Large flowers made of paper

Paper flowers - this is the case when it is beautiful, simple and durable. They are useful for weaving wreaths, buttonholes, decorating walls or lighting fixtures, and simply decorate your favorite coffee table. We have collected 6 inspiring workshops proving that creating beautiful flowers from paper with your own hands is easy and fun!

1. A bouquet of white flowers

A great gift for your beloved mother or grandmother is lovely flowers that will never fade. Delicate decor will delight the heart of the most dear and close women for a long time. It is best to put such a bouquet in a tall vase that hides the stems.

You will need:
- A few sheets of thick green and white paper,
- Long skewers or thin wooden sticks,
- liquid glue,
- Gold glitter or shiny glue,
- scissors,
- Pencil
- A trowel or a blunt butter knife.

How to do:
1. Draw a five-petal flower on paper, then cut it out and use it as a template for other colors.
2. Draw on the back of the white sheet as many colors as you want. For our bouquet we made 9 flowers. Therefore, they painted and cut 9 flowers as a green stalk and another 18 for real flowers.
3. Now you need to make the flowers voluminous. To do this, use a bone-ironing machine, an oil knife or a wooden stick. Draw the crease lines from the center of the outer edge of the petal to the center of the flower. In total, 5 folds should be obtained on each flower. Fold the flowers along the fold lines.
4. Make one cut on each stalk — from the point between the petals to the center. It will be possible to fix the stalk of the flower.
5. Combine the details: squeeze a drop of glue into the center of the stalk and fix a white flower on it, and another one on it. Please note that the petals of the upper flower should be located between the petals of the stem and other flower, respectively.
6. In the center of the upper flower, also apply a drop of glue and sprinkle it with sparkles (or just use shiny glue). When the core dries, gently shake the flower to remove any excess sparkles.
7. Glue bulk flowers to the tips of thin wooden sticks. Done!

Large flowers made of paper with your own hands to decorate the hall with patterns

The idea of ​​decor with volumetric elements has long been known to us, most often shelves perform this function, but sometimes you really want romance and new elements.

More often in the hall there is a place where there is no extra furniture, a composition of buds and leaves is created and guests are invited. After all, you have already prepared a photozone at home. Believe, smart guests will appreciate your idea.

But in any decor there is always an idea. For example, using monochrome shades of paper, select a different color depth and texture. And if you want to create a stylish composition, then I advise you to look at the color wheel and after that decide on the color.

Songs with different size buds look beautiful. So there is completeness in the decoration.

Now let's get started, how do we make large paper flowers. I suggest starting with such a bright and rainbow-like composition, a ball that can easily be hung on the dining table in the living room or in the corner of the hall.

I suggest using A4 size double-sided paper for flowers. Also make several buds from velvet colored sheets, this will give more realism.

To form a circle, take a large object, you can use a dessert flat plate.

It is more convenient to bend the petals with scissors, just do not press hard, otherwise you will tear the paper.

And now flowers on the stem are very popular. They are just huge! A coil of wire forms the leg, but I know that some craftsmen adapted to make it from PVC pipes.

A large composition of buds of different types of flowers will be an alternative to watches or paintings. It is still not a very popular phenomenon to decorate walls with such a bouquet, but it looks just amazingly hung and tender.

Another example of home decor, when the screen is decorated with roses of the same hue. Here you can take a selfie and just shut yourself off from the outside world and dream.

Each type of flower any craftswoman does in her own way. For example, peonies can be made very simply using thin corrugated paper, as shown in the workshop.

And make an interior rose that looks beautiful in floor vases.

I gave an example of small sizes, the more you need a flower, the higher the number you multiply each of these values. The main thing is that there is enough paper)))

You need to fold the entire strip of paper with an accordion, attach a template and cut it out. Before cutting, check which part stretches better and lay the template so that the stretching side is horizontal to it.

Important! Do not spread the lower folds!

Expand and admire the resulting garland.

Take a wand or thick wire. Lubricate the bottom edge of our garland with glue and start wrapping paper around the wire.

As shown in the photo.

The bottom must be properly fixed so that the wire does not fall out of the bud and the petals themselves do not turn around. The edge can also be smeared with glue.

And I also thought that it would be more convenient for many to simply print out the finished petal schemes and start creating, so I bring three templates of different shapes.

Maybe you will like this kind of petals more.

Or do you want to try using such an ornament.

Of course, it takes a lot of time to create huge compositions, but this will serve as an unusual replacement for bored balls and posters.

2. Paper Lilies

Snow-white lilies from crepe paper look elegant and noble. They will look especially impressive against the background of contrasting dark gray walls, although they are hardly lost in the white interior.

You will need:
- low temperature glue gun,
- scissors,
- pliers or wire cutters,
- brush
- Thick crepe paper (green and white),
- Green and white floral wire,
- Brown polymer clay,
- Pastel green
- Green floral ribbon.

How to do:
1. Cut parts from paper. 12 halves of white petals for each lily, as well as halves for the desired number of leaves.
2. Glue the two sides of the petals, after placing the white wire in the place of gluing. Repeat for leaflets.
3. Carefully apply the pastel to the center of the petals.
4. Form the stamens and pestles from brown polymer clay and fix it on a white wire (about 10 cm long). Bake clay in accordance with the instructions.
5. Fix the internal details of the flower on the green wire and wrap the last floral tape. Carefully fasten the tip of the tape with glue.
6. Glue 3 petals to the green wire around the prepared central part.
7. Glue the remaining 3 petals between the already fixed elements. Wrap the bottom of the inflorescence and the entire stem with a green ribbon. In the same way, cover the stems with leaves. Marvelous lilies are ready!

Corrugated Paper Flowers

Corrugated or crepe - this is the name of thin squeezed paper, from which various crafts are made. It is good because the elements of the flower can be made voluminous, slightly spreading fingers texture micro-folds, and you get flowers with curved, convex petals.

The simplest flower from corrugated paper:

Giant peony made of corrugated or crepe paper on the wall

Peonies, like roses, are popular. I think that this is the king of all colors, because it looks elegant and smells delicious. The craftswomen have different approaches to its creation, but the effect is always beyond praise. I think that not everyone will be able to create such a flower right away, so I picked up a short video that tells in great detail how to collapse the simplest peony.

It really is done very quickly, but it looks no worse than that created in other techniques. I invite you to view.

I also liked the idea of ​​the framework used in this video. After all, such a flat circle will perfectly attach to the wall, even on double-sided tape.

3. Paper Chrysanthemums

Perhaps these flowers are not as exquisite as lilies, but they have a significant advantage - chrysanthemums are made much easier. In addition, in a cute vase or decorative jar, such a decorative element looks very presentable.

You will need:
- Thick color paper (shades of your choice),
- Big scissors,
- Scotch
- Green ribbon,
- Flower wire,
- Hot glue gun.

How to do:
1. Cut the paper into strips about 7 cm wide. Then make cuts on each strip, creating a fringe.
2. Roll the strip into the bud. For reliability, you can use double-sided tape.
3. Secure the folded bud with tape.
4. Insert the floral wire into the base of the bud.
5. Wrap the “stem” and “stem” with a green ribbon.
6. Now spread the petals, carefully turning them out - the cute decor is complete!


Asters bloom in late summer and delight in blooming almost all fall. At the same time, the school year begins, so most students give their teachers exactly them. The kids are carrying armfuls of these flowers to school on September 1. But, unfortunately, living plants do not please their beloved teacher for a long time. What to do? Get out of the usual framework and present asters made by yourself. For example, from corrugated paper. Learn the secrets of manufacturing from this workshop.

You will need:
· long wooden sticks
Yellow napkins
· PVA glue,
Corrugated paper in pink, orange and blue,
· A sheet of green double-sided paper.

Prepare yellow napkins and thin wooden sticks.

Fold a napkin into a flagellum. Paste them over the end of the skewer, applying glue in a spiral. Form on sticks many centers of the future colors.

Cut pieces of 4.5 cm wide from a skein of corrugated paper.

On one side of each piece, cut a fringe with scissors. The depth of capture of the strip with scissors is 2.5 cm.

It turns out here is such a long workpiece with a fringe.

Glue the edge of this strip to the yellow center, as shown in the photo below.

Gradually wrap the corrugated paper around the stick.

As a result, you get a tight bud with a lot of petals.

Fluff the fringe with your fingers. So the flower looks open.

And in the center is visible the yellow center of the aster.

Cut sepals from green double-sided paper.

Glue on the flower as shown in the following photo.

Form asters of different colors from prepared corrugated paper.

Pick up a small vase, put flowers in it. It turns out a bright bunch of asters, made by hand.

The teacher will definitely like such a souvenir, because unlike fresh flowers, it will stand for a very long time.

To make the bouquet even more attractive, you can make and add other flowers to it. For example, chrysanthemums.

Modest buttercups

To create this flower, we need:

  • green, yellow corrugated paper,
  • green and brown duct tape
  • wire or skewers,
  • yellow beads
  • glue, scissors,
  • paints (watercolor, gouache is suitable),
  • plastic cup with plasticine.

Flowers from corrugated paper are very beautiful, airy. So, we make flowers out of paper with our own hands:

  • We take soft sheets of yellow paper, cut it into small squares. Now we carefully trim the corners to get a rounded petal part. It should turn out 6 pieces. To make the work go quickly, fold the squares one on one and cut the desired shape.
  • Now you need to apply a thin layer of glue on each leg of the petal and collect the inflorescence. After the flower modeling is over, each petal should be slightly stretched to the side.
  • Next, apply violet paint to the center of each flower with a brush. All while postpone work until dry.
  • We begin to prepare the stems. To do this, take a rigid wire, cut off the desired length. Then we insert the wire segment into the flower blank from below. Glue beads in the inner part, which will act as stamens.
  • Now you need to wrap the wire with tape-tape, insert the finished flower in a glass with plasticine. Plasticine mask with green paper.
  • It remains to collect a bouquet.

Here we have examined one example of how to make flowers from corrugated paper.

4. Daffodils

To meet the arrival of spring can be as grand as New Year's festivities. Try to create a wreath of snow-white paper daffodils - not the fact that warm weather will come faster, but the spring mood will appear for sure!

You will need:
- Thick yellow and white paper,
- Cotton buds,
- Yellow food coloring (or paint for drawing, yellow felt-tip pen),
- scissors,
- Glue or tape.

How to do:
1. Dilute the yellow food coloring in a glass of water. Trim one end of the cotton swabs and dip the rest into dye. You can dye cotton wool with paint for drawing or felt-tip pen. Leave them to dry.
2. To create the petals, cut out a square of white paper. Then fold it into a triangle 3 times, similar to how snowflakes stack up. Trim the outer edges (make either round, or pointed petals at your discretion) and open the flower.
3. Cut a circle of yellow paper and fold it into a cone. Fix the tip with glue or tape. With a sharpened pencil or a sharp tip of a cotton bud, pierce the center of the flower. Insert a cone and a cotton swab into the hole formed, fix the structure with tape.

Daffodils are ready! They can be glued onto a circle of foam or cardboard and get a very beautiful spring wreath.

How to make voluminous flowers from paper for beginners?

Those who create giant buds go through many paid and free master classes, constantly improving their skills. But not all of them immediately become professionals, they all started from somewhere. I want to give you step-by-step master classes, where the photo very clearly describes the progress of work.

For example, the idea of ​​creating such a rose. No, it’s not difficult, it just takes a lot of material.

We take a roll of paper, you can use designer sheets, but for beginners it is better to take a corrugated roll. It’s easier to work with him, he takes different forms well, and the color scheme of such paper is very diverse.

Cut the leaf in the shape of a drop, stretch it in width, so the leaf wraps a little and takes a concave shape.

If you want to make an unbroken bud, then take fewer parts, a larger one will be required for the bloomed one.

Make asters from simple colored A4 sheets. This is one of the easiest color options. Each petal will need to be turned inward, but if you want to turn them out, then use scissors. Pulling them along the outer edge.

For this aster you need to use layers of petals of different diameters. The top is the smallest. I would remove about 8 mm from each subsequent row.

I bring one more master class on creating a floral arrangement - a ball. Depending on the selected diameter of each template, the size of the ball will depend. If you want to use it for assembly halls, for a wedding or birthday, then feel free to take the diameter of the plate.

I found the idea of ​​creating fluffy flowers from toilet paper interesting. This material is easy to work with because it is soft, easy to cut and fold. Modern toilet paper is now presented in different colors - from white to blue.Can you imagine what composition you can create?

The strip should be folded in half and begin to make a cut to the middle of the strip. Do not cut to the edge, leave at least two centimeters.

Now start spiraling this blank, periodically gluing the turns so that the flower does not fall apart.

Of course, there are so many ideas for creating these giants that I offer you another video to watch. I really liked the simplicity and elegance of these crafts.

To make these decorations more like real ones, look for paper with a gradient when a smooth transition from light to dark occurs on the sheet. The dark, as a rule, is used in the lower part of the petal, because there is a shadow, and the lighter side goes to the tops.

Master Class

  1. Draw or print patterns and transfer them onto thick cardboard.
  2. From corrugated paper, cut out 15 petals in the shape of a heart and 5 in the form of droplets (for one flower).
  3. Give the shape to the petals: hearts - stretch a little to the sides, and twirl the droplets using a pencil.
  4. Take 2 pieces of thick wire and wrap with floral tape.
  5. Glue a piece of corrugated paper to the stalk as a core.
  6. Form the bud: stick the droplets, then the hearts, fix with adhesive tape.
  7. Cut a sepal out of green corrugated paper as shown in the picture.
  8. Fasten the sepals at the base of the flower using duct tape.
  9. Cut the leaves and glue them to the stem.

The huge rose is ready! I recommend to watch this video!

Pansies, buttercups

Cute and uncomplicated buttercups and pansies: to create field flowers, you need to cut the same petals, which are combined and fixed with wire or glued to a wooden skewer, the stalk is wrapped in a strip of green paper. Step-by-step master class

5. Roses from paper

Paper roses look just great! In this case, a lot of flowers will be able to complete in just one evening. So you can safely buy a bottle of wine and collect a fun company - tomorrow you will have a lot of paper roses for a festive decor.

You will need:
- Paper of your choice (standard for a printer is quite suitable, heavier options will complicate the work on the form),
- Watercolor paints (optional),
- glue,
- scissors,
- Flower wire,
- Beads.

As a paper base, you can use notes, wrapping paper, book pages, origami paper, newsprints, and so on. This example uses plain paper with a drop of watercolor in the center.

How to do:
1. Cut 3 paper squares with sides of approximately 10 cm. Fold the square into a triangle 3 times and cut the edges in a semicircle and a sharp tip. Repeat with the rest of the squares.
2. Expand the part and make sure that the hole in the center is not more than 0.5 cm.
3. From one flower, carefully cut 1 petal, from the second - 2, and from the third - 3. Do not throw them away.
4. Glue the edges of the petals. Carefully turn the edges of the petals back so that the rose blooms.
5. Twist the small petals that we cut earlier and fix their edges with glue.
6. Rose is ready for assembly. Take the wire and push the bead into it until the middle. Fold the wire in half and twist it.
7. Carefully extend the smallest part. Apply glue to the bottom and add the next cone. Hold the place for bonding elements. Continue to act in the same way with other flowers, turning them in such a way as to alternate the petals and the gaps.
8. For the reliability of the structure, you can thread another bead from the bottom of the flower and wrap the stem with wire. If desired, wrap the leg with a green ribbon.

Lollipop in business

A great option for how easy it is to make a flower out of paper. Beloved by many, sweet candy on a stick can be an excellent base for creating a simple flower.

Check out the phased paper flower making:

  • First you need to cut out five squares. Then they need to be screwed onto the chupa-chups, making “tails” on both sides. On the one hand, it should be a little longer.
  • The loose part (core) is made of crepe paper. Cut off the strip, which must be folded many times. Now we cut the tips (these will be stamens).
  • The central part of the trunk is laid between the petals, their long ends, we fasten to the stem. We wrap a stick of candy with green paper. Everything, the original flower is ready.

How are large paper flowers used for home decor or photo zones?

Oh, any fashionista dreams of taking a picture of herself next to such a tender photo zone. Giants use for photo shoots at weddings, anniversaries and other important events. It is important to create a beautiful background. By the way, for magazines and even clothing collections, this composition is also popular. I think that such paper florists are in high demand.

See how one of the online stores has revived its stand. Tender, original and very feminine, isn't it? Maybe you have your own business, then this idea can be used to create an image.

And so simply our compositions look in the interior of an ordinary apartment. Very unusual and bright.

The unusual idea of ​​using origami techniques to create giants. See how fabulous it is. The girl seems to be just a fairy or an inch in their background.

When there is not much time, you can independently create such fantasy flowers in the shape of the sun. Use a regular landscape sheet for small fragments, and Whatman sheets for large.

Make such a decor as follows. Fold the sheet into an accordion along the length, bandage the middle and turn each side. Glue the edges of one side with the edge of the other.

Cover the center nicely with a paper circle.

Paper dandelions conquered me. By the way, the top of the inflorescences can also be made using toilet paper, as I described above.

The idea of ​​decoration for a children's holiday.

See how you can combine several types of petals. Light and pastel colors almost all combine with each other. The main thing is to take all the tones of the same saturation to create a single whole, and not so that one bright element draws all the attention.

Make an imitation of wisteria. It happens in such different shades that you can choose almost any color, but I would prefer pink and lilac tones. They are more natural and natural.

Try to pick up paper of the same tone but with different saturations, from dark to lighter.

First we need to make blanks. To make it faster, fold a strip of paper several times.

Wrap the base of the workpiece.

Now bend this tail inward. To keep it better, you can fix it with glue.

That's what we got. You need at least 20 pieces of each shade.

We string on a strong thread of the workpiece at the base, wrapping each subsequent one in the other direction.

Now these threads with petals can be snapped to the base that you decide to use. If you have a gimbal, as in the photo above, then for the base, select the hoop of the desired diameter.

Rose and rose hips

The simplest craft is corrugated rosewhich even children can do.

We cut out 3 circles of red crepe paper, lay them on top of each other, then turn them into a cone, fasten them with a stapler in the middle. Then half turn it and straighten the petals. We attach to the skewer, which we wrap with green crepe paper. Glue the leaves. A simple rosette is ready.

Here is a scarlet flower:

Volumetric roses more magnificent are done like this - master class:

Simple little roses in 10 minutes (how to make a flower out of paper - more):

"Roses for mom." Kristina Matishina.
Made from corrugated paper.

And detailed instructions on how to make a flower basket with your own hands - here are step-by-step photos.

Here is such a beautiful bouquet:

6. Cacti

If you consider yourself a fan of minimalism and simple forms, then you will probably be interested in these original paper cacti. They can be issued using any patterned paper - from plain green to shiny polka dots.

To create such a decor, simply cut out cacti, aloe or succulents from cardboard or very thick paper. Then decorate them with scrapbooking paper or wallpaper. Plant flowers in a pot (use pebbles, polymer clay, sand as soil), or fix it on a wall. Done!

Master class on making a large decoration

Let's take a closer look at how to make these rainbow-colored huge asters. To create them, you can choose corrugated or crepe paper. The main thing is to correctly determine the shade. The whole roll will go completely.

Roll the paper into an accordion.

Paper clips and clips will help you keep all the workpieces in position.

Now we give each strip the desired size, remove two centimeters from each subsequent workpiece.

We shape petals on all rolls.

Now we expand the rolls and form layers, laying out the blanks on top of each other from larger to smaller.

In order not to get confused, you can write its length on each roll.

Turn the accordion and fix it in the middle.

We begin to straighten each layer.

That's how simple it is to make your own decor. The main thing is to have patience and a lot of material at hand.


Spring flowers made of paper - hyacinths - also the most simple crafts.

Cut off a strip of crepe paper (folds run along the short side), fold it several times and cut into narrow stripes. We unfold, wind the stripes on a skewer or knitting needle. The resulting "curly" strip is wound on a stick-skewer in a spiral. It turns out a nice spring bouquet. More details - step by step instructions here.

"Flowers in a vase. Corrugated paper hyacinths. ” The senior group No. 5 MBDOU No. 267 of Izhevsk. Educator Kochurova G.V.

Lush flower made of corrugated paper - detailed master class (step by step photo)

Beautiful and naturalistic pion obtained from tinted crepe paper: to obtain large volumetric petals, put the white blank from corrugated paper on a cup, spray it with water from a spray bottle, and straighten it in the shape of a bowl. Tint with yellow and pink paint, let dry. We take the core ready-made or make it from yellow crepe paper, glue it with our lush petals.

Application "Basket of Peonies" - a very beautiful three-dimensional card - step by step

DIY paper flowers - photos and ideas

We tried to demonstrate the most interesting and simple ideas on how to make flowers from paper with our own hands. You can use one of them or come up with something of your own. In any case, you will probably need inspiration. Next, you will find even more beautiful flowers for thematic decorations and room decor!

Corrugated Anemones

Anemones are also used for decoration often. They are incredibly beautiful and realistic.

I would like to show you another video, which gives detailed instructions for their manufacture. You don’t have to do decor of incredible sizes right away, start with the usual ones to understand the essence of the process and fill your hand, and save on materials, because each small bud can then be reproduced in large sizes.

I really wanted you to get acquainted with this idea of ​​decorating and decorating walls and other surfaces. Bookmark the article to quickly find when you need to decorate your room for the holiday.

Large growth flowers

Large flowers from corrugated paper are simply gorgeous, with them even an adult woman can feel like an Thumbelina. From you can use it to decorate the hall with your own hands for the holiday, photo zones for shooting beautiful memorable photos, you can hang it on the wall or hand it to the hero of the occasion. How to make bulk growth peonies with your own hands is shown in this video:

Just giant roses:

There is also a faster option - huge, but simple flowers that can be hung on the wall of the photo zone:

As you can see, the size of the flowers is limited only by the original paper size, real giants are made from huge paper.

Little flowers

You can make miniature charming spring bouquets - flowers of apple or cherry from corrugated paper:

pink buds, snowdrops, coltsfoot,

crocuses and daffodils,

small poppies, cornflowers,

forget-me-nots ... It all depends on your imagination.

Making a flower with a lollipop

Using a small ball (we took a lollipop), you can get a fantasy flower with very lush petals that will keep their shape, only the ends should be lubricated with PVA glue so that they do not unwind.

We cut out 5 squares from the corrugated paper and wind them onto the chupa-chups so that the “tail” is longer on one side than on the other.

For the core, fold several times a strip of red crepe paper, cut the tips - these are “stamens”.

We put the core between the long tips of the petals, we wind everything to the stick-stalk. We wind the stalk with a strip of green paper.

It turns out such an original flower with lush petals.


Gentle lights (swimsuits). For the petals, you need to cut several identical circles, in which one edge is twisted into a tube, and the other is expanded and bent. For the core, a strip of paper is cut and curled into a roll. By the way, how to make a swimsuit from foamiran, see here.

Chrysanthemums, Daisies, Carnations

All workshops on making these crepe paper flowers are on a separate page here.


Craft from crepe paper and real seeds. Sunflower - master class:

Charming flowers - crepe paper poppies - step-by-step master class:


Crocuses are spring flowers, so they are often made by March 8th. You can make a simple and cute bunch of flowers - a master class.

Simple clove

Another option to collect a flower from corrugated paper without glue is to string the edge of a long strip on a thread, like pompons, but here you need to act very carefully so that thin paper does not tear.

The result is a carnation flower - quick and easy.

Flowers from napkins

Quite easy to do crafts - flowers from paper napkins.

Napkins can be cut and fluffed, as shown here: A bouquet of flowers from napkins - workshop

Such crafts are very simple and easy for children. Photo and step-by-step description of Elena Yermasheva on how to make bouquet of napkins do it yourself.

For such an original bouquet you will need:

  • paper napkins: yellow and pink (35 pieces),
  • bamboo sticks for barbecue (13 pieces),
  • PVA glue,
  • glitter bronze acrylic paint,
  • green paint
  • brush
  • scissors,
  • felt-tip pen or pencil,
  • plastic can
  • decorative shavings
  • satin ribbon,
  • linen fabric
  • 0.5 liter plastic bottle
  • small pebbles.

Paint the sticks with green paint, allow to dry.

For a bouquet of 13 roses you will need 117 circles of napkins with a diameter of 8 cm, 9 pieces per 1 flower. Cut the desired number of blanks of petals.

For 1 flower you need to fold 7 circles in half.

Grease the edge of the bend of each circle with glue. Put the wand on a semicircle and wind the petal on the wand.

In this way, gently stick the remaining petals.

Poke a stick in the center of two circles.

Lubricate the upper circle with glue in three places. Glue to the finished petals.

Glue the last circle in the same way, the flower is ready.

Will do a vase for a bouquet.

Wrap a plastic jar in linen cloth. Fasten the fabric with satin ribbon. Insert some decorative shavings inside the jar.

For stability, wrap pebbles in napkins. Put them on the bottom of the plastic bottle.

Insert the pebble bottle into the plastic jar.

Insert decorative shavings inside the finished vase and insert roses. When arranging the bouquet, shorten several stems of roses.

The edges of the flowers with pink petals should be painted with bronze acrylic paint with sparkles.

The original bouquet is ready!

And you can fold the decoration of the festive table from paper napkins of napkins: how to fold paper napkins in the form of a flower - step by step.

The easiest bunch of colored paper

Making such a bouquet of colored paper with your own hands is quite simple. Even a baby will cope with this task. That is why the craft is a great gift for mom on March 8th.

If the child still does not cope well with scissors, parents can help him. But the rest of the process is not worth interfering with. Creativity with children is an important part of education. It develops creative thinking, a sense of beauty. In addition, the child sees the joy of the mother from the received gift and becomes happy himself.

Color Paper Bouquet Guide

We take a whole sheet of colored paper of green color. Lubricate the long edges with glue. Fold the sheet horizontally in half so that the edges stick together. We cut the paper from the fold to the place of gluing at a width of 1 cm.

Lubricate the base of the workpiece with glue.

Fold the paper with a tube. Fasten with staples until the glue dries.

Cut flower blanks. We use several shades. It will be more convenient to first draw a template, and then cut the flowers along the contour. A few yellow circles will serve as cores for flowers.

Glue the middle to the flowers.

Glue each flower to a separate piece of colored paper.

Evenly distribute the flowers in a bouquet. We spread the leaves. Children's bouquet is ready:

We make a flower with a child

Paper flowers are a great gift option for mom. This craft is simple in execution and looks much better than fresh flowers. This step-by-step tutorial describes how to make a paper flower.

For a flower arrangement, you need such materials and tools:
1. Cardboard (yellow and green).
2. Corrugated paper red (can be replaced with a napkin).
3. Clerical glue, pencil, scissors.
4. A small piece of plasticine.
5. Bottle cap.

Step 1:
The flower will consist of three flower blanks of different sizes. From yellow cardboard, you need to cut three flowers of the same shape, but different in size (from larger to smaller). For convenience, you can first draw a flower shape with a pencil, and then cut it out. Glue the blanks together. The largest flower should be below.

Step 2:
With a pencil, twist each petal down: place the pencil under the petal, press it with your finger and stretch down to the tip, slightly twisting. These actions will make the flower magnificent and voluminous.

Step 3:
For the middle of the flower you will need corrugated paper or a red napkin. You need to cut a strip about 3 cm thick, then cut a lot of narrow strips to the middle. Twist the workpiece into a roll and cut again. There is another way: just cut the paper into small pieces. Apply glue in the middle of the flower and glue red pieces of paper.

Step 4:
You can make leaves this way: fold the green cardboard in half, draw half of the future leaflet at the place of the fold and cut it out. There should be two such leaves.

Step 5:
To make the stem you need green cardboard. From it you need to cut a strip 2-3 cm wide, twist it into a narrow roll and fix it to glue. Cut the upper part of the stem into four parts.

Step 6:
All details are ready, it remains only to connect them together using plasticine. It must be applied to the top of the stem and secure the flower. Leaflets are attached by the same principle. Glue the flower on plasticine to the bottle cap. It will be a stand for crafts.

A flower made of paper is ready.

"Postcard to March 8!". Safonova Svetlana Aleksandrovna.
Application made of colored paper. Gift card for March 8.

We need colored paper of red, violet, lettuce, yellow, green. It is advisable to take glossy colored paper. Cut three flowers of different shapes. Large, medium and smallest, and so three times. Then on the overthrown cardboard we glue first a large flower, then a smaller one, and so on three times. Cut a vase from purple paper, glue it on a postcard. We make three yellow circles, make the center in our flowers and glue them. Then we cut out three stems and glue them from the flowers to the vase. Cut the lettuce leaves and glue it. Here's a postcard!

This video shows how to make daisies out of paper, they look very naturalistic, almost like living:

Blue forget-me-not flower from watercolor paper

You can make beautiful voluminous flowers to decorate cards and gift boxes with your own hands. There is such a wonderful direction in needlework - paper plastic, which allows you to create incredibly beautiful flowers and bouquets. Due to the plasticity of watercolor paper, making flowers for scrapbooking is not difficult.

Necessary tools and materials for forget-me-nots:

  1. Blue watercolor paper,
  2. Scissors,
  3. A stencil in the form of a flower with 5 petals,
  4. Water tank
  5. Ball tool,
  6. Sponge,
  7. Soft cloth
  8. PVA glue,
  9. Pearl half beads.

Description of work

First you need to make a flower stencil with five petals: it can be drawn by hand or printed on a printer. Use a stencil to cut out an even number of flowers from watercolor paper.

Put flowers in water for 5-10 minutes. Do not be afraid to overexpose, the watercolor paper is thick enough and soaks for a long time in water. After the allotted time, blot the workpieces with a napkin to remove excess fluid. If you did not find colored watercolor paper, you can colorize plain white with food coloring, gel pens, felt-tip pens, or gouache. Do this while the paper is wet.

Put the flower on a damp soft cloth. Using a tool with a ball at the end or any other object with a rounded end (for example, the tip of a pen, brush), press on the edge of the petal and draw it with force to the center. Follow the same steps with all the petals. So the flower will gain relief.

Now shift the flower onto a thick sponge and push the center of the flower. Here the recess should be larger than in the petals.

After extruding the petals, turn it on the wrong side and in the same way push it in the center.

These should be the following two types of flowers: with petals bent up and down.

Lay the flowers on a flat surface and leave to dry completely. The dried up flowers turn out very tough, remind a cardboard.

Now it's up to the assembly. Paste the flower with the petals inward into the flower with the petals bent outward. PVA glue is great for watercolor paper.

Glue a half bead in the middle of the flower.

The embossed flower from watercolor paper is ready! These flowers were used to decorate the chocolate card. Flowers made of watercolor paper are rather tough, so it is quite possible to decorate wicker caskets and baskets with them, and also use them as an interior decoration.

Easter bouquet of snowdrops. Zabrodina Anna.

"Snowdrops." Klementyeva Polina and Alexandrova Oksana.
A very nice picture, but despite this, it is not at all difficult for children from the age of 5. For its manufacture you will need a half-sheet of blue cardboard, a white sheet, a green pencil or felt-tip pen, green plasticine, a napkin, glue.

Do-it-yourself simple flower made of paper

From ordinary white paper, according to a very simple technique, you can make beautiful, elegant flowers that are sure to find application in creativity. First of all, this is the creation of voluminous cards in the scrapbooking technique, which is often practiced by needlewomen, as well as these flowers can be collected in a bouquet or simply supplemented with a floral arrangement. A small lush accent will certainly draw attention to the wall newspaper or ad, a beautiful box or package.

What you need to prepare to create a similar flower:

• white office paper,
• water and brush
• gouache or watercolor paints,
• scissors,
• glue,
• decorative stamens,
• a piece of thin wire.

How to make a lush flower with your own hands in stages

1. The list of materials used does not intentionally indicate the colors of paint and decorative stamens that can be used to create a flower, because they can be chosen according to your desire. The basis of the flower is ordinary white office paper, and then you can paint the product with any colors, to your taste or if necessary. First you need to take scissors and a sheet of white paper.

2. Cut from paper the first flower with oblong petals in the amount of 6 pieces. But the shape of the flower may be slightly different, it is only desirable that the petals are oblong.

3. Using the first flower as a template, cut 6 identical layers of white paper. The more layers you use to create the list, the more magnificent the product will be. Evenness and accuracy can not be taken care of.

4. Using a brush and plain water, moisten the petals. Dip the tip of the brush in water and run along the petals, as if staining them.

5. While the paper is not dry, squeeze each petal, while it is convenient to use the same brush or pen, applying to a rounded surface. Thus, you will not only bend each petal into a kind of accordion, but also make them turned outward.

6. Follow the same procedure with all other petals, leave all layers to dry.

7. While the flower layers are dry, prepare a bunch of stamens. Since a white-yellow flower is shown here, the corresponding stamens were also selected. Take 6 or 7 bilateral stamens of white and yellow color, use the wire to find the middle and bend in half to get a bunch. Twist the end of the wire so that it becomes sharp. In the future, the wire will help fix the stamens in the center.

8. The dried layers of a white flower begin to fasten. On the first layer, stick the second, shifting it.

9. Then glue all the other layers in the same way. Before you is a blank for a lush flower.

10. In the center of the flower, make a small hole with the scissors and extend the tip of the wire, fixing the stamens. Cut the bottom of the bush and glue it with glue.

11. Choose a color for the paint and gently brush the top of the flower, leaving white gaps to make it even more elegant.

12. A beautiful handmade flower made of paper is a great addition to gift wrapping.

Simple autumn bouquet - aster

An autumn bouquet made of paper will become an interesting children's hand-made craft. It is autumn - this is the time of year that gives us colorful paints and incredible materials for creativity. The craft is a bright bouquet decorated with flowers that look like asters, autumn leaves and a bow.

What is recommended to use for creative work of a similar plan:

  • a set of cardboard and paper,
  • scissors,
  • glue,
  • black capillary handle
  • crystal half beads,
  • brocade bow
  • a maple leaf template (or a special hole punch in the shape of any leaf).

How to make an autumn bouquet in stages

Prepare cardboard and paper for work. Thick paper (in this case, green was used) is necessary to create the base. You can also prepare for this purpose junk cardboard from packaging or colored plastic. Bright sheets from the set are necessary to create flowers and leaves. If one-sided paper is used for flowers, the reverse side of which is white, then interesting two-color buds will be obtained.

From a dense, prepared for the base of the sheet cut out a part that resembles a bouquet in shape. The upper part will expand, and on the bottom - there will be a tail, like a bouquet.

Cut a few maple leaves (or you can prepare blanks of a different shape, for example, oak, chestnut or birch leaves). It is better to use yellow, orange, brown or red paper for this work. Apply streaks with a capillary handle. The leaves should be small - this is an addition to the bouquet, which echoes the autumn theme. Make 5 or more blanks.

Glue the prepared leaves on the base. You can stick four on top, one on the bottom, or distribute them as you wish.

Additionally, cut oblong leaves. These are directly the leaves of asters that will become the central decoration of the card. Each leaf curl with the same scissors. Long details - bouquet decoration.

To create the buds, prepare a thin brush of pink paper. Cut the sheet into thin strips and divide each of them into segments of about 10 cm or so.

Fold each segment in a loop, laying the edges on top of each other. The back of the paper may be white.

Cut out circles for flowers from paper of any color. Lubricate the circles with glue and begin to apply loops around the circle, forming flowers.

Stick two or more rows of eyelets to get lush buds. Decorate the midpoints with half beads. You can choose half beads to match the flowers or use yellow details.

Model three or more aster flowers to decorate a bouquet.

Stick autumn flowers in the center of the bouquet.

Decorate the bottom of the composition with a brocade bow to mask the flaws, and the bouquet looked finished.

An interesting autumn paperwork is ready.


For example, to make paper camomile, cut two blanks from white paper and some from yellow, glue the core on the main form:

For roses more blanks and effort will be needed, but the result will be impressive: fold a square of scarlet paper two times in half and once diagonally. Cut off the tip and the wide edge in a semicircle, make 4 such blanks of layers with 8 petals. To create a volume, cut one side of the workpiece and glue it to get different workpiece widths: 6, 5, 4 and 3 petals. Twist the petals, paste the layers into each other and stick. Fold the leaves of green paper with an accordion.

"My scarlet rose." Sivolapova Polina.
To make this rose, red double-sided paper (color paper for the printer) was required.

Another interesting option is two-color: here you will need not only scissors and glue, but also a clerical knife to cut out the protrusions.

A simple way to do it quickly lush flower made of paper. Fold 2-3 sheets of paper with one accordion, tie in the middle, cut the edges in a semicircle. It remains only to gently fluff the petals:

Simple flowers

Simple flowers can be done in a spiral way: on a sheet of colored paper a classical spiral or wavy is drawn, with petals, cut out and twisted into flowers.


And even if you make circles of different diameters from paper and cut the petals into them, you get a very magnificent flower - a dahlia.

Flower made from curled paper stripes.

Another option how to do rose from ribbon, paper or fabric, just bending the petals at the right angle and folding it into a roll:

Hyacinths of Elizar Polyakov:

Large flowers for the photo zone

Flowers for feeding the place of photo shoots can be made of double-sided colored paper.

For example, in this video we used paper with a density of 160g., It took 15 - 24 pieces. Templates can be taken, for example, here: // How to make a photozone from paper flowers:

For the photo zone, you need a frame on which the canvas is stretched, and then flowers and wire are attached to it and hot glue:

Another option is to make beautiful hanging compositions, for example, such:

Paper flowers opening in the water

It is interesting to spend time with a small child at home. This simple, but fascinating miracle craft will interest the baby. Co-production of flowers will bring pleasure to everyone.

  • color (on both sides) xerox paper,
  • office white paper
  • colour pencils,
  • glass of water,
  • white shallow plate
  • stapler
  • circle patterns with a diameter of 6, 10 and 12 cm (for more complex color options).

Simple option

Draw on a white sheet of paper several color options, approximately 4-5 cm in diameter with not very large petals. You can use different colors and shapes of the petals. Now they need to be cut. Bend the petals of each flower in the center in a circle, one on top of the other.

When the flowers are ready, put a plate and pour a little water into it. Now you can lay out paper flowers with bent petals up. And then an amazing transformation will happen. All the petals will open and flowers will bloom on the water.
This action occurs because the paper absorbs water and tries to return to its original form. And that means that it straightens in the places of the bend. It turns out that the flower blooms.

Flowers can be cut right away from color xerox paper. You can stick something funny or draw a flower inside. Optional.

More difficult option

Option number 1. The original flower can be made large in 3 layers. Take xerox paper, connect it with a stapler in the middle. Using the template, draw two circles with a difference of 2 cm between them. In the resulting bagel, depict the petals. The finger will serve as a template. Cut a flower, capturing three layers simultaneously.
Now correctly lay the petals in the center. One by one, overlapping each other. And so all three circles. It remains to run it into the water and see. The flower will open layer by layer. The kid will like it.

Option number 2. This flower can also be made in 2-3 layers. Only now the difference between the circles will be 4-5 cm. You will get long petals. Now each petal must be twisted with a pencil inside. You can use a thinner diameter.

When all the petals are twisted, lower it into water. A curly flower will also open its petals while lying on the water.
Simple and interesting.

Calla lilies

For the manufacture of children's applications, paper is most often used. We suggest adding a little chenille wire to it and making beautiful flowers that look like elegant callas. And when creating the flower of the child themselves, you can get acquainted with the basics of origami technique. The whole process of making such an application is given in this master class.

To create such a craft, we prepared:

Flowers for this applique will be made of colored paper using the origami technique. Therefore, initially we prepare a square billet. In our case, there will be a square with a side of 8 cm.

We fold it diagonally in half.

Now we will expand the blank of the future flower and begin to bend the sides to the midline.

It is necessary to bend symmetrically on both sides.

Next, the upper parts of the bent elements are bent back. We try to do it symmetrically. We get such a blank for a flower.

The middle of the flower will be a piece of chenille wire. It is enough to take about 4 cm. We use an orange chenille wire, but if desired, such a middle can be made of chenille wire of any color. We fix this piece with PVA glue.

We bend the lower corner of this flower to the back side and glue it.

In a similar way, we make flowers from pink and orange paper.

Now we distribute the flowers on white cardboard, after which we fix them with glue.

From green paper we cut narrow strips that will become stems on our applique.

Leaflets for flowers are also made of green paper. To do this, fold it in half, and then cut out the outline of the half leaf. We cut 3 leaves of different sizes. Glue them to our craft. An application with flowers made of paper and chenille wire is ready.

Tulips - master class (3 options)

Step-by-step process photos and diagrams:

Video how to make origami snowdrops from paper:

Video how to make spring lilies of the valley. Valeria uses a large sheet of paper to make it clearer, but for miniature flowers you need to take 5 x 5 cm squares and repeat after the author:

Origami original craft - paper rose magic cube:

Modular origami

Crafts in the modular origami technique consist of the same modules, so they produce beautiful symmetrical kusudama flowers that came from Japan.

Lilac fantasy flower - master class

"Flowers." Kochekova Irina Vasilievna.
The work is made of colored paper using the modular origami technique.

Vase with snowdrops - master class

Carnation flower from the modules - step by step:

Watch the video: Giant Paper Flower. How To Make Diy Rose Tutorial Large Size Paper Rose (April 2020).