in addition, the range of various products is huge. The principle of action of ointments is aimed at whitening the upper layer of the skin. It is better to use ointments with a high concentration of the active substance. Sulfur may act as a base. The pharmacy market is full of various means, so it is better to consult a specialist before buying.

It is better to use ointments with a high concentration of the active substance

The advantages of using creams and ointments are as follows:

  • ease of use
  • relatively low price when compared with a salon cosmetic procedure,
  • quite high efficiency.

There are practically no disadvantages of this method of treatment, only a number of contraindications:

  • it is forbidden to use for individual intolerance of the components that are part of
  • not recommended for use by children under three years old,
  • a pregnant woman or one who is breastfeeding should use creams and ointments with extreme caution.

Age spots on the face

  • heredity,
  • hormonal disruptions
  • the presence of gynecological diseases,
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract
  • diseases of the skin,
  • lack of vitamins
  • allergic reactions
  • age-related changes
  • strong ultraviolet radiation,
  • stresses.

Before turning to cosmetic and pharmacy products for whitening the skin of the face, it is necessary to establish the cause of pigmentation. So, with allergies, you need to identify the main allergen, which provokes the spread of spots, so that they once and for all completely disappear from the face and neck. With skin diseases, the approach should be comprehensive, only regular procedures aimed at combating the disease itself and its consequences will help remove age spots.

On a note. Improper functioning of the digestive system affects the face differently.

It should be borne in mind that many gastrointestinal diseases occur in a latent form, and therefore you can not do without visiting a doctor. During treatment, you can additionally use clarifying creams and serums.

Hormonal disorders can occur during pregnancy, with the occurrence of gynecological diseases, menopause or with problems with the thyroid gland. In such cases, it is not recommended to treat age spots with cosmetics. In some situations, only laser resurfacing is able to cope with skin defects, with which the upper layer of the epidermis is removed.

Folk methods can easily remove pigment spots resulting from a lack of vitamins. And, of course, do not forget about proper, balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Home remedies will also help with age-related changes in the skin, with prolonged depression and stress. To bring your state of mind to normal, it is worth drinking soothing teas.

Important! Use cosmetic formulations against pigmentation is necessary after consulting a doctor. Some of them are forbidden to apply for certain diseases, during pregnancy and lactation.

The most common spots are after exposure to the sun - in this case, all existing problems become more noticeable, pigments appear.Also, the formation of various types of rashes can also be associated with other reasons:

  1. Abuse of cosmetic procedures, such as peels and scrubs. The protective layer of the skin becomes thinner and susceptible to the negative effects of external factors.
  2. Diseases such as disorders of the liver and kidneys, problems in the gastrointestinal tract and others, in this case, creams and ointments from age spots will not be effective, the root cause must be eliminated.
  3. Hereditary diseases and predisposition to the appearance of pigments.
  4. Take medication or use cosmetics that increase the sensitivity of the skin to the sun.
  5. Disruption of the hormonal background due to pregnancy or other changes in the level of hormones in the blood.
  6. Fungal diseases or infectious skin diseases such as psoriasis or seborrhea caused by pathogens. In this case, the spots may itch and peel.

It is recommended that when spots appear on the skin, consult a specialist so that he accurately establishes the diagnosis and prescribes the appropriate treatment, for example, a cure for age spots.

According to domestic cosmetologists, ointments from age spots on the face produced by Russian pharmaceutical companies are cheaper than any imported whitening cream, but in quality they are inferior to them quite a bit.

Among the most popular and effective means, experts note the following products of Russian production.

Table 1. Ointments for age-related pigment spots

Name (ointment),

Price (average for Moscow)

CompositionBeneficial featuresIndicationsApplication rules
Syntomycin Liniment

Chlorampheniol, Castor OilAntibacterial ointment, with a brightening effect, anti-inflammatory, emollientPustular skin lesions, ulcers, burns, acne, boils, age spots from acneFor treatment - ointment is applied to clean dry skin, pinpointed on every 42-6 inflammation. For clarification - apply on the face with a thick layer for 1-3 hours. The procedure is carried out daily from one to three weeks

Salicylic acid excipientsSoftens and removes the top layer of skinAntiseptic anti-inflammatory, anti-seborrheic effectApply three times a day to pigmented areas for a month

Zinc oxide, petroleum jelly, l anolin, fish oil, parabensDrying, astringent, anti-inflammatory, whitening action"Diaper" dermatitis, prickly heat, acne, shallow scratches, small cuts, burns, age spots, acneAcne treatment: face steaming procedure, clean from black spots. Apply a thin layer 4-6 times a day on clean skin

Sulfur, petroleum jelly, purified waterAntifungal, antiparasitic, keratoplastic, antimicrobial action. Promotes the formation of epidermal cells. Exfoliates dead skinScabies, skin rashes, age spotsApply once a day, leave on the face for a day. The course of treatment is 7-10 days. Moisturize the skin during use.

Arbutin, lactic and fruit acid, licorice extract, vitamin C, glycerinSoothing, anti-inflammatory effect. Cleansing and whitening effectOintment for age spots on the faceApply to the face 2 times a day for 14 to 30 days. Next - 1 time in the morning

Interesting fact! If you daily keep on your face an ointment from age spots only 20 minutes, then after 14 days you can permanently get rid of age spots.

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The use of creams or ointments from pigmentation has slight differences depending on which part of the body they are applied.The skin on the face, limbs, trunk is characterized by thickness and susceptibility to a variety of drugs.

Folk remedies for age spots on the face can not replace full care. Therefore, they are used only as auxiliary whitening products. Unlike pharmacy, most of which can give odds to eminent clarifying creams and acids.

What pharmacy products help with age spots:

  1. Zinc ointment is considered one of the most useful and affordable drugs. It is a thick white mixture consisting of paraffin and zinc oxide. It has the unique property of denaturing protein, relieving inflammation, soothing irritations. It must be applied pointwise to the affected areas, because it reduces local immunity,
  2. Salicylic acid . It is known for analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Sold in the form of ointments, tablets, as well as a solution (salicylic alcohol). To lighten age spots, tighten and refresh the skin of the face, you need to take 1 tablet of acid. Crush it in a mortar and combine with 5 grams of day cream. Apply in the form of a dense mask, wipe off the skin with paper towels after 20 minutes,
    Acetylsalicylic acid from age spots
  3. Calendula tincture will help get rid of acne, scars, age spots. To prepare a refreshing and brightening tonic, you need to combine mineral water and tincture in equal parts. The solution is important to mix thoroughly and shake well before each use. With this tool, smear your face in the morning and evening,
  4. Tincture of licorice root. An excellent medicine, which is most often prescribed by pediatricians to treat cough in children. But they can also wipe their face in order to whiten the skin from freckles and age-related pigmentation,
  5. Mumiyo is not quite a pharmaceutical agent, rather, a dietary supplement. Mountain resin is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, normalize the synthesis of melanin and strengthen collagen and elastane fibers. For clarification and soft peeling, you can prepare a mixture of cream (as needed) and two tablets of mumiyo. Apply the gruel on the skin and leave for half an hour. Repeat daily. This method will also help get rid of stretch marks and deep wrinkles.
    Liquid Mummy
  6. Hydrogen peroxide has a strong brightening effect. Perhaps this is the most effective pharmacy remedy for age-related age spots. It is better to use it pointwise so as not to overdry the epidermis and ensure uniform distribution of the solution. Apply to all problem areas, including spots after acne and acne, scars and others.

How to get rid of age spots on the face

It is necessary to eliminate the cause of the appearance of spots, to be examined by the right specialist (gynecologist, endocrinologist or dermatologist). When the disease passes, the blackout will disappear. In parallel with treatment, it is recommended to visit a beautician. He will check the type of face, prescribe ointments, creams, procedures: whitening, cleansing, find the use of peeling. If it is not possible to visit doctors, some people use folk remedies at home.

Names of pharmacy ointments for age spots

  • Zinc ointment

Zinc ointment must be in every home medicine cabinet. It is a universal treatment for skin problems. The composition of zinc ointment is zinc oxide and petroleum jelly. It is harmless, therefore, it is prescribed even for children from diaper rash. This anti-inflammatory agent quickly heals wounds, cuts, pustules. Does zinc ointment help with age spots?

Green Pharmacy Whitening Face Cream

Effective budget remedy against age spots. It has a light pleasant aroma and does not contain dyes. Suitable for expectant mothers, does not harm the fetus and removes age spots on the face without side effects. It contains only natural substances.The active ingredients - shea butter and vitamin C, moisturize, nourish, maintain water balance, restore damaged areas of the dermis. Reduce the risk of re-pigmentation, protect against environmental influences.

  • Shea Butter,
  • vitamin C,
  • lemon juice,
  • parsley and licorice root extract,
  • Vitamin E
  • glycerol.


Use several times a day. Especially applied before going outside - this will protect the skin from sunlight. Learn how to choose a face cream with sun protection and age spots in this material.

The best creams from age spots on the face

Creams are one of the effective methods for removing unwanted stains, which can quickly and painlessly whiten darkened areas, even out tone, and make skin healthy and radiant. All this happens due to the presence in their composition of a large number of natural components, vitamins and trace elements. To maximize the effect, you must use a cream that is suitable for a specific type of skin, then you do not have to wait long for the result. We have selected the best face creams that will help you get rid of age spots as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why do we get pigmentation?

When a woman begins to appear spots on her face skin with age from light yellow to dark brown, she begins to struggle with the deficiency. The distribution of points indicates an uneven distribution of melanin. The main reasons for this failure include:

  • Long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays (visiting the solarium, tanning in the sun without protective equipment).
  • During hormonal failure (pregnancy, lactation, menopause).
  • In chronic diseases of the liver, kidneys, organs of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Due to stress, nervous breakdowns.
  • Due to alcohol abuse, smoking, addiction to fatty foods.
  • Vitamin deficiency.
  • The consequence of cosmetic procedures (removal of pigmentation or post-acne).
  • Improper use of hormonal or phototoxic drugs.

Many spots on the face appear after 40 years and indicate age-related changes. To return perfect skin, you need nutrition and proper care with special creams and ointments. Regular external exposure will help to completely get rid of spots after a few months. If the cause of pigmentation is a chronic disease, it is recommended to deal with the problem not only outside but also inside. Therefore, be sure to contact a dermatologist and pass the recommended tests.

Criterias of choice

Sometimes you read some articles and wonder when you are advised to do a test for allergic reactions or apply cream on paper and watch the appearance of oily spots before buying. Almost all high-quality creams or products have protection against opening, so you won’t be able to try the cream on yourself or on paper. So you must approach the purchase consciously in advance, try not to make mistakes when choosing, and be prepared for the cat in the bag, as what suits another person may not suit you. Nevertheless, the chance to buy a quality cream is quite high.

Before purchasing, rely on your skin type, if your skin is dry, then prefer not only bleaching, but also with a moisturizing effect. Before purchasing, you need to know whether the product has a quality certificate. It is clear that when buying a cream on Aliexpress, you are unlikely to find a quality certificate there, but when making a purchase at a pharmacy, you have the right to clarify the information that interests you.

Pay attention to the composition, for the sake of interest you can google it in advance on the Internet. So, hydroquinone helps to reduce the production of melanin, but if it is in the drug in large doses, then this is dangerous. It can be taken if 2% of the substance is present, but not more.It is good when the drug contains tretinoin - this helps to accelerate cell renewal and promotes faster regeneration.

Not everyone is calm about pigmentation, despite the fact that every year minor imperfections, such as age spots, are becoming more and more fashionable.

Fortunately for many, to cope with the darkened areas: freckles, birthmarks, age spots and other things you can with the help of special creams.

There is a huge selection on the market, it remains only to choose the most suitable drug depending on the price, composition, type of skin or manufacturer.

You can also read about getting rid of pigmentation using peeling, in this article.

Preventative measures

  • At home, you can use special cosmetic products with whitening and brightening properties.First, the main reason for the appearance of pigmentation - ultraviolet should be eliminated. You will need to limit your stay in open sunlight, as well as regularly use cosmetics with a high degree of protection. It is important to use them constantly, because for the appearance of pigmented areas, only a short stay in the sun is enough.
  • It is necessary to protect the skin from the sun and during pregnancyas well as taking hormonal-based contraceptives.
  • Caution should be exercised while taking medications.This is especially true for certain antibiotics.
  • It is important to include as a preventative measure in your daily diet Nutrition products containing antioxidants and vitamins A, C and PP.
  • Special cosmetic products can be used at home. with whitening and brightening properties.

What to choose: cream or ointment

When choosing a form of release of the product, consider your own skin type and its features:

  • Cream. Its base is water, oils and an emulsifier, providing a uniform consistency. The product is easy to apply, quickly absorbed, does not leave an unpleasant sensation of stickiness and shine on the skin, greasy marks on clothing. Most often used for more delicate skin of the face, neck, décolleté. Penetrates into the tissue relatively shallow.
  • Ointment. A fat-based product with a dense, viscous, sometimes even viscous consistency. The "base" ensures the penetration of beneficial ingredients into the deeper layers of the dermis. The ointment is absorbed slowly, but gives a longer lasting effect than the cream. It lays on the skin poorly, the product needs to be rubbed for a long time. It is not completely absorbed, leaving spots. With increased fat content, it can aggravate problems typical for such skin.

Accordingly, it is impossible to say unequivocally that it is impossible to fight with pigmentation - cream or ointment. For more delicate and sensitive skin, the first option is suitable, with spots on the body, ointments can be used. They are also shown with severe hyperpigmentation, as they provide a greater depth of exposure.

The most popular form of skin whitening products is cream, but there are other options.

Top 5 most effective pigmentation treatments - table

The rating of effective pigmentation products is based on consumer feedback.

TitleRelease formActive componentsThe propertiesCost
Inblanc “Whitening Milk”Milk
  • lemon extract
  • peppermint extract
  • chamomile extract
  • linden extract
  • cabbage extract
  • red wine extract
  • bearberry extract
  • parsley root extract,
  • licorice extract
  • dandelion extract
  • yarrow extract
  • seed cucumber extract,
  • redcurrant extract
  • eucalyptus oil
  • sandalwood oil
  • peppermint oil
  • birch oil
  • pine oil
  • oregano extract
  • oat extract
  • melon extract
  • white pepper extract
  • grapefruit extract
  • viburnum extract,
  • saffron extract
  • sandalwood extract
  • Far Eastern clam extract,
  • kelp extract
  • date extract
  • Sea buckthorn extract
  • plantain extract
  • coffee extract
  • root extract
  • birch extract.
  • helps to reduce the production of melanin,
  • bleaches pigmented areas
  • eliminates the stratum corneum of the skin,
  • produces an antiseptic effect,
  • eliminates inflammation,
  • moisturizes the skin.
From 975 rub.
ROSA IMPEX "Achroactive Max"Creamhydroquinone
  • brightens pigmented areas
  • moisturizes the skin thanks to its oily texture,
  • Protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.
From 70 rub.
7 notes of health “Badyaga Forte”GelTrampoline
  • brightens the skin
  • eliminates inflammation,
  • has an antiseptic effect.
From 69 rub.
Galant AstramineCreamarbutin
  • regulates the production of melanin,
  • protects the skin from UV rays,
  • whitens the skin.
From 59 rub.
DIMORE powerful herbal Whitening Cream (Aliexpress)Cream
  • ginseng,
  • astragalus,
  • pearls
  • licorice
  • musk,
  • safflower
  • aloe,
  • white ginseng
  • chamomile,
  • lily,
  • Vitamin E
  • provitamin B5,
  • arbutin
  • adenosine.
  • nourishes the skin
  • brightens freckles
  • prevents the appearance of age spots.
From 300 rub.

Rating of the best creams for pigmentation

Today, the market has a huge number of creams against age spots that can even out skin color. Of course, you can try to disguise them using foundation or concealers, but this is not an option. It’s better to get rid of the problem, rather than disguise it.

There are dozens of cosmetics that can help get rid of different types of pigmentation:

  • birthmarks
  • freckles,
  • age spots
  • melasma and chloasma.

When choosing the right tool, you should pay attention to several factors:

  • skin type
  • composition,
  • hypoallergenicity
  • availability of protection against ultraviolet rays.

When choosing a cream, you should pay attention to what type of skin it is intended for. Not always a universal remedy is suitable for everyone, therefore, the mark "for all skin types" should alert.

The composition is no less important. In no case should it be: parabens, dyes, harmful preservatives, sulfates, etc. Fragrances are also undesirable. It is good when in the composition there are: arbutin, kojic and fruit acids.

Another point is the risk of developing an allergic reaction. Often safer and more effective drugs are sold in pharmacies. In addition, experts will be able to advise the most suitable cream, ointment or gel from age spots on the face.

Below is a rating of the best creams for age spots according to dermatologists and users.

Causes of age spots

It is recommended to use whitening creams from age spots (in the pharmacy you can buy products of different compositions for skin with any sensitivity), after an expert visit, as individual selection of the product is required (by skin type, age and the presence of chronic pathologies, especially dermatological ones).

Consultation with a dermatologist or therapist is also necessary to identify the causes of violations in the production and distribution of melanin in the skin (a coloring pigment that affects the color of the epidermis).

The causes of pigmentation include:

  • prolonged exposure to direct sunlight,
  • frequent visits to the solarium,
  • increased sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet,
  • non-compliance with the rules after cosmetic procedures (deep peeling, hardware skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal),
  • hormonal imbalance after childbirth or during menopause,
  • violation of metabolic processes in the body,
  • improper selection of cosmetics
  • diseases of the digestive tract (especially the liver) and kidneys,
  • dermatological pathologies,
  • damage to the integrity of the epidermis (burns, non-compliance with the rules for the elimination of acne or boils),
  • prolonged stress or frequent nervous breakdowns,
  • uncontrolled consumption of alcohol, fatty foods or smoking abuse,
  • non-compliance with the rules for the use of hormonal drugs or drugs with a phototoxic effect,
  • side effect from taking certain groups of medicines (mainly antibiotics),
  • slagging of the body,
  • heredity at the genetic level.

Weakened immunity or lack of vitamins can also be provoking factors. If the cause of the spots is pathological changes in the body (gastrointestinal diseases, hormonal failure or dermatological diseases), then initially the root cause of pigmentation must be eliminated. Treatment can be carried out with the simultaneous use of whitening creams.


The most affordable pigmentation cream, known for many years. However, now the composition is slightly changed, which makes the tool even more effective. Licorice extract, which has soothing and anti-inflammatory effects, is used as the main ingredient.

Achromin is not only a cream for age spots and freckles, but also for the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Used twice a day, after two weeks the manufacturer promises a visible result. It is recommended to apply some time before going outside.

You can not use the cream to pregnant, lactating, as well as children under the age of 12, due to the high risk of developing an allergic reaction.

It is important to note that some manufacturers use hydroquinone as the main component instead of licorice extract, which can be dangerous. Therefore, when buying, you should pay attention to the composition.

How to choose a good whitening cream?

Whitening creams from age spots (in the pharmacy you can get additional advice on the use and quality of the drug) even with the same composition, but from different manufacturers, can have a different effect.

Therefore, when choosing a tool, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • choose only certified drugs,
  • funds containing hydrochion are not recommended for use (especially during lactation and pregnancy). The substance can provoke the development of cancer cells and disrupt the formation and development of the fetus,

Whitening creams for age spots are not recommended during pregnancy.

  • familiarize yourself with the composition before buying to exclude a possible allergic reaction to the components,
  • among the components should not be preservatives, colorants or flavorings,
  • do not purchase the cream if its shelf life expires in 3-4 months,
  • when choosing, take into account the type of skin and age parameter,
  • during the period of carrying a child or breastfeeding, only select approved drugs. Consultation with a specialist is necessary,
  • avoid buying whitening cream with a mark for any type of skin,
  • choose the right time for applying the cream (night or day),
  • give preference to tubes with a dispenser. When you purchase funds in a bank during use, microbes can penetrate the composition (from the hands, from the air),
  • check the packaging for leaks. If it is violated, then the shelf life of the product is reduced. Such a remedy is not recommended,
  • availability of instructions for the rules of use.
  • It is additionally recommended to pay attention to the presence in the cream of protection against ultraviolet rays. Before applying the cream, it is necessary to test for an allergic reaction (apply the composition on the shoulder and wait at least 24 hours) if it can be used negatively.

    Components of whitening creams

    Whitening creams lighten age spots by affecting the production of melanin by cells. The effectiveness and safety of the drug depends on the composition, which can be found in the instructions or at the pharmacist in the pharmacy.

    List of the main components of whitening creams:

    HydrohionIt is an effective substance for lightening the skin (reduces the production of melanin). But due to its high toxicity, its use in clarifying creams is limited.
    Kojic acidAlso reduces the production of melanin, but not as much as hydrochion. It has no destructive effect on cells.
    Gluconic acidEnhances the action of all components, including the whitening effect.
    Vitamin CImproves cell regeneration and softens the action of aggressive components on the epidermis.
    ArbutinReduces the production of melanin and additionally has antiseptic properties.
    Beta caroteneProtects the skin from aging, ultraviolet radiation and the development of cancer cells.
    RucinolReduces the production of melanin by whitening the skin.
    TocopherolIt normalizes the metabolism in epidermal cells preventing the formation of new age spots.
    TretinolImproves the absorption of cream components to deep layers of the skin. Activates cell regeneration.
    Bismuth saltIt is an antiseptic. Accelerates the regeneration of skin cells.
    Hyaluronic acidRestores collagen production, as a result, the elasticity and elasticity of the skin are normalized.
    Calendula and grape oilEnrich the skin with vitamins and minerals.
    Parsley, lemon or cucumber extractsThey are natural whitening ingredients.

    Depending on the composition, whitening creams are divided into:

    • natural. Do not contain chemical components. Carefully remove age spots
    • vitamin. The composition is enriched with vitamins and minerals. Simultaneously with the elimination of pigmentation contributes to the rejuvenation of the epidermis,
    • hormonal. The basis of the drug is a hormone that provides quick and effective whitening. Prohibited for frequent and prolonged use. Dangerous adverse reactions.

    The type of whitening cream must be selected depending on the severity of pigmentation and the presence of restrictions on the composition.

    How to use skin whitening creams?

    Whitening creams from age spots (in the pharmacy you can buy both prescription and over-the-counter drugs) have an effect on the production of melanin and the condition of the skin, so you need to use the products with caution and in compliance with the rules of use:

    1. Perform a test for a possible allergic reaction.
    2. Cleanse the skin from dirt and cosmetics with a cleanser (lotion, soap, tonic).
    3. Wait for the epidermis to dry.
    4. Apply the composition evenly to the rash zone. Make sure that the cream does not get on the eyelids, mucous membranes and the skin around the lips,
    5. After 5-10 minutes, the non-absorbed cream is removed with a cotton pad.
    6. In the daytime, you must use tools to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.
    7. Do not use the product longer than the maximum indicated course on the package (usually 21 days). This will increase the likelihood of side effects and increase skin sensitivity.

    The greatest whitening effect is observed when using the cream at night, as well as in the autumn-winter period, when active sunlight is reduced. To accelerate skin lightening, it is recommended to additionally deeply cleanse the skin (scrubs, special washcloths).

    Achroactive max

    Another budget pigmentation cream on the face with vitamin C and UV filters. Suitable for all skin types and copes with pigmentation after pregnancy. Previously, the product contained the harmful component hydroquinone, now the composition is safer.

    The composition of the cream: extract from rep and coconut oil, helping to effectively even out complexion.

    It is applied twice a day - in the morning and in the evening and is suitable for use at any time of the year, but not during the active sun. After a month, it is recommended to apply once a day. If an allergic reaction occurs on the face, it is necessary to discontinue use for 5 days, and then continue to use again.


    The whitening cream in the tube is suitable for any pocket and not only relieves pigmentation, but also protects from UV rays. It has a creamy texture with the scent of a rose.The composition includes arbutin, known for its effectiveness. It is similar in action to hydroquinone, but is not toxic, unlike the latter.

    In addition, lactic and fruit acids, as well as vitamin C, are also present among the components.

    The cream can not be used by pregnant women and children. If during the application there is a negative reaction in the form of tingling, redness or rash, it is necessary to stop the application or take a break for several days.

    TOP good inexpensive pharmacy creams for age spots

    Whitening creams from age spots (in the pharmacy the probability of acquiring a fake is minimal) differ in the effectiveness of the action. The most popular among buyers are the tools discussed below.

    Green pharmacy. The minimum price is from 50 rubles.

    Biocon. The minimum cost of 140 rubles.

    Achromin. The minimum price is from 150 rubles.

    Vitex />

    Himalaya Herbals.The minimum price is from 350 rubles.

    ECO Laboratorie. The minimum price is from 130 rubles.

    Tony Moly Panda’s Dream White Magic Cream. The minimum cost of 500 rubles.

    Secretkey Snow White Moisture Cream. The minimum price is from 500 rubles.

    Skinolite. The minimum cost of 1400 rubles.

    Bergamo Moselle Whitening Ex Whitening Cream. The minimum price is from 1100 rub.

    Natura Siberica. The minimum price is from 500 rubles.

    Mama Comfort. The minimum price is from 300 rubles.

    KORA. The minimum cost of 250 rubles.

    Vichy. The minimum cost of 1300 rubles.

    The components that make up the cream and their effectComposition characteristicsAdvantages and disadvantages of the toolTerms of use
    It has a natural composition (Shea butter, lemon and parsley), which provides gentle skin lightening and protects from exposure to sunlight. Additionally, it nourishes the skin, accelerates cell regeneration and prevents the reappearance of pigmentation.White, has a uniform consistency of sour cream, is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy shine. It does not have a pungent smell, as it does not contain fragrances.The cream can be used during pregnancy and as a basis for makeup. It eliminates freckles and age-related pigmentation.

    Of the side effects, only the development of an allergic reaction to the composition. Of the minuses, long-term use is required to achieve the desired result.

    The cream is required to be applied 2 times a day. It is allowed to additionally be used before going outside with increased activity of sunlight.
    The multicomponent natural composition allows you to whiten age spots, eliminate redness and prevent the development of the inflammatory process. Helps maintain water balance in the cells of the epidermis and protects against ultraviolet radiation.It has a dense uniform consistency of white color. Easy to apply and leaves no gloss.The product is approved for use during the period of gestation and lactation, as well as for children. The cream allows you to lighten freckles, age-related pigmentation, and also helps to eliminate acne. It is allowed to use as a base for makeup.

    It has no side effects other than allergies. Disadvantages of the cream are not marked.

    The product must be used in the morning and evening hours on clean, damp skin.
    It consists of natural components that lighten pigmentation, eliminate inflammation and irritation on the skin. Protects from sunlight.Cream of white color of uniform consistency without a pronounced odor. After application to the skin, a slight oily sheen is possible.Successfully lightens freckles, age-related pigmentation and skin dermatological rashes of a non-infectious nature.

    The disadvantages include the ban on use during pregnancy / lactation and up to 12 years (the likelihood of developing an allergy to the composition).

    Apply cream 2 times a day for at least 14 days. Allowed for additional use during the day, 2 hours before going outside, with increased activity of the sun.
    The composition provides skin hydration, lightening age spots and protects against ultraviolet rays. Additionally accelerates cell regeneration and pore cleansing.White, has the consistency of sour cream. Easy to apply and absorb quickly.The cream effectively eliminates freckles and age-related pigmentation, acting only on spots.

    Application during the period of gestation / lactation and in childhood is not recommended.

    Apply the product before going to bed (when choosing a night cream) or in the morning (when choosing a day cream) for no longer than 30 days.
    The natural composition helps to lighten pigmentation and protects against ultraviolet radiation. Additionally moisturizes and restores skin elasticity.It has a dense homogeneous texture of pale peach color. After absorption, the skin looks dull (without shine). It is distinguished by a pungent smell of herbs.It is used to eliminate age spots of any nature (age, from sunlight, due to liver pathologies). Suitable for any type of skin.

    To eliminate pigmentation, prolonged use is required. Incomplete stain removal is possible. During lactation / pregnancy and in childhood, the use is not recommended.

    Use the cream 1-2 times a day for at least 14 days.
    It has a natural base, which provides lightening spots. The cream also nourishes and moisturizes the epidermis and prevents the development of inflammation.White in color with a dense uniform structure. The smell is mild.Effectively eliminates age-related pigmentation and freckles.

    When carrying a child up to 12 years old, use with extreme caution because of the likelihood of an allergic reaction.

    Apply the composition in the morning and evening hours to the affected area for at least 15 days.
    Natural ingredients have whitening, decongestant and moisturizing effects. They also normalize blood circulation and inhibit the development of cancer cells.White cream has a sour cream consistency. It does not leave shine.The cream effectively removes age spots, bruises under the eyes and evens out skin tone. It can be used as a base for makeup, as well as for sensitive skin.

    During pregnancy / lactation and in childhood, it is used with the permission of a doctor.

    The tool needs to be applied 2 times during the day. After application, a light massage is recommended.
    The composition provides the elimination of pigmentation, tissue nutrition and restores skin elasticity. Additionally moisturizes and activates cell regeneration.Thick white cream with a uniform consistency. It does not leave shine and has a delicate aroma.The cream can be used both to eliminate age spots, and to rejuvenate the skin. Suitable as a base for makeup. Can be used for any type of skin.

    Use during pregnancy / lactation and in childhood is not recommended.

    The composition is applied to the skin 1 time per day, followed by a light massage.
    The composition helps to eliminate age spots, protects against ultraviolet radiation and moisturizes the skin. It also has an exfoliating and pronounced antimicrobial effect. It has a hormonal basis.Cream of a homogeneous consistency, does not leave shine.It eliminates age-related pigmentation of the skin and prevents its reappearance. It is a potent tool.

    During pregnancy / lactation and up to 18 years of age, the use is prohibited. To purchase a recipe is required.

    Apply 2 times a day. With enhanced pigmentation, single use is allowed during the day. Do not use longer than 3 weeks.
    The cream removes pigmentation, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. It also prevents acne and protects from sunlight.It has a thick white consistency. Absorbs quickly without leaving shine. Sold in jars.It eliminates age-related pigmentation, freckles and redness of the skin. Suitable for any skin type.

    Inconvenient to dose. During the period of gestation / lactation and in childhood, apply after consultation with a doctor.

    Use cream 1-2 times a day.
    The natural composition eliminates pigmentation, moisturizes and nourishes the skin.Protects from ultraviolet radiation.It has a delicate, peach-colored consistency. Oily shine is quickly absorbed.Effectively eliminates age-related pigmentation, as well as inflammatory processes on the skin and postpartum stretch marks. It has no side effects even with prolonged use. It is allowed to use in childhood, during lactation / pregnancy, and also as a basis for makeup.

    No flaws noted.

    Apply cream to the skin 1-2 times a day.
    Natural ingredients whiten, nourish and moisturize the skin. Additionally eliminates inflammation and irritation.It has a uniform consistency and a delicate aroma. Absorbed completely.It allows you to eliminate pigmentation of any type (age-related, from exposure to rays or as a result of pathological changes) and actively fights stretch marks. Prevents the development of acne. Allowed use in lactation and pregnancy.

    Negative sides are absent.

    Apply the product on the skin 2 times during the day.
    Natural components of the product eliminate age spots, as well as acne and redness of the skin. Additionally nourishes and moisturizes the epidermis. Protects skin from sun exposure.The product has a thick texture of pale peach color.Allows you to eliminate both freckles and age-related pigmentation. Allowed use during pregnancy.

    Cons are absent.

    The composition is applied 2 times throughout the day.
    The composition provides the elimination of age spots, protects against ultraviolet radiation and restores capillaries. It also has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.The cream has a gentle uniform consistency with a neutral odor.Eliminates freckles, pigmentation and redness of the skin. Suitable for sensitive skin and long-term use (the frequency of applying the product is prohibited to increase). Allowed to use during pregnancy.

    Cons were not registered.

    Apply 2 times a day. The effect is noted towards the end of the first week.

    The table below shows whitening creams for the face and neck. But these companies also produce products for hands and body. Whitening creams can not only eliminate age spots, but also nourish and moisturize the skin (most of the products), and some formulations can simultaneously eliminate stretch marks.

    When choosing a product, it is important to pay attention to the composition, skin type and age. In the presence of chronic diseases, acquire the product after consultation with a specialist. Importantly, a certified cream can only be purchased at a specialized store or pharmacy.

    Article design: Mila Friedan


    The ointment is antifungal and is prescribed for the diagnosis of skin diseases caused by a fungus, for example, with pityriasis versicolor. The disease manifests itself in the form of colored spots, Clotrimazole will help only in case of complex treatment using other external agents.

    The drug is applied in a thin layer, avoiding the mucous zone, up to three times a day. It has a too oily texture and is practically not absorbed into the skin, which is important to consider, because if you apply it at night, the ointment can stain the bed or clothes.

    Clotrimazole can not be used during pregnancy, during lactation it is used with caution and only after the permission of the doctor.

    Idealia pro vichy

    With Vichy cream, the problem of pigmentation has become even more solved. The main ingredient is Kombucha Kombucha, produced by fermenting black Ceylon tea. The ingredient is able to cope not only with spots of pigmentation, but also freckles, redness and vascular age network. In addition, Vichy cream will make the skin more even and smooth.

    In addition to the cream, the manufacturer offers night peeling Idealia.It consists of: extract of blueberries, fermented black tea, citric acid, glycolic acid, thermal water and ascorbyl glucoside, which fights against uneven skin tone. The consistency is liquid, similar to water.

    The product is applied twice a day, without any problems combined with other makeup products.

    Whitening cream holy land

    A whitening cream from an Israeli manufacturer with an excellent composition: arbutin, kojic acid, extracts of red grapes, mulberries, saxifrages. The tool is able to cope even with deep and old spots on the skin.

    It is applied to cleansed skin pointwise - directly on the pigmented area. If necessary, it can be used on large areas of the face and body. May cause reddening of the skin, in which case it is required to discontinue use.

    The cream has a dense texture and is used sparingly. According to consumer reviews, it copes with its function quite effectively.

    Extrasoft whitening eveline

    Polish cream will help against age spots on the face and prevent their appearance in the future. In addition, the product has tonic, smoothing, nourishing and moisturizing properties.

    The composition contains cucumber extract, avocado oil, panthenol and allantoin. The structure of the cream is similar to whipped protein. It should be applied twice a day, in the morning it can be used before applying makeup. The effect will not be noticeable immediately, but at least a month after use.

    Yinni Green Tea Set

    Yinni proposes to get rid of age spots with the help of a set of Green Tea. The set consists of two means - for day use and night. Already in the first week of application, the spots will begin to acquire a lighter shade, and the hardened layer of the skin will begin to roll.

    Chinese creams for age spots are considered one of the best due to price and effective action. The composition of Yinni includes: arbutin, extracts from green tea, algae and aloe, helping to combat pigmentation. In addition, the products will protect against ultraviolet rays and contribute to the stimulation of cell metabolism.

    Application is prohibited in several cases: the period of pregnancy and lactation, hot and sunny seasons of the year - spring, summer. Apply twice a day to wet skin.

    Renovating Brightening Bioline JaTo

    An Italian effective anti-darkening agent with effective ingredients that help restore and renew the skin. The composition is based on lactic and glycolic acids with polyhydroxy acids, and also includes: shea butter and almonds, known for their moisturizing, softening and smoothing functions.

    Bioline JaTo offers a whitening cream, mask and emulsion. The only significant drawback of cosmetics is the high cost. However, the premium tool allows you to not only lighten the skin, but also give the face a fresh and radiant look.

    Aphrodite olive oil

    To remove age spots, Greek cream Aphrodite Olive Oil is excellent. Its formula will allow you to quickly return the skin even tone, as well as give shine and velvet. The composition includes not only olive oil, but also extracts: Siberian larch, brown seaweed, licorice to strengthen the skin. Also suitable for age spots.

    The cream must be used in the evening after standard makeup products. A small amount is applied to the skin and rubbed with massaging movements, with particular attention to pigmented areas.

    In the composition you will not find harmful components: parabens, preservatives, animal fats, dyes that are harmful.

    Not everyone is calm about pigmentation, despite the fact that every year minor imperfections, such as age spots, are becoming more and more fashionable.

    Fortunately for many, to cope with the darkened areas: freckles, birthmarks, age spots and other things you can with the help of special creams.

    There is a huge selection on the market, it remains only to choose the most suitable drug depending on the price, composition, type of skin or manufacturer.

    You can also read about getting rid of pigmentation using peeling, in this article.

    Brown spots on the face and body are a problem that worries a large number of girls.The reasons can be different: hormonal failures after 50 years, the manifestation of pigmentation during pregnancy, metabolic disturbance, severe overheating in the sun, strong sensitivity of the skin, improper care.

    In any case, this problem must be addressed. In cosmetic stores and pharmacies there are a huge number of different tools to solve this problem. There are also pharmaceuticals and cosmetics separately. The difference is that some treat age spots, while others bleach.

    Prescribe treatment with creams for pigmentation in the following cases:

    • with freckles
    • when spots appear in the form of a butterfly,
    • when pigmentation occurs due to exposure to the sun,
    • with acne, acne and other defects,
    • with chloasma (high sensitivity of the skin),
    • with lentigo (the appearance of flat and white spots on the body in older people who often stay in the sun).

    Causes of skin pigmentation

    Brown spots appear on the skin for the following reasons:

    1. The rays of the sun adversely affect the cells, causing skin aging and the appearance of age spots,
    2. An increase in the concentration of melanin in the cells when visiting a solarium,
    3. Pregnancy and breastfeeding
    4. Violations in the work of internal organs,
    5. Stress conditions and depression,
    6. Inadequate intake of vitamins and their excess,
    7. The consequences of salon cosmetic procedures,
    8. Uneven application of sunblock.

    Pigmentation can be expressed in the form of freckles, chloasma, lentigo.

    Nevuses - moles and spots on the face. Each person has them. Some people have a couple of invisible moles on their bodies, while others have a whole scattering of dark dots of different sizes and shades. Sometimes nevi appear in the form of large spots that cause complexes in women.

    Pigmentation can occur from exposure to sunlight, especially in people with a predisposition. Face cream from age spots with a sunscreen will prevent the appearance of pigmentation. You need to use sunscreen daily, and not just going to the beach.

    Another type of stain is post-traumatic pigmentation that occurs in damaged areas of the skin. Spots of this origin can cause acne and salon treatments.

    • Theme of the TV show "Brown spots":

    1. To eliminate pigmentation, it is necessary to choose a high-quality whitening cream or cream against age spots for the face.
    2. You can determine the effectiveness of the cream by the components that make up its composition:
    • Arbutin - a substance that delicately affects pigmentation and removes stains in a gentle way. Recommended for sensitive skin and for pregnant women.
    • Hydroquinone - one of the most effective components that reduce the activity of melanocyte cells. It brightens and evens out the tone of the skin in a short period of time. The negative side of this component is its toxicity. Women should be careful when using hydroquinone. Minimum concentration is allowed in the whitening cream. A small amount will be enough to whiten the skin without harming the body. You can use the drug with hydroquinone for no more than six months, after which the cream is changed.
    • Kojic acid - an effective whitening component from pigmentation. It gently removes rough skin and brightens the tone of the face. An allergic reaction to kojic acid is possible. Be sure to test the sensitivity to the cream by doing a test on a small area of ​​the skin.
    • Gluconic acid improves the whitening effect of creams against age spots.
    • Vitamin C slows down the development of melanin in the cells and restores the skin.
    • Beta carotene reduces pigment accumulation in cells.
    • Cucumber, Parsley, Lemon Extracts gently remove spots on the face and tone the skin.
    • Jojoba oil, grape seed remove age spots and care for the skin.

    Biocon from age spots

    Gentle whitening agent from Biocon - great for expectant mothers and their children. Intensively and at the same time gently cares for the skin. Quickly and without traces removes freckles, age spots, redness and inflammation. Moisturizes the dermis, maintains water balance. Soothes, treats acne, acne. It nourishes with useful vitamins and minerals to ensure a healthy state of the mother's epidermis and good development of the baby.

    • thermal water,
    • Shea Butter,
    • Vitamin E
    • chamomile extract, calendula,
    • lemon juice,
    • beta carotene
    • rucinol


    Apply morning and evening after the dermis is completely cleansed of cosmetics, dust and dirt.

    During pregnancy

    Pigmentation on the face of pregnant women is a common problem. The body of a pregnant woman works in an enhanced mode, the hormonal background changes. Melanocytes react sharply to any stimuli - pigment spots appear.

    The stains that have occurred during the gestation of the baby disappear after childbirth or after breastfeeding is completed. Cream for age spots in pregnant women will help eliminate pigmentation.

    It is important for expectant mothers to choose an effective and safe remedy. Safe components must be present in the cream, and the course of treatment should not exceed the permissible norm.

    Pharmacy cosmetics is the safest way to treat pigmentation. Buy cream for age spots on the face in a pharmacy or specialty stores.

    The main action of the cream is skin whitening and protection from exposure to sunlight. Clarification of pigmentation occurs due to inhibition of melanin synthesis by cells. The tool eliminates existing spots and prevents the appearance of new ones. The cream will protect against ultraviolet radiation, which causes the development of pigmentation.

    Intended for whitening age spots on the face, other parts of the body and even in intimate areas. Saturated composition provides the fastest result. The tool is popular among women of various ages.

    The composition contains the patented formula Melanozum. This substance is an enzyme that has a natural origin. Regular use of the cream will completely eliminate pigmentation and even out facial tones. The skin will look natural and healthy.

    To combat age spots, zinc ointment from a pharmacy is recommended. The drug is effective in combating various epidermal problems, acne, black spots, and inflammation. Zinc well whitens the skin, softens and dries the skin.

    Synthomycin ointment is one of the popular pharmacy remedies for combating age spots. The basis of the drug is chloramphenicol and castor oil. The components whiten the skin and even out its tone.

    Skinoren cream is another pharmacy drug that is not always used for its intended purpose. Its main task is the fight against eels. However, Skinoren cream is no less effective for combating pigmentation. The composition contains azelaic acid, which fights inflammation and whitens the skin.

    Short and age spots

    Pigmented lesions on the skin can be inherited, but can be acquired. Especially often they are formed during intense exposure to sunlight. The appearance of age spots is promoted by sunburn, frequent visits to the solarium. They can appear in metabolic disorders and inflammatory processes in the body. Under their influence, the pigment melanin is produced.

    Dark and light patches on the skin may form. Not only people of age suffer from them, but also young boys and girls. With Vitiligo, the skin along with the hair becomes light in some places. Such stains are very difficult to eliminate. A group of dense dark spots may appear in adolescence or senility, this is Lentigo.

    Freckles are noticeable especially in spring, often inherited in people with fair skin.Not every girl likes this feature. During pregnancy, pigmentation similar to freckles may appear. These are Chloasma, which themselves must disappear after childbirth. So, there are many pigmented formations of different nature.

    • buttock. Due to the presence of active natural substances, it has an exfoliating effect, so it can be used as a peeling to remove the upper layer of the epidermis along with pigmented cells. Natural components and low cost have made bodyagi one of the most popular whitening products. It is sold in the form of a powder or gel. After just a few days of applying bodyaga, the skin tone becomes lighter and smoother. Its unique composition enhances collagen production, cell regeneration and helps oxygenate the skin,
    • camphor oil is another excellent remedy for age spots on the face. A useful cosmetic product is famous for its calming, wound healing, anti-inflammatory and brightening effect. The use of camphor in the form of masks once or twice a week will improve the complexion, get rid of small wrinkles and skin rashes,
    • Clotrimazole ointment effectively affects the dermis, as it is an antifungal and antibacterial drug. Doctors prescribe it to improve the condition of the epidermis and its lightening during fungal skin diseases,
    • Ascorutin is available in every pharmacy. With it, you can adjust the level of melanin in the skin. Local use of ascorutin allows you to whiten pigmented areas, even out tone, relieve inflammation. The product is enriched with vitamin C, which increases the immunity of the skin, gives it a fresh look and rejuvenates. Use an affordable and inexpensive tool in the form of masks or add crushed tablets to lotion, tonic, cream. If pigmentation is not extensive, then the gruel from ascorutin, diluted with water, can be applied only to places where spots are stained,
    • Aspirin can be used not only at body temperature above 36.6, but also for cosmetic purposes, for example, to combat skin pigmentation. However, its use is only possible provided that pigmentation is not caused by serious reasons. Aspirin has a detrimental effect on pathogenic microorganisms and cells that are responsible for the production of melanin. Aspirin masks can not be applied every day and keep more than twenty minutes. A prerequisite is that it must be mixed with other components of your choice - clay, honey, lemon juice or decoctions of herbs,
    • salicylic alcohol is one of the best remedies for pigmentation on the face. It is sold in a pharmacy in small bottles. It should be borne in mind that salicylic alcohol can not be used for people with very dry skin and a tendency to allergies. The best option for application is spot, after which the product should be washed off and the skin moisturized. Many ready-made lotions for bleaching the dermis are made on the basis of salicylic acid, which exfoliates the upper layer of the epidermis, eliminates freckles, makes skin tone smoother and fights harmful bacteria. All products based on this acid for cosmetic purposes are used to dry, lighten and cleanse the skin.

    Important! Using clotrimazole, it is impossible to get rid of pigmentation if the cause of its occurrence is not in skin diseases. Aspirin dries the upper layer of the epidermis. Its regular use can make the skin dry and lifeless, therefore, after clarifying procedures, it is recommended to use moisturizers.

    To understand whether zinc ointment is able to overcome excessive pigmentation, it is worthwhile to understand what this problem is.

    Our epidermis contains a special coloring pigment - melanin. If this substance is distributed evenly, the skin tone is approximately the same in all areas.However, sometimes some cells begin to synthesize more melanin than others, which leads to hyperpigmentation - staining of certain areas of the skin in a darker shade. It can manifest itself in different ways: from a few barely noticeable freckles on the nose to large red-brown pigment spots.

    The main causes of hyperpigmentation:

    • increased exposure to UV rays,
    • skin injuries (including burns),
    • hormonal disruptions (including during pregnancy, gynecological pathologies, etc.),
    • age-related changes
    • the use of certain medications
    • Vitamin C deficiency
    • dysfunction of the internal organs, etc.

    Age-related changes are a common cause of age spots on the face and body.

    Zinc has whitening properties, and therefore theoretically it can be used to lighten age spots.

    However, experts believe that the main thing in the treatment of these cosmetic defects is to find out the cause of their appearance. To do this, you need to undergo a medical examination by visiting a dermatologist, gynecologist, endocrinologist and gastroenterologist. Only after eliminating the factors provoking the increased production of melanin does the use of bleaching agents make sense.

    In numerous forums, girls recommend each other to use zinc ointment or salicylic-zinc paste in the fight against age spots. However, in accordance with the instructions, these products are not intended to eliminate cosmetic defects.

    Zinc ointment - an inexpensive pharmacy with whitening properties

    In drugstores you can find inexpensive and effective means to combat age spots on the face.

    Ointment from age spots on the face is the most popular and convenient form of a means to eliminate pigmentation.

    Experts recommend these funds, paying attention to the characteristics of the patient's body and the strength of the effect of pigmentation.

    Folk remedies for lightening the skin have been known since ancient times.

    The most famous and effective folk remedies are:

    • Hydrogen peroxide,
    • Lemon,
    • Parsley,
    • Castor oil.

    Professional remedies are an order of magnitude more expensive than folk or pharmacy remedies and have more side effects.

    But at the same time, cosmetic ointments are more effective and can get rid of age spots on the face in a fairly short time.

    Brown spots are neoplasms of the skin, which are characterized by an altered color. Hyperpigmentation, in most cases, is the cause of excessive production of melanin - the pigment that creates a protective barrier against ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

    There are several types of age spots:

    • freckles or ephelids - congenital reddish spots that acquire a rich shade in sunny seasons,
    • lentigo or senile ripples - dark formations that occur in people of advanced age,
    • chloasma or mask of pregnancy - spots that appear during the period of hormonal changes in the body,
    • melasma - brown spots prone to fusion,
    • Vitiligo - bright spots that look quite contrasted with the rest of the skin.

    The modern pharmacological industry has developed many drugs to combat pigmentation. To choose the most effective medications for pigmentation on the face and body, you should familiarize yourself with the most popular ones.

    Aevit is a cure for age spots on the body and face, the main components of which are vitamins of group A and E. The vitamin complex improves metabolic processes, has a positive effect on the condition of the skin.

    Folic acid - tablets 0.001 g. Restores a deficiency of vitamin B9. It normalizes hematopoietic processes, helps restore normal body processes and bleaches problem areas.

    Manjishtha Himalaya Herbals are tablets that actively fight pigmented disorders.60 capsules are produced in a tube. Country of origin - India. Not allowed for use by children under 14 years of age, pregnant and lactating women.

    Pigmento Tabs - Indian Vitiligo Pills. They contribute to the production of melanin by the body, accelerate metabolic processes. One pack contains 40 tablets.

    Baihekang brand - Chinese capsules to combat pigmentation. The natural herbal composition of the drug contributes to the rapid restoration of the skin. It has an immunostimulating effect, has an anti-inflammatory effect, nourishes the epidermal cells, and prevents the aging of the body.

    Ascorutin - tablets of the combined type, which include ascorbic acid and rutin, as well as auxiliary biocomponents. The drug improves the condition of the skin, normalizes the processes of melagones, has an immunostimulating effect. Ascorutin tablets are used orally and topically, as part of nourishing face masks (lips, nose).

    Natura Siberica Whitening

    Day cream for the face with a whitening effect. It has a light, pleasant and delicate texture, spreads evenly on the skin and is quickly absorbed. The active ingredient is turmeric extract, which quickly and easily fights pigmentation throughout the body, and also helps eliminate postpartum stretch marks. Natural components in the composition of the product help to nourish, moisturize, saturate the dermis with useful vitamins and minerals. The tool protects well from exposure to ultraviolet rays, temperature extremes, cold, strong wind. Eliminates inflammation and irritation. It has no side effects. In case of an overdose, there will be no negative effect on the skin.

    • turmeric extract
    • vitamin C,
    • licorice extract
    • grape seed oil,
    • glycerol,
    • tocopherol.

    Pregnancy Use

    Apply once or twice daily. Use with sunscreen before going outside. You can find a sunscreen for sensitive skin on the link.

    About creams from age spots on the face: whitening ointments from a pharmacy

    The problem of pigmentation often causes inconvenience to those who suffer from it. First of all, these are problems of an aesthetic nature. Pigmentation treatment requires an individual approach and can be quite lengthy. This article will discuss the causes of pigmentation and methods for its treatment.

    Mama comfort

    Safe and natural cream for age spots. It bleaches well and leaves no residue. Helps to tighten scars, scars. Moisturizes, nourishes, maintains water balance. The active ingredient, rucinol, has a calming and restorative effect. Relieves inflammation, irritation. Evens out tone, removes acne, acne. Tightens pores, removes excess shine. Gives a healthy radiance to the dermis. Recommended by dermatologists.

    • thermal water,
    • licorice and parsley extract,
    • glycerol,
    • marigold extract, chamomile,
    • rucinol.


    Apply morning and evening. Do not flush. Use during the entire period of bearing a child.

    Facial pigmentation: what is it and possible causes

    Stains appear due to exposure to pigments containing the coloring element melanin. This pigment awakens from many internal or external factors, as a result of which there is a change in skin color or its individual areas.

    Facial skin pigmentation

    Note! Spots can occur absolutely on any part of the body, not only on the face. Typically pigmentation affects the legs, arms, back and shoulders.

    The most common cause is excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays. In addition, there is a whole range of other reasons that can be divided into two large groups: internal, caused by malfunctions of the body, and external, the catalysts of which, as a rule, are climatic effects.

    Whitening creams for age spots in a pharmacy

    • Loreal Dermo (whitening). Ingredients: fruit and glycolic acids. It removes strong wrinkles, fights age-related pigmentation, relieves fatigue and a dark shade. Apply in the evening, suitable for long-term use. It is necessary to squeeze the small size of the cream onto the cotton wool and coat them with the neck and face. Pre-cleanse the skin and dry. The cost of 840 rubles per 30 ml.
    • Libriderm. Sunscreen for face and body. Ingredients: hyaluronic water, camelina oil - a natural analogue of vitamin F. Able to increase collagen production, making the skin more elastic. It protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation, prevents the appearance of dark circles on it with a tan. Sunscreens are recommended to be smeared daily. Must be applied to dry skin thirty minutes before contact with the sun. Cost: 1029 rubles per 30 ml.
    • Skinoren. Composition: azelaic acid. The main component of this cream removes excessive pigment from cells, removes toxins, helps to reduce pigmentation and acne, normalizes the process of keratinization of the sebaceous glands. It can be used every day, spreading cream on the darkened elements of clean skin. Avoid contact with eyes. Cost: 695 rubles per 30 ml.

    KORA cream against freckles and age spots

    A good effective remedy for age spots and freckles. The composition contains only natural components that have a beneficial effect on the state of the dermis, as well as effectively remove redness, spots, acne, acne. The active ingredient - vitamin C, contributes to the rapid restoration of the upper layer of the epidermis and damaged areas. In addition, the product of their series of caring cosmetics has a rejuvenating, moisturizing and nourishing effect. Learn more about Bark Facial Sunscreen in an article.

    • vitamin C,
    • tocopherol
    • citrus extract
    • chamomile and licorice root extract,
    • glycerol,
    • arbunin.


    Apply once a day.

    It may be allergic to the presence of citrus extract in the composition.

    Pharmacy ointments and gels for removing age spots on the face and hands

    In addition to cosmetics that can temporarily mask pigmentation, there are pharmaceutical products. They act stronger, but at the same time heal, and not just fix the problem for a while. Each type of epidermis has its own pharmacy creams against freckles and spots. They are divided into 4 groups:

    1. Natural. In their composition there are no dyes, silicones, fragrances and other things. They are not toxic, do not cause allergies. It contains only natural ingredients, vegetable oils, vitamins.
    2. Vitamin. They contain a huge amount of vitamins to intensively write the dermis and restore its healthy appearance.
    3. Organic Composition of organic products. Soften the strong effect of bleaching components on the skin. They have healing and moisturizing effects.
    4. Hormonal Take into account hormonal changes during pregnancy and after 50 years. Align the hormonal background, quickly cope with pigmentation.

    Below you can find examples of bleaching pharmacy ointments.

    Age spots serum

    • Vichy. Composition: thermal water, diacalite, lipo-hydroxy acid. Thanks to the active components, serum acts on the cause of dark spots, and instantly eliminates them. Method of application: used for a month, in the morning and before bedtime. Apply to a clean skin surface with soft, stroking cotton. Cost: 2594 rubles per 50 ml.
    • It’s skin. Ingredients: chamomile and mulberry extract, arbutin. It blocks the production of melanin that goes beyond the scope, prevents dark spots on the face, the skin shines and breathes freshness, and fights against irritation. Lots of nutrients. Rub into the face twice, suitable as a base for makeup.It is necessary to squeeze a drop of serum into the hand and rub it into the skin with stroking movements. Cost: 890 rubles per 50 ml.

    Salicylic and Salicylic Zinc

    An effective tool that quickly eliminates the problem once and for all. It is prescribed for dermatitis, pigmentation, eczema, acne and other skin diseases. It is contraindicated to use the drug for allergies to the composition, purulent diseases and burns. The active ingredients in the composition are salicylic acid and zinc oxide. They treat acne, acne, pigmentation.

    Side effects: burning, irritation, itching, rash, possibly an allergic reaction to the drug. In case of an overdose, the effect of side effects increases.

    Top 5 effective pigmentation remedies - photo gallery

    Astramine contains Arbutin

    Badyaga Forte brightens age spots

    DIMORE powerful herbal whitening cream is effective for freckles

    ROSA IMPEX “Achroactive Max” effectively brightens pigmented areas

    Whitening masks

    The following effective whitening masks are distinguished:

    1. Starch and lemon juice. To prepare it, you need to take ½ tablespoon of starch and mix it with lemon juice. The result should be a mixture of a thick consistency. Apply the mask to the place of pigmentation for 20-25 minutes.
    2. Freshly squeezed juices of lemon, pomegranate, cucumber, blackcurrant, mountain ash. It is enough to simply treat the skin with them 2-3 times a day.

    Salicylic alcohol against age spots

    Salicylic alcohol is actively used to combat pigmentation. It has a positive effect on oily and combination skin type.

    When this agent is treated with dry skin, it can cause injury. Removing the pigmented layer is simple, you need to wipe the damaged area with salicylic alcohol (2%) overnight.

    Sulfuric ointment

    It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, therefore it can be used as an ointment against age spots caused by infections, for example, with psoriasis, seborrhea and others.

    This tool, in addition to antibacterial action, accelerates blood microcirculation and promotes cell renewal.

    In the treatment of skin diseases with sulfuric ointment, in addition to the main treatment, nutrition should be adjusted: avoid the use of fatty, spicy, salty and smoked dishes, which can aggravate skin problems.

    Before the first application, an allergic reaction test is usually done on a small area of ​​the skin: if the product did not cause irritation, you can use it.

    Apply sulfuric ointment to clean and dry skin at night. The average course of treatment is 10 days, until the symptoms disappear completely.

    Please note that this ointment from stains on the skin is quite oily, so use things and bedding that can be boiled to remove the product. When it is used, a specific smell appears, so it is not recommended to use it before traveling to public places.


    It is an antibacterial agent with a mild therapeutic effect. Quickly and easily removes age spots. Treats acne, comedones. Tightens pores, evens out tone. Relieves inflammation and irritation. Promotes the regeneration of the damaged upper layer of the epidermis. The active ingredient is synthomycin, has a strong antibacterial effect. The drug is prescribed for skin diseases, pigmentation, dermatitis, acne and allergic rashes.

    Side Effects: There are no special side effects. In case of an overdose, there will be a burning sensation, irritation, itching, and burns are possible.

    Contraindications: purulent diseases, burns, strong sensitivity of the skin, dry skin type, pregnant and lactating mothers.


    A good ointment against pigmentation, acne and allergies. Quickly whitens freckles, pigmentation. It treats acne, dries acne, tightens and cleanses pores. Restores water balance, evens out tone. It treats damaged areas of the dermis.It is prescribed for dermatitis, acne, pigmentation, burns. The active component, clorimazole, provides protection from sunlight and relieves inflammation. Contraindications: sensitive and dry skin. Learn how to moisturize your skin here.

    Side effects: irritation, itching. With an overdose, side effects will intensify.

    Folk remedies for age spots on the face

    The simplest and most affordable way to remove age spots is lemon juice. The fruit contains a huge amount of vitamin C and unique acids that quickly bleach problem areas. For use, you just need to cut the lemon and rub the skin with its juice. If the epidermis is too dry, it is recommended to treat it with a citrus peel - it is saturated with oils, which will additionally help moisturize the cover.

    Lemon for skin whitening

    From age spots or lentigo, a mask with honey and parsley helps a lot. Both components have excellent brightening properties. To prepare the mixture you will need:

    • 10 grams of honey
    • A bunch of parsley,
    • Kaolin (optional for an additional lifting effect).

    Parsley should be very finely chopped and mixed with honey. To conveniently combine the ingredients, it is recommended to warm the sweetness. If kaolin is added to the mask, then in addition it must be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1, and then add gruel to the workpiece. The resulting substance is applied to the face, neck and décolleté. Soak for 20 minutes, repeat every other day.

    Another popular way to get rid of senile spots is a mask with sweet pepper. This vegetable is rich in acids and mineral compounds that help whiten blemishes. Large bell peppers need to be grated. So that the juice does not flow down over the body and clothes, the vegetable gruel needs to be squeezed slightly. After applying the product on the face and other problem areas.

    A yeast mask helps against freckles and other age spots that are not associated with age-related changes in the epidermis. It is ideal for young skin prone to acne, blackheads, because it has strong absorbent and tonic properties. To prepare it you will need:

    • 25 grams of fresh yeast (dry will not work)
    • 5 grams of lemon juice and the same amount of milk.

    Milk is heated to a pleasant warmth, but you do not need to boil it. All yeast is dissolved in it, after which citrus fresh is added to the mixture. Apply the finished liquid in the morning and evening on the face. You can not rinse.

    General tips on how to get rid of age spots on the face, body and hands:

    • Rinse them regularly with a decoction of chamomile or tincture of parsley (100 grams of greens are taken per 200 ml of water),
    • Introduce washing with milk into your daily routines. This method will not only significantly whiten hyperpigmented areas, but also strengthen the skin and protect it from aggressive external factors,
    • In the summer, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun without protective creams. Some improvised means can be used as them: for example, shea butter and coconut.
    Skin lightening with cucumber

    • parsley - a miraculous herb growing in every household plot, is useful for both indoor and outdoor use. The usual broth of parsley is used to wipe the face twice a day, this makes the skin smooth and fresh. Based on the decoction, you can prepare cosmetic masks, tonics, lotions and ice cubes,
    • cucumber is an excellent remedy for pigmentation on the face. It whitens and tones the dermis. Pour the peel and pulp of cucumber with boiling water and insist for six hours, after which treat the pigmented areas with infusion,
    • lemon juice diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10, great for wiping the face. This vitamin lotion can be used to treat the skin several times a day,
    • dairy products also have a good whitening effect. These are yogurt, whey, kefir and yogurt.Masks and compresses from them will allow you to quickly remove age spots and give your face a perfect look.


    Strong whitening and healing agent. The active component - zinc oxide, allows you to quickly and effectively remove inflammation, cure damaged areas, even out tone. The product also cleans and tightens pores, restores water balance. Contraindications: hypersensitivity, burns, purulent diseases.

    Side effects: irritation, itching, some types of dermatitis, burns. With an overdose, side effects will increase.


    A good pharmaceutical agent against pigmentation, acne, irritation. The active component is retinol, which contributes to the quick and painless removal of age spots, acne, comedones, freckles. Restores tone, heals the damaged upper layer of the dermis. Contraindications - allergy to the main component.

    Side effects: itching, burning. PIn case of an overdose, there will be no negative effect on the state of the epidermis.

    Other brightening ointments

    If the appearance of pigmentation is not associated with a bacterial or fungal infection, but only as a result of increased pigmentation, the following ointments can be used to whiten age spots:

    • Melantive - this tool is suitable for brightening spots, it includes arbutin, which is quite safe. The cost of this cream is an average of 600-700 rubles per 15 gram package,
    • Skinoren - used as an ointment for age spots on the skin, for example, with chloasma. Skinoren can also help treat acne,
    • Akhromin is one of the most affordable means at a cost, since its price is 100 rubles per package of 45 ml. This ointment from age spots inhibits the production of pigment melanin and consists of an extract of licorice root, lactic acid, glycerin and incorporates sunscreens.


    A good remedy against pigmentation, acne, comedones. Protects skin from external environmental factors. The active component is salicylic acid, combats rashes and irritants of the epidermis. Additional components nourish, moisturize and even out the tone. There are no contraindications.

    Side effects: irritation, allergy is possible. Overdose - burns, itching, irritation, rash.

    Specific use of zinc against age spots

    A variety of means to combat pigmentation have a different name and composition, and the scheme of their use. The basic principles of using creams suggest the following rules of use:

    • Before using pharmacy or cosmetics, you need to consult a doctor to identify possible pathological processes,
    • conduct sensitivity test before use,
    • buy products exclusively from trusted sources,
    • study the annotation carefully,
    • treatment is relevant during periods of passive sun exposure (fall - winter),
    • apply only after cleansing the skin,
    • apply the product pointwise
    • distribute the product evenly, carefully,
    • avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes,
    • do not use several drugs of the same action at the same time,
    • apply, strictly observing the doses indicated in the instructions,
    • Do not extend the course of treatment yourself.

    Given these recommendations, the treatment of age spots will be safer and more productive.

    Achromin cream for age spots is a medicament made in Bulgaria. Due to its composition, it gently whitens the skin, removing the pigmentation present on them, while preventing the appearance of new brown spots. Among other things, this drug can also be used to reliably protect the epidermis from UV rays. Thus, the risk of pigmentation spreading to healthy areas of the body is either significantly reduced or completely eliminated.

    Until recently, the active ingredient in Achromin cream was hydroquinone. It is he who has a whitening effect due to the suppression of the synthesis process in human skin of such a pigment as melanin. However, do not forget that this substance is very toxic, therefore, preparations based on it can cause the development of unpleasant side effects.

    Given the dangers of hydroquinone, many countries in Europe have banned its use. These include Bulgaria. For this reason, this substance has been replaced by components such as:

    • licorice root extract,
    • gluconic acid
    • beta carotene
    • vitamin C.

    Together, all these substances provide gentle and gentle whitening of the skin affected by pigmentation, without any damage to them.

    Following the instructions prescribed in the instructions, apply Achromin cream on pigmented areas of the skin twice a day - in the morning and before going to bed. It is necessary to smear only previously cleaned and dry epidermal integuments.

    It's important to know! Apply Achromin to open areas of the body must be at least 2 hours before going outside! Otherwise, not only it will not be possible to get rid of hyperpigmentation, but there will be a serious threat of the appearance of new brown spots!

    This medicine has a pleasant, delicate rose aroma, as, in principle, the entire cosmetic line of Bulgarian origin. If earlier, when hydroquinone was part of the cream, it caused unpleasant sensations on the skin, but now, judging by the reviews, such side effects are not observed. For this reason, this tool can be safely used even for the treatment of pigmentation in children.

    As already mentioned, Achromin cream is indicated for whitening pigmented skin and protecting it from ultraviolet radiation. It helps to fight mainly with such varieties of age spots, such as chloasma, lentigo and freckles.

    The drug is unlikely to be suitable for treating vitiligo or moles.

    The rules for using each specific drug are clearly indicated in the instructions that come with it. The method of administration, dosage, contraindications and side effects are directly related to the type of drug and its active substance. There are general rules for the use of medicines:

    • use any anti-pigmentation tablets only after a diagnostic examination and on the recommendation of a dermatologist,
    • the use of tablets in the presence of sensitivity to one of the components of the product is unacceptable,
    • drinking several drugs at the same time without a doctor’s appointment is prohibited,
    • strictly adhere to the prescribed dosage, not exceeding the amount of the permissible norm,
    • pay attention to the effect of a particular drug in relation to the central nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, etc.,
    • it is forbidden to use for children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, unless otherwise specified in the instructions,
    • follow the specifics of medication (time relative to food intake, amount of water consumed),
    • follow the course of treatment without prolonging or shortening it yourself,
    • in case of an allergic reaction, stop using the tablets urgently,
    • in the absence of the expected effect or the occurrence of side effects, inform your doctor,
    • purchase preparations for age spots only in reliable sources (pharmacy, specialty store).

    Observing the elementary rules for the use of medicines, a person will be able to protect himself from the occurrence of dangerous consequences and unwanted effects.

    Contraindications to the use of drugs are closely related to the composition of the tablets. At the same time, specific contraindications are common to all types of drugs:

    • individual intolerance or sensitivity to individual components of the drug,
    • childhood,
    • pregnancy period
    • breastfeeding period,
    • acute gastrointestinal diseases or diseases incompatible with hyperpigmentation medications.

    Ignoring contraindications and restrictions on taking medications can lead to dangerous consequences for human health and life.

    Pigmentation tablets are an effective and affordable way to eliminate the ailment. Nevertheless, before using medications, you need to consult a doctor. After the examination, the doctor will be able to select and prescribe the most effective medicine.

    Dermatologists and cosmetologists argue that getting rid of hyperpigmentation is possible only if its cause is eliminated. These can be hormonal disruptions, diseases of internal organs, age-related changes, and other factors. Creams, including Achromin, have only an auxiliary effect, helping to make age spots less noticeable.

    Due to hormonal disruptions, hyperpigmentation can bother girls during pregnancy

    Why do women who remember the good whitening effect of Akhromin since the Soviet era lament that the modern cream is not the same? Because in the funds available for purchase today, hydroquinone is not in the composition.

    In Soviet times, Akhromin was produced under the brand name Alen Mak (Bulgarian factory VetProm). However, in 2013–2017. Domestic company Dominant-Service buys VetProm and Achromin brand. Therefore, creams with the same name from 3 manufacturers owned by Dominant Service are available to modern girls:

    • VetProm, brand Alen Mak (Bulgaria),
    • RealCosmetics (Russia),
    • Kozas kozmetik Kimya end Ve Tic A.S. (Turkey).

    Due to the fact that the cream is produced by different plants, there was confusion with which I could not fully understand. At first I noticed that the composition of the Turkish and Bulgarian products is identical. But in one of the reviews, the girl photographed the package, and everything fell into place: recently, Turkish Kozas kozmetik Kimya end Ve Tic A.S.

    Now, instead of hydroquinone, other bleaching substances that are allowed are used as part of the products.

    Modern Achromin does not contain hydroquinone, which is dangerous for the skin, so the fears of girls in this regard are in vain. However, the composition of the funds contains components that can harm the epidermis, and their whitening properties, judging by the reviews, are doubtful. The manufacturer replaced the hydroquinone effective in this regard with the permitted components, making the product conditionally safer, but less effective.

    Whey washing

    • in winter and especially in the early spring, before the onset of solar activity, lean on citrus fruits, which contain a lot of vitamin C. It is also worth introducing green onions, bell peppers and currants into the diet,
    • washing with whey or sour milk helps remove stains. Do not abandon this procedure, especially since lactic acid products make the skin younger and softer,
    • starting from spring, it is necessary to wear sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats, using decorative cosmetics with the effect of protection from ultraviolet radiation. And in a period of strong solar activity, give up walking.

    On a note. If no pharmacy products and cosmetics for whitening the skin of the face help, but there are no serious health problems, you can contact the cosmetic

    salon. Chemical peeling, laser resurfacing or phototherapy are not the cheapest “pleasure”, but are recognized as effective means of 2018 in the fight against pigmentation. After modern procedures performed by an experienced craftsman using the latest technical equipment, pigmentation will not appear.

    It is best to contact a cosmetologist in the fall or winter, since the skin after laser or chemical peeling needs very careful care, it must be protected from ultraviolet radiation.All procedures for getting rid of age spots have two main contraindications - this is pregnancy and the hot season. It is not recommended to go to the beauty salon during menstruation, when the pain threshold is significantly reduced, and bleeding increases.

    On a note. Experienced cosmetologists are against the use of decorative cosmetics in the recovery period after conducting gentle salon procedures.


    An active pharmacy product known for its high quality and quick result. The active ingredient is azelaic acid. It helps to regenerate the skin, restore water balance, moisturize and nourish. The presence of tocopherol, helps to quickly remove pigmentation. Contraindications: individual intolerance to the drug. You can learn more about drugs with azelaic acid here.

    Side effects: no. In case of an overdose, slight irritation may occur.

    Heparin Whitening Ointment

    A popular anti-pigmentation treatment. It does not harm the skin, does not cause allergies. The composition does not contain dyes, fragrances and other harmful components. The active substance is benzocaine and sodium heparin. The tool restores the upper layer of the dermis, is involved in hydration, nutrition, as well as bleaching pigmentation.

    Side effects: burning, tingling. In case of an overdose, the appearance of an individual intolerance to the drug is possible.

    Contraindications, side effects and precautions

    According to the instructions, Achromin from all manufacturers is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance. A Turkish-made product is also not recommended for children under 12 years of age.

    The instructions for the Turkish-made product contain information that with hypersensitive skin, slight irritation may appear, in which case it is recommended to stop using the cream for 4-5 days.

    If in the process of using the product there are any undesirable manifestations, you should immediately stop using it.

    The use of creams against dyschromia on the face is relevant in the presence of freckles, chloasma, lentigo, melasma. Other disorders of the skin require additional diagnosis, an individual approach to treatment.

    It is forbidden to use such drugs for individual intolerance of certain components, pregnancy, inflammatory processes on the skin, cancer, in childhood.

    When purchasing whitening creams and ointments from age spots in a pharmacy, it should be remembered that treatment without preliminary diagnosis is dangerous to health.

    It is quite simple to remove pigmentation on the face with the help of pharmacy products. It is important to remember that any medicine has a wide list of contraindications and side effects. It is possible to carry out treatment at home only after consultation with a doctor or cosmetologist.

    Hydrogen peroxide

    Using this component, you can prepare the following product: mix components such as ammonia - 27 g and pharmacy hydrogen peroxide - 50 g. Wipe the damaged skin with a cotton pad soaked in the resulting solution, and then apply them for 10 minutes. Such manipulations should be performed daily until the stained areas completely disappear.


    Lemon juice is an effective means of getting rid of pigmentation, which has gained particular popularity since ancient times. It has a positive effect when combined with honey. It is necessary to take 3 tablespoons of honey, lemon juice, mix everything and place the gruel en gauze. Then apply it to your face for 12 minutes. Such procedures should be performed 3-4 times a week..


    1. Pigmentation is the cause of poor nutrition, strong solar effects on the dermis, metabolic disorders.
    2. Pigmentation can and must be cured. The best creams for pigmentation on the face will help to cope with this.
    3. Hydrochion, an effective but toxic component.
    4. Pregnant and lactating mothers need a special whitening cream.
    5. In addition to cosmetics, there are stronger, pharmacy ointments.
    6. You need to buy only a certified product.
    7. Pharmaceutical ointments not only treat pigmentation, but also eliminate skin diseases, normalize the work of the epidermis, remove acne, nourish and moisturize.
    8. It is necessary to treat and care for the dermis, otherwise irreversible consequences may occur.

    See daily collections of the best cosmetics

    Internal causes

    Internal causes include:

    • lack of vitamins. Scientists have proven that a deficiency of B vitamins, in particular vitamin B12, leads to the appearance of dark spots on the skin. This is due to the fact that vitamins of this group play an important role in the synthesis of pigment. Their deficiency leads to the failure of this process,
    • impaired blood circulation. In case of circulatory disorders, the circulatory system cannot be cleaned of toxins and toxins on its own, resulting in the formation of cholesterol plaques that clog vessels. As a result of this, age spots appear
    • malfunction of the gallbladder. As you know, the liver acts as a filter for blood. In the event of a malfunction in her work, as in the previous case, problems arise in the circulatory system,
    • hormonal diseases. Especially this item applies to pregnant girls or those who suffer from various kinds of gynecological diseases. Violations in the thyroid system should also be included in this category. Together, these diseases lead to metabolic disorders, deficiency or overabundance of hormones. That’s why pigment spots appear,
    • long-term use of medications
    • stressful situations. As you know, stress has a negative effect on the whole body, disrupting the work of many of its systems, including the production of pigments.

    Note! Before proceeding to measures to get rid of age spots, it is necessary to establish the exact cause of the disease, since the method of treatment directly depends on it. Especially this remark applies to diseases of internal organs, since the cream from pigmentation on the face in this case is unlikely to help.

    External causes

    Among the external causes should be highlighted:

    • exposure to direct sunlight. The thermal effect of ultraviolet radiation activates the synthesis of melatonin in the deeper layers of the skin. Even with salon treatments, tanning spots may appear in the tanning bed,
    • acne eruptions. This is especially true for fans of squeezing purulent rashes. Dense makeup using low-quality products also leads to rashes and a violation of the synthesis of pigments,
    • age-related skin changes. This is the most common cause that usually occurs in women after the age of forty. Brown spots in this case respond well to treatment, which can be done by a competent cosmetologist,
    • allergic reaction or individual intolerance to products.

    Note! It is very easy to avoid age spots in the summer, just use sun cream on hot days.

    Features of the treatment of facial skin with ointments and creams

    Remedy for age spots on the face

    Currently, in medicine and cosmetology, there are several methods that contribute to getting rid of age spots. The most popular are the following:

    • cosmetics and procedures
    • creams and ointments that are most effective and easy to use.

    Cream from age spots on the face in a pharmacy is not difficult to find, in addition, the range of various products is huge. The principle of action of ointments is aimed at whitening the upper layer of the skin.

    It is better to use ointments with a high concentration of the active substance. Sulfur may act as a base.

    The pharmacy market is full of various means, so it is better to consult a specialist before buying.

    It is better to use ointments with a high concentration of the active substance

    The advantages of using creams and ointments are as follows:

    • ease of use
    • relatively low price when compared with a salon cosmetic procedure,
    • quite high efficiency.

    There are practically no disadvantages of this method of treatment, only a number of contraindications:

    • it is forbidden to use for individual intolerance of the components that are part of
    • not recommended for use by children under three years old,
    • a pregnant woman or one who is breastfeeding should use creams and ointments with extreme caution.

    Ointments and creams of domestic production

    Folk remedies for age spots on the face

    The question is, the cream for pigmentation on the face, which is the best excitement for many. Domestic funds are notable for their low price in comparison with their foreign counterparts, although they are slightly behind in quality. The most popular and effective drugs are those that can lighten skin tone.

    Syntomycin Liniment

    It is an antibacterial ointment that provides high-quality lightening, whitening, while acting gently. In addition, there is removal of pustules on the skin, burns and ulcers, acne. The procedure must be carried out daily for at least two weeks.

    Salicylic ointment

    Salicylic preparation, which helps soften and remove the upper layer of the epidermis, can help treat pigmentation. In addition, the cream will help whiten the skin, cope with inflammation. Ointment is applied to the affected areas two to three times a day for at least a month.

    Acid treatment

    The method of skin acid exposure is similar to peeling. They also carefully remove the upper layer of the skin, giving life to new, healthy cells. Acids can be found in products that contain:

    • Kojic acid
    • azelaic acid
    • soy
    • calcium,
    • arbutin
    • hydroquinone
    • salicylic acid
    • retin.

    Many of these substances are found in serums, creams, scrubs, peeling products and tonics. They can be purchased at a store or pharmacy without a prescription.

    Overview of cosmetics with a whitening effect

    Cosmetic companies produce entire product lines dedicated to combating excessive pigmentation. Their action is based on a combination of active plant components (extracts and oils) and synthetic additives (acids, proprietary formulas).

    TitleComposition and properties
    Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector (Clinics)This is a sunscreen with brightening powers. The composition includes coconut oil and a registered formula. The product has a high UVF factor of 45. It helps protect the skin from sunburn, even out its color and normalize the synthesis of melanin.
    Khadi Herbal anti blemish cream (Kadi Herbal)Organic cream for age spots. Like many other Indian brighteners, this product consists of natural herbs and oils. Created by Ayurvedic formula. In addition to pigmentation, it helps to reduce dark circles under the eyes, remove freckles and traces of acne.
    Guerlain Blanc de Perle (Gerden)It is both a spot corrector and bleach. Consists of natural pearl extract. It is able to normalize the amount of melanin, even out skin color and lighten and exfoliate the surface of spots.
    TimeWise by Mary Kay (Mary Kay)This is the best remedy for age spots on the face and body (arms, back). The active ingredients are a cockatoo plum extract, fennel and sunflower extract. The list also includes oils and special lactobacilli.
    Lierac (Lierak)Essence based on glycolic and lactic acid. It is part of a company complex to combat hyperpigmentation. It is used to get rid of freckles, lentigo and hormonal changes in skin color.
    Idealia Pro Vichy (Vichy)Like Guerlain, the product from Vichy is a spot corrector. He simultaneously hides and brightens them, thus fulfilling the role of a corrector. The composition includes the DRM-Bright complex, branded thermal water and lipo-hydroxy acid.
    Tony Moly Panda’s Dream White Magic CreamFamous Korean tool for emergency whitening. It does not have any internal effect, it simply brightens the upper layer of the skin with the help of active ingredients. It consists of herbs and extracts from various fruits. As cheaper analogues, you can use similar BB creams or foundation for makeup from Oriflame, Avon, etc.
    Yinni (Inni)Chinese complex remedy for getting rid of hyperpigmentation. This is not one product, but a set that includes cream, tonic and mask. Consists of herbal extracts and synthetic additives.

    Professional skin whitening cream
    Reviews claim that such products for whitening the skin and removing age spots are effective only in conditions of regular use. In addition to them, it is also necessary to provide the epidermis with proper sun protection and proper care (the use of masks, tonics).

    Analogues of ointment

    In the pharmacy you can find many ointments, gels and creams, struggling with bright pigmented areas of the skin. The compositions of all drugs are similar to each other, because the spectrum of the main active substances that affect melanin is not extensive.

    The most popular analogues:

    1. "Skinoren." Strong dermatological agent. In addition to age spots, it eliminates the damage of bacterial and fungal origin. The annoying effect is not as active as that of Melanativa. No pronounced side effects were detected.
    2. "Vichy Idealia PRO". In addition to removing darkened melanin pigment from the skin, the cream accelerates the formation of new purified cells, which, as they spread, displace unwanted pigmentation. The result of application is noticeable after a few weeks. Allowed for use on sensitive areas of the body.
    3. "Achromin." The disadvantage of the drug is its high aggressiveness, due to the presence of a large number of biologically active substances. A categorical ban on the use of women during pregnancy and lactation. Achromin is not deprived of side effects: swelling, flushing of the skin, rashes and allergic reactions.
    4. Klivrin. The composition has medicinal herbs, vitamin E. The activating substance acts on the spots from the inside of the skin, enriching it with oxygen and nutrients. Natural components of the drug allow you to use it without restrictions.


    Maria: “I decided not to trust whitening creams and removed the age spots with home remedies. To do this, I wiped my skin with lemon juice and applied a mask with its contents. After a 2-month course, I managed to eliminate 2 age spots and so far they do not bother me anymore. ” Olga, 32 years old: “One of my friends removed the age spots on her face, which gradually increased in size, using ordinary parsley. She plucked leaves, chopped and put the resulting slurry on problem areas. After 3 weeks, the spot brightened and became much smaller. ”

    The problem of combating age spots is very relevant today. But choosing a really effective remedy is sometimes very difficult. Many people do not trust ready-made cosmetics and resort to home treatment (for example, hydrogen peroxide from acne and age spots is effective), but someone likes cosmetic procedures to remove age spots. Choosing an effective way to fight depends on what type of skin you have.

    Korean cosmetics

    How to get rid of age spots on the face

    Korean whitening face cream is most prevalent.He, like all Korean cosmetics, is famous for its unique properties, as well as absolutely natural composition.

    Korean cosmetics will help to cope with a wide range of problems through the following positive effects:

    • bleaching of dark spots of the appeared pigmentation,
    • skin relief
    • stabilization of the production of melatonin, elastin, collagen,
    • strong preventive effect.

    These cosmetics can be used if there are freckles and birthmarks on the skin, traces of acne and age spots.

    Korean Whitening Face Cream

    Important! The main condition for treatment is compliance with the regime, the implementation of the full course of treatment indicated in the instructions for the cream.

    But before proceeding with the treatment, the cream must be chosen and a few simple tips will help:

    • the price of Korean cosmetics is slightly higher than Russian analogues, due to the use of exclusively natural components,
    • Before proceeding to treatment, it is important to study the body's reactions to the cream. To do this, an elbow bend test is carried out, applying a few drops of the product, while there should not be any unpleasant sensations, such as irritation or redness,
    • the organic components included in the composition are reflected on the shelf life, which should not exceed three years,
    • select the product should be exclusively for the type of skin,
    • the product, made in accordance with the standards, has a uniform consistency, a delicate and pleasant aroma,
    • the cream should be absorbed quickly enough, not leave marks on the skin,
    • Be sure to consult a cosmetologist or sales assistant before use.

    Korean creams are usually multifunctional and solve a range of problems at the same time. The skin becomes even and healthy, acne and other inflammations disappear.

    Experts recommend the use of branded cosmetics not only in Korea, but also in Europe. French creams are common, characterized by a good texture and high efficiency.

    And even if their price is slightly higher than Russian products, it’s more pleasant to use them, and the result is faster.

    The problem of pigmentation on the skin is easily solved at the present time, but it is important to establish the exact cause of the occurrence in order to avoid repeated manifestations.

    In addition, the niche of cosmetic medicine is now sufficiently developed and is ready to offer a large number of different approaches and solutions.

    It is necessary to approach the selection carefully, follow the recommendations from the instructions and do not neglect the help of specialists.

    Facial whitening creams for age spots in a pharmacy: a brief overview of the best cosmetics

    There are many ways to deal with age spots, including folk recipes, cosmetic procedures, as well as special whitening creams that can be bought at the pharmacy. What are these funds, and which ones are the most effective?

    Causes of facial pigmentation

    Brown spots can appear not only in the face, they can be on the hands and other visible parts of the body. The spots include:

    • moles
    • freckles,
    • age spots
    • spots after pregnancy
    • sunny age spots.

    Also, the appearance of pigmentation on the face can be associated with diseases of the female genital organs, liver, kidneys, gall bladder, due to weakened immunity. The lack of vitamin C in the body also leads to the appearance of unsightly spots, the presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and nervous system, poorly affects the condition of the skin. All these factors will trigger the appearance of age spots.

    Skin condition is badly affected active sun rays, and most girls in early spring and summer love to be in the sun, abuse tanning. In adulthood, spots appear due to the aging of the body.

    Despite many reasons, women of all ages strive to have beautiful, perfectly smooth and healthy skin.If the smallest spots appear, they want to get rid of them and then modern cosmetic whitening products come to the rescue, which can quickly and efficiently make the skin clean and healthy.

    Whitening cream selection

    A huge assortment of cosmetics is offered by shops and pharmacies, but before you buy a whitening face cream, you need to look at its composition. Mandatory components for effective skin whitening should be the following substances:

    • Arbutin is a safe and effective substance of plant origin. It produces the necessary melanin for the skin, acts on skin cells and fights pigmentation,
    • hydroquinone is a very effective component in the composition of bleaching agents, but it has its own contraindications, so you should read more about the composition of the cream,
    • gluconic acid - it has a negative effect on the cells that produce melanin,
    • beto-carotene - brightens the skin well, deactivating the work of cells produced by melanin,
    • glabridin - the component fights against old spots, but can not always prevent the appearance of new ones, according to customers who have already managed to evaluate it as a part of bleaching creams, it may have a temporary effect on age spots.

    A brief overview of the best whitening products

    From expensive creams, manufacturers can be distinguished VIGHY, LIERAC, DEPIDERM, NEOTONE they are considered to be the most effective; they remove pigmented spots from the face skin for a long time and with high quality.

    The cream of VIGHY Idealia PRO includes many natural components based on Kombucha. The substance evens out skin tone and removes pigmentation. VIGHY thermal water softens and brightens the skin, it does not contain parabens.

    Salicylic acid has an antibacterial effect and does not quickly contaminate the pores of the skin. Adenosine copes with inflammatory processes, moisturizes and nourishes the skin at a deep level.

    The cream should be applied twice a day, applied only to a cleaned surface except, the area around the eyes.

    Whitening face cream LIERAC Sunific Extreme Thanks to protective filters and other components, they reliably protect the skin from direct sunlight, and broomrape extract controls the production of melanin.

    Pigmentation, which is already on the skin, is eliminated by noni extract, while jasmine oil and aloe extract intensively moisturize the skin. Vitamin E, which is part of the cream from age spots, nourishes the skin well, relieves inflammation and redness, and increases its tone.

    The cream is used before each exit in sunny weather can also be used as a basic makeup.

    Face cream from the brand Depiderm possesses a revolutionary new formula and contains natural ingredients - licorice, green tea extract, vitamin C. The whitening cream also contains lactic acid, copper chelate, thermal water and other substances, its entire composition does not contain parabens, fragrances and preservatives. The product should be applied only to areas of skin with pigmentation in the morning and evening, apply until the skin is completely lightened.

    NEOTONE Radiance clarifying cream contains innovative components, for example, ascorbic acid brightens the skin and exfoliates its surface.

    The cream includes licorice extract and salicylic acid, as well as other components that help control the process of skin pigmentation.

    The tool is used daily 1 time, during application, special attention should be paid to problem areas, can be used as a base cream.

    Bulgarian face cream Achromin, according to many, a very effective tool to eliminate pigmentation, the cream belongs to an inexpensive budget cosmetics. It has a whitening effect and UV protection, it can be used as a prophylactic and can be removed with its help:

    • freckles,
    • excessive tanning
    • pigmentation after pregnancy,
    • age pigmentation.

    The cream must be applied daily in the morning and evening, on the cleaned surface of the skin and after about a couple of weeks a positive result will appear. It is worth knowing that the tool has its own characteristics, in the open air it oxidizes and becomes darker.

    Polish whitening cream with active ingredients Eveline cosmetics - An excellent tool, because it is absorbed by any type of skin.

    Its use does not cause irritation or redness, such manifestations can only be on hypersensitive skin. Eliminates all types of pigmentation, even persistent tan.

    It is applied twice a day in the morning and in the evening, the results will be noticeable after about 2 weeks.

    As part of the Belarusian clarifying face cream Vitex - active plant components that immediately block the production of melanin.

    Fruit acids gently exfoliate keratinized skin cells, and lingonberry extract brightens and moisturizes it. UV filters and pectin have a tightening effect and prevent the appearance of freckles and age spots.

    The tool is applied only to problem areas, only 1 time per day, if desired in the morning or in the evening. The end result will depend on the degree of pigmentation.

    Dermatological preparation Skinoren It is considered a very effective tool in removing age spots. The cream contains azelaic acid, which normalizes and synthesizes metabolic processes in skin cells. The product is easily and simply applied to the skin twice a day with massaging movements. If irritation is observed, then use of Skinoren should be discontinued.

    General recommendations

    In order for the skin to shine with youth and health, one should eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle. If there are problems in the body associated with the work of internal organs, then even the most effective means may be powerless and will not be able to remove age spots.

    You always need to listen to the advice of a cosmetologist or dermatologist, they will be able to give the necessary recommendations in choosing a cream, taking into account the type of skin and its features. Any of the means should be not only effective, but also safe for health.

    Cream for age spots on the face: effective whitening for hands from age, the best from freckles in a pharmacy, Vichy from pigmentation

    With the appearance of age spots on the face and body, in due time, every person faces. Such neoplasms are the result of an excess of melanin in the body, a pigment that regulates the shade of our eyes, hair, and skin.

    To cope with unwanted pigmentation or make it not so obvious, you can use special face masks, folk recipes, professional cosmetics and expensive dermatological procedures.

    Causes and effects

    Possible causes of increased melanin levels include:

    • Inadequate or improper skin care.
    • Age-related changes.
    • Long exposure to the sun.
    • Frequent visits to the solarium.
    • The lack of vitamins C and PP in the body.
    • External irritants.
    • Chronic diseases of internal organs (liver, pancreas, ovarian dysfunction).
    • Hereditary predisposition (freckles).
    • Poor-quality cosmetics.
    • Unbalanced diet, the predominance of fatty foods in the diet.
    • Pregnancy.
    • Treatment with certain types of antibiotics, silver compounds and systemic steroids.
    • Excess thyroid hormones.

    As a result, spots of white, reddish or brown shades of various shapes and sizes appear on the skin, causing aesthetic discomfort.

    The diameter of the neoplasm ranges from 1 mm to several centimeters. If tiny spots and freckles are still bearable, then in the latter case, you have to actively deal with them.

    The skin loses its beautiful appearance and often begins to peel off, then it is still important to choose the best hand cream.

    During gestation, a complete hormonal rearrangement of the female body occurs, with which the active production of melanin can also be associated.

    A great way to transform the fashion - paint Loreal ombre.

    Vichy, France

    Vichy Healing Cosmetics enjoys a well-deserved reputation. Cream from age spots on the face of this manufacturer contains:

    • thermal water
    • kombu leveling tone
    • adenosine inhibiting inflammation,
    • tocopherol acetate with antioxidant properties.

    It has a light texture and a weak pleasant aroma. Not greasy, medium consistency, absorbed quickly. The course of treatment is 1 month. Cost - from 1400 rubles.

    Vichy Idealia Pro Corrector

    Neoton, France

    The Isis Pharma Neotone Radiance SPF50 + cosmetic product is specially designed for older women who need special care for aging skin. Ingredients control the production of melanin, help prevent the appearance of new age spots, remove existing ones. Suitable for light and sensitive skin.

    The formula is based on whitening, exfoliating keratinized tissues and restoring the skin's water balance:

    • glycolic and salicylic acids,
    • licorice root extract,
    • propylene glycol
    • A-arbutin.

    Isis Pharma Neotone Radiance SPF50 +

    The consistency is average, not greasy, absorbed quickly, without leaving a feeling of an unpleasant film. The cream is recommended for use in the summer, at a time of increased risk of pigmentation changes. It can be applied as a base under makeup and applied on the neck.

    Helps to cope with the problem of black dots. The average cost is 1300 rubles.

    An effective tool to combat unwanted hairs on the face and body is Evelyn depilation cream.

    Kora, Russia

    Phyto-cosmetics of the Russian trademark “Kora” has proven itself perfectly. A cream from freckles and age spots of this manufacturer with a volume of 50 ml can be purchased for 460-570 rubles.

    Rich effective composition includes:

    • thermal water
    • vegetable oils,
    • moisturizing complex
    • vitamin C,
    • lemon,
    • horse sorrel
    • verbena
    • licorice
    • the incense.

    The main biologically active compounds are arbutin and tannins. The product has a pleasant fragrance, soft texture. Does not interfere with cellular respiration of the skin, perfectly moisturizes. The dispenser is convenient, allows you to squeeze the right amount of the drug.

    When pigmentation appears, specialist consultation and a medical examination are necessary, since it may turn out to be an external manifestation of internal diseases.

    The rating of face creams after 30 years is presented here. And older girls will be interested to see the rating of face creams after 35 years.

    Yinni Green Tea, China

    Among the best whitening and completely removing age spots creams is Chinese Green Tea. The set includes two jars with a total volume of 30 ml: for day and night care.

    • active extract of natural green tea,
    • tea polyphenol,
    • algal extract
    • arbutin
    • Aloe moisturizing factor.

    Has a mild aroma, very thick, poorly absorbed. It is recommended to apply it on a slightly moistened, cleansed face. The night care product is quite aggressive, it can burn, cause redness, irritation and tighten the skin with an unpleasant mask. But after 10-14 days of regular use, pigmentation will be reduced by at least 90%.

    The price varies from 730 to 850 rubles.

    Preserving youth and beauty for a long time will help - the rating of face creams after 40 years.

    Fly agaric, Russia

    "Mushroom series" was developed by the Novosibirsk trademark Crown of Siberia. The range of products includes anti-cellulite creams, moisturizers, for hands and more.

    The product formula for contains:

    • spring water
    • parsley root extract,
    • melon seed oil, almond,
    • rosemary and lavender essential oils,
    • lemon juice,
    • wild berry vitamin complex,
    • phyto mushroom alliance.

    The texture is gentle, light, completely absorbed in 3-5 minutes, leaves no trace. Has a pleasant forest aroma. It brightens dark circles under the eyes, it can’t cope with deep age spots, removes the rest within a month.

    Volume - 75 ml, very bright packaging and tube. The cost is less than 200 rubles.

    The series contains red mushroom extract. Dried mushrooms and extracts are not toxic, but retain a large dose of antioxidants and active enzymes that stimulate cell regeneration, even out skin tone and surface. Irritation can occur only with individual intolerance to the individual components.

    Rating of face creams after 50 years can be found here.

    Evinal, Russia

    As part of Evinal extracts:

    In addition to the announced removal of pigmentation, it has a lot of positive advantages:

    • Suitable for all skin types and both genders.
    • Moisturizes.
    • Smoothes out fine wrinkles.
    • Bleaches.
    • Does not clog pores.
    • Suitable for use in the neck, arms.
    • It has an unobtrusive smell.
    • It is quickly absorbed.

    The only thing that women who use this product warn about is that it is not suitable for oily skin in the hot season.

    Pigmentation can provoke inadequate skin care, cheap cosmetics and a scorching sun.

    An article will help you choose a cream for dry skin in your pharmacy.

    Clearwin, Russia

    The most budgetary and one of the most effective ways to quickly remove sunburn, acne, stretch marks, scars, stains - Russian cream Clearwin. So, if you need ointments from scars and scars on the body, then such a tool is quite suitable. This versatility of the product is due to its composition:

    • Lodhra (resolves scars, improves blood circulation).
    • It (rejuvenates, cleanses, has anti-inflammatory properties).
    • Vitamin E.
    • Air ordinary.
    • Amla (contains a large amount of vitamin C, necessary for collagen production).
    • Holy Basil.
    • Marena is hearty.
    • Kaifal and aloe vera, worked out in sesame oil.

    The consistency is thick, oily, additional moisturizers are not required. It can clog pores and leave a greasy mask, so you need to apply a very thin layer. Detailed instructions are enclosed with the tube. It smells of herbs, the aroma is fragrant, bitter-sweet. The result is noticeable after 4-6 weeks of use.

    The volume of the tube is small - only 30 ml, the cost is around 80 rubles

    An effective cream from bags under the eyes will help to make the look attractive.

    Miracle Grow, China

    The best “whitening products” include another “Chinese” - cream mask Miracle glow, which has a calming and regenerating effect. The action of the product is aimed at:

    • Lightening freckles and age spots.
    • Tone Alignment
    • Removing acne and acne marks.

    In the formula:

    • Enriched Omegalight complex with linoleic acid from safflower seeds.
    • Rich in oleic, stearic, palmitic acids soybean oil.
    • Cocoa oil.
    • Lactic acid.
    • Licorice root extract.
    • Rosemary essential oil.
    • Glycerol.
    • Vitamins E, B5.
    • Whitening, narrowing pores and performing a drying action of white clay.

    The cost of the product is 990 rubles. Volume - 50 ml.

    Hand cream “Before and After”

    To choose a cream for bruises under the eyes will help the article.

    The final decision will be helped by the feedback of the girls who used the means considered:

    • Anna, 25 years old, Kirov: “I came back from vacation with light brown age spots on my cheeks and forehead. I tried the Achromin whitening cream based on hydroquinone. I bought it at the pharmacy. Used according to the instructions, twice a day, on clean skin. The first result was noticed after about 3 weeks. Now everything is all right. I don’t recommend applying the cream for more than a month, hydroquinone is an active, aggressive substance that can damage health. ”
    • Karina, 30 years old, Vologda: “I ordered Green Tea on Ali, although I am very skeptical about Chinese cosmetics.As a result, refused night cream after the third application, burned the skin to redness. Day - left, and did not regret. Only old photographs remind of freckles. ”


    An interesting video with a review on the cream from Neotone age spots

    Stains and freckles on the face can become a serious obstacle in the personal life of a woman, therefore, cosmetologists and chemists are so struggling to solve this problem. In addition, the appearance of such neoplasms can be a reflection of "internal" diseases, therefore, specialist advice and a medical examination when changing pigmentation are necessary.

    The best creams from age spots, rating means

    A healthy color and even tone of the skin of the face guarantees its owner an impeccable appearance without the use of a ton of cosmetic tinting agents. But having perfect skin is far from easy. Many women are concerned about the presence of shortcomings of a different nature.

    One of the most common shortcomings of the skin are age spots. You can deal with this problem with the help of mechanical cosmetic procedures. This method is good, but its cost is far from democratic.

    If this option does not suit you, the cream from age spots on the face will be no less effective.

    Causes of Stains

    Age spots may appear in any person, regardless of age. But according to statistics, more often they appear in those people who have reached thirty-five or forty years. In some cases, spots may appear and eventually disappear on their own. But more often it is necessary to make efforts to get rid of this shortcoming.

    • Disorders of skin pigmentation can be of different types:
    • • vitiligo, • freckles,
    • • dark spots.

    Vitiligo looks like local lightening of small areas of the skin. The appearance of freckles and age spots is characterized by darkening of the cells of the dermis. They arise due to the accumulation of melanin in the cells.

    Such a process can be provoked by sunlight, which acted on the skin in excess, impaired digestion in the body, or contact with chemically active substances.

    Women are more prone to the occurrence of such a lack that can be explained by their physiological characteristics.

    In almost all cases, such pigmentation does not pose any threat to human life and health, but is regarded as a cosmetic defect. But if there is such a problem with the next of kin, you should consult a doctor and undergo the necessary examination.

    Ways to solve the problem

    Girls who have such imperfections dream of getting rid of them, or making them less noticeable. Recently, facial pigmentation treatments that offer beauty salons have been popular.

    Laser correction is the most effective, does not cause pain. This procedure leaves no consequences in the form of scars or marks. But the effect on the lower layers of the dermis is not desirable.

    The procedure for treating such a site with liquid nitrogen, or using phototherapy, will help whiten spots effectively.

    It is possible to overcome pigmentation that has arisen during pregnancy due to aging processes of the skin and other factors at home, regularly using cream against age spots on the face.

    Today on the cosmetology market there is a huge amount of funds for removing age spots on the face. A quality cream should have an effect on the pigment.

    This action is provided due to the content in the cream of a certain chemical substance that can eliminate brown or red color.

    Active chemicals and their compounds are necessarily present in the preparation. Information on the chemical composition of the manufacturer must indicate on the label.

    1. Among the brightening substances used in creams, there are: • gluconic acid, • arbutin, or glycoside, • kojic acid, • ascorbic acid, • hydroquinone, • plant extract, extract of cucumber, lemon, parsley, • grape seed oil or jojoba oil,
    2. • beta carotene.

    At its core, gluconic acid is a vital product of jellyfish. Its presence in the composition of ointments guarantees an enhanced whitening effect. The destruction of melanin in the most gentle way is guaranteed by the content of arbutin, which is produced from the bearberry plant.

    Kojic acid is also extracted from plants (some cereals and mushrooms). The action of this element causes strong lightening. But use creams containing it with caution, because this acid often provokes allergic reactions. Ascorbic acid is used to repair dermal cells damaged during treatment, and to prevent the production of melanin.

    Overview of creams for rosacea on the face - pharmacy and folk ointments

    Exposure to toxic hydroquinone reduces the ability of cells to reproduce coloring pigment. Due to toxicity, the use of a cosmetic product with its content for more than twelve months is prohibited.

    Cucumbers, lemons, and parsley have long been known for their whitening abilities. Therefore, the extracts of these plants are added to the cream to remove age spots. It acts very softly and also nourishes the skin. Gently remove stains will help grape seed oil or jojoba.

    Cosmetic products, which contain the presented active substances, are not recommended to be bought in stores, even specialized ones. To purchase such a cream, it is better to contact a pharmacy.

    • Only pharmacy cosmetics are more thoroughly tested and have quality certificates. Their application gives the following result: • the upper layer of skin tissues is lightened, • funds can be used to prevent the appearance of chloasma and age pigment spots,
    • • impressions after such treatment will be only positive.

    Shop whitening face cream from age spots does not always guarantee the desired result. Also, you cannot be completely sure that you will not be allergic to the components of an unapproved product.

    When to wait for the result

    Count on fixing the problem in a few days is not worth it. Even the most effective cream will work only after a certain time. After all, each treatment is a long process that requires an extremely responsible attitude.

    It will be possible to notice the result with the regular use of high-quality store or pharmacy means after four days. If you decide to use homemade ointments made on your own, you will have to wait longer for several days.

    Do not stop treatment, noticing the first signs of improvement. The full course should be about three or four weeks. At the same time, it is forbidden to change the cream from pigmentation. The selected brand must be applied from the beginning of the course to the complete disappearance of the skin problem.

    Provided that the rules for using cosmetic cream for whitening and regular application are fulfilled, you will get an excellent result: skin imperfections will disappear, your face will acquire an even color that shines with health.

    As an addition, such creams smooth out small facial and age wrinkles, eliminate inflammatory processes and acne.

    To remove inflammation, the best cream will be that has adelaic acid in it, because it buys the inflammatory process.

    Rating of popular whitening creams

    The skin of each person has individual characteristics. Therefore, in order to choose the tool that is right for you, you often have to try more than one product. But I do not want to spend extra time and money on conducting experiments.

    Therefore, we recommend using the list compiled by specialists in the field of cosmetology after conducting many checks. You can find them both in the pharmacy and in any worthy beauty salon.

    Among the currently available on sale cosmetic creams for whitening problem areas of the facial skin, several of the most effective are distinguished.

    • NANNIC, a Belgian cosmetics company, is known for manufacturing Elure products, which are created using the latest technology. This professional cosmetics is used by cosmetologists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons in their practice. The main active ingredient of the cream is an extract from wood mushroom. The light texture of the cream is well absorbed and discolors problem areas in twenty-eight days. The cost of this tool starts from five and a half thousand rubles.
    • Lakshma Maxxi cream created in the United States of America is suitable for any type of skin. With it, lighten the skin of the face, elbows, knees. He is struggling with such problems:
    1. pigmentation after childbirth,
    2. age spots after injuries,
    3. burn marks
    4. scars.

    At the heart of this cream are natural oils and extracts of parsley, calendula. This lightening cream does not cause allergic reactions, therefore it is allowed for children. The cost of the cream is approximately two thousand rubles.

    • Popular is the Uriage emulsion created in France. To create it, thermal water and fruit acids are used. This drug has an effect on different layers of skin tissue, reduces the pigmented area of ​​the skin. The emulsion helps exfoliate old cells, which makes the process of getting rid of the deficiency faster. The tool also limits the ability to produce melanin. You can achieve equalization of the face tone after one month of use. The price of the drug is one thousand eight hundred rubles.
    • Brightening serum created by the well-known company Vichy is in great demand among customers. Its formula was created more than one year. It acts due to fruit acids, vitamins and a unique complex that acts on the production of fibroplasts, normalizes the production of melanin by the body. This product is well absorbed by the skin, has a soft texture, and is also economically consumed. It can be used with sensitive skin. The price of serum in a network of pharmacies is one thousand seven hundred rubles.
    • Effective sunscreen for face from age spots Lierac Sunific Extreme fights against the photoaging process. Eliminates sunspot stains. Its effect takes place at the level of dermal cells, promotes the production of elastin, moisturizes the skin. This drug is imported from France, its price is one and a half thousand rubles.
    • The company from Ukraine Biokon produces a series of "Snow White". It consists of a scrub, gel, day and evening cream, lotion. The strongest brightener of these products is evening cream. It is made from koyevoy, ascorbic, fruit acids, plant extracts (licorice, white lily). In addition to clarification, it does not allow excess melanin to be produced. Its cost is two hundred and twenty rubles.
    • An effective remedy with a relatively low price of one hundred and twenty rubles is Achromic anti-pigmentation cream. It can be used for any type of skin pigmentation, as well as for pregnant women. The cream is also used as a sunscreen against age spots, because it provides high-quality protection of cells from infrared solar radiation. To achieve the desired effect, the product must be used regularly for at least two months. The production of this cream is carried out by a Bulgarian cosmetic company.
    • For a long time, in the fight against various skin problems, Boro Plus cream from the Indian company Himani is used. It is effective in removing age spots. It consists of natural ingredients. Apply the product on painted areas of the skin.Of all these, this cream is the cheapest, its price is sixty rubles.

    To eliminate the problem of uneven complexion, you can choose any tool that suits you. But before starting to use it, it is recommended to seek the advice of a dermatologist, because the cause of the appearance of age spots may be in violation of the body's functions and simply cannot get rid of this formation with creams.

    Cream against age spots and freckles from KORA Phytocosmetics

    Suitable for all ages and all skin types. Recommended for lightening freckles, acne, hyperpigmentation. The basis of the cream is thermal water, which restores the skin's moisture balance, enhances the protective properties of the epidermis. The effect is cumulative, it manifests itself gradually, since the natural bleaching components are vitamin C, extracts of lemon, horse sorrel, licorice, and frankincense. An additional bonus is the presence of verbena extract to even out the relief, reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone. The price without discounts on the brand website is 509 rubles.

    Cream against age spots and freckles from KORA Phytocosmetics gives a cumulative effect, since it contains mainly natural “bleaches”

    Cream whitening day Snow White SPF 20 from Biokon

    Provides lightening along with comprehensive skin care of any type. The price is more than affordable - about 190 rubles. The composition is very rich:

    • corn oil (intensively nourishes the skin, gives an antioxidant effect),
    • glycerin (softens, prevents moisture loss)
    • titanium dioxide (physical sunscreen),
    • kojic acid (gently bleaches)
    • lactic acid (acts as a light peeling, exfoliating the surface of the most pigmented particles of the epidermis),
    • Vitamin C (general healing effect)
    • extract of white lily petals and bearberry leaves (whitening, restoring smoothness and silkiness of the skin),
    • arbutin.

    Cream Whitening Day Snow White SPF 20 from Biokon - a successful combination of effectiveness with more than affordable price

    Dermalight Active Illuminating Cream from Holy Land

    The effect of reducing the intensity of the shade of pigment spots of any origin and smoothing the skin tone is provided by kojic acid, vitamins B3 and C, care is a complex of plant extracts (saxifrage, grape, mulberry). The price on the manufacturer’s website is 3770 rubles.

    Holy Land's Dermalight Active Illuminating Cream is part of a series of specialized anti-pigmentation treatments

    Depiderm Anti-Brown Targeted Care by Uriage

    Highly concentrated product for local application. Hypoallergenic, without parabens and sulfates. Suitable for any part of the body. Reduces the size of age spots and their brightness. Clarification is provided by CX-Complex (thermal water, sucrose dilaurate, pea extract, vitamin C) and acids (lactic, salicylic). Price - from 1100 rubles.

    Uriage's Depiderm Anti-Brown Targeted Care is a hypoallergenic product with a minimum of chemicals harmful to the skin.

    Pigment-Perfect Dark Spot Corrector Serum by Filorga

    A tool with a high concentration of active ingredients for correcting age spots and restoring even skin tone. The effect is noticeable after 2-3 applications. A useful addition to cosmetic procedures with a similar effect. Especially recommended for mature skin. Price - from 5500 rubles. Contains:

    • hop extract (regulates the synthesis of melanin, improves the protective properties of the skin against stress)
    • Vitamin C in the most stable form (restores natural radiance),
    • vitamins B3 and E,
    • glycerol.

    Pigment-Perfect Dark Spot Corrector Serum by Filorga - a product that due to the high concentration of useful ingredients gives a quick effect

    Instructions for use

    Read the instructions for the use of Melanativ cream:

    1. The manufacturer recommends using the cream in the evening,
    2. Apply to clean and dry skin,
    3. Squeeze a small amount of cream from the tube,
    4. Spread the mass with light movements on the pigmented areas of the skin,
    5. Avoid the eyelids, around the eyes, lips, and sensitive areas of the skin of the face and body,
    6. It is forbidden to use the product on damaged epidermis, open wounds and abrasions,
    7. During the period of use of the drug, avoid direct sunlight on the skin and protect the epidermis with sunscreen,
    8. In the first days of use, a burning sensation and a feeling of tightness of the skin may occur. After a few days of regular use, the reaction goes away. If other unpleasant symptoms appear, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
    9. The best way to find and eliminate the cause of age spots is to consult a specialist. Coordinate with the doctor the use of the drug Melanativ.

    Composition and active substance

    The cream contains the following components:

    • stearic acid and alpha arbutin,
    • kojic and glycolic acid,
    • tocopherol
    • glyceryl stearate, water,
    • isostearic acid and paraffin,
    • methyl paraben, propyl paraben,
    • hydroxypropyl oxydextrin,
    • triethanolamine,
    • aminomethylpropanol,
    • propylene glycol.

    The active substances are the first substances in the composition:

    • Tocopherol. The component has an antioxidant effect, preventing premature aging,
    • Alpha Arbutin and Glycolic Acid. Arbutin of plant origin, but with the development of technology is produced synthetically. Arbutin suppresses and destroys the production of melanin in cells, which discolors bleaching spots. Glycolic acid renews the skin, accelerating the exfoliation of dead cells of the surface layer of the integument,
    • Kojic acid also blocks the intensive production of coloring pigment of epidermal cells.

    The components of Melanativa have long been used in cosmetics, which indicates absolute harmlessness. In this aggregate, they affect the lightening of spots, freckles, and with vitiligo disease.


    Bleaching masks and products are best used in the autumn and winter, when the sun is not yet so aggressive. The use of funds in one of these periods can lead to skin burns.

    Procedures are performed at night so that the skin can recover before the appearance of sunlight.

    Before using any product, make sure there is no allergic reaction to it.

    Only regular use and prolonged treatment can give a good result. Therefore, do not throw the course after several procedures.

    Since water contributes to a faster regeneration process, you should drink it as much as possible and more often, but not only during treatment.

    If you decide to carry out the procedure in the salon, be sure to verify the professionalism of the cosmetologist who will clean the face.

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