Cutting with hot scissors - all the details of the procedure

Split ends of hair can appear at any age, even in adolescents. There are several reasons for this - temperature changes, lack of vitamins, direct sunlight, frequent styling by electric heating stylers, exposure to chemicals. Even a slight dissection of the hair flask needs to be removed, because it spreads upward and leads to a loss of length. Sliced ​​ends are a hair disease called trichoptilosis. Its neglected stage leads to detachment of the cuticle and leaching of keratin from the open medulla. There are two types of struggle with this problem - mechanical and chemical. The first includes polishing, pyrophoresis and shearing with hot scissors, and the second - all drug methods that seal the damage.

In this article, we will consider one of the mechanical ways to eliminate split ends - cutting hair with hot scissors. We find out to whom it is needed, its pros and cons, how effective is the thermal cutting for the treatment and prevention of trichoptilosis, as well as the implementation technique.

What is a hot scissor haircut

This is the simultaneous removal of the tip of the hair and the sealing of the cut, due to which further dissection is stopped.

What gives and what is useful for cutting with hot scissors? Burning seals the hair flask, so keratin remains inside. But only subject to the integrity of the scaly layer along the entire length, otherwise the building materials will come out through its damaged areas.

A hot scissor haircut is best combined with other procedures against trichoptilosis.

Types of haircuts with hot scissors

There are several ways to eliminate cross sections:

What is the difference?

  1. Cutting with hot scissors with flagella is a way to cut sections along the entire length of the hair. Freshly washed, wet strands are twisted into a tourniquet, then slightly blow hot air from the hair dryer so that the tips begin to puff on the surface of the rolled roller. Protruding sectioned hairs are removed with a heated tool.
  2. In shape - this is giving the hair a certain style of haircut. For example, to cut under “Kare”, to make “Cascade” or “Medusa”, etc. That is, when all hair is used, creating a hairstyle.
  3. A hot scissor contour cut is a fringing. She cuts only in length. The removal of the ends along the contour can be semicircular - “Rhapsody”, or even cut. The bangs are separated and processed separately.

The principle of working with hot scissors is the same as with ordinary ones.

Pros and cons

This mechanical treatment for trichoptilosis has a lot of positive qualities.

  1. Suitable for all hair types.
  2. Seals the tip.
  3. Prevents leaching of keratin.
  4. It can be combined with other procedures.
  5. No professional hairdressing products are required.
  6. No additional tools needed.
  7. You can cut hair with nodular disease.

photo before and after

For curly, wavy or thin hair there are no technological deviations.

Who needs a hot scissor haircut? - on long and medium hair, if there is damage only at the tips, as well as with nodular disease, when other methods of eliminating trichoptilosis are contraindicated.

However, in addition to its positive qualities, this procedure also has several disadvantages.

  1. There are length restrictions.
  2. Does not protect hair surface from damage.
  3. Stops cutting only at the cut site.

In addition, a skill in working with a hot tool and professional dexterity are required, since the cutting blades heat up to 230 ° C, so they can burn themselves and the client.

Contraindications and restrictions for use

The result of the procedure does not depend on the hormonal background, age, or damage to the scalp. You can do hot scissors haircuts for children, pregnant and breast-feeding women, as well as during critical days. This method does not affect the hair follicle and cannot affect the intensity of the prolapse.

However, there are restrictions on the use of length. The heated tool should not come into contact with the skin during operation, therefore, cutting with hot scissors for short hair is not done.

On the "Kar" and "Bob-car" the lower occipital area is shortened with ordinary scissors, and the remaining sections are sheared hot.

Hot cutting scissors

This is an electric tool with heated cutting blades and a temperature controller having a range of 130–230 ° C.

Experience with this device has shown that for all types of hair you need to set the maximum heating temperature, for better sealing of the cut.

In the market of professional hairdressing tools, hot scissors of two world famous brands are presented - the Japanese concern Jaguar, as well as the Italian company Hair Shop. There are cheaper analogues of Chinese production, which are much inferior in quality, so their haircut does not guarantee a positive effect.

Execution technique

It is very easy to make this medical procedure - its stages are the same as when using an ordinary cold tool. No special preparation for cutting with hot scissors is required. It is enough to pre-wash your hair with shampoo according to the type of hair and skin.

photo before and after

How is shearing done with hot scissors? - step by step instructions, as follows:

  • wash your hair with shampoo, if you need to treat with balm,
  • blot excess moisture with a towel,
  • heat the tool
  • to cut the necessary style,
  • treat hair with styling or thermal protection to make styling.

After the procedure, any types of hairstyles or styling are allowed, except for permanent curls and straightenings.

The technique of haircuts with hot scissors in beauty salons is no different from its conduct at home. However, calling the master at home there is a risk of running into an unqualified hairdresser working with a low-quality tool. Before you entrust your hair to someone, read reviews about the master, and also ask what kind of company he works with scissors.

Is follow-up necessary

The procedure for eliminating the cut ends and sealing the place of cut does not need additional care after it. Hair does not require special tools to maintain the effect. The sealed tip will no longer be cut off at the cut point with a hot tool. However, this does not protect the hair from damage on its length.

So that the scaly layer does not peel off after repeated staining or other chemical influences, you need to combine a hot scissor haircut with drug methods for treating and protecting hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Despite the fact that cutting with hot scissors in the list of hairdressing services for more than ten years, interest in it does not dry out. There are a lot of questions about this procedure. Of these, the most common ones were selected, to which we gave detailed detailed answers.

  1. Which is better, cutting with hot scissors or polishing hair? Both of these methods are mechanical elimination of cross-section tips. Polishing removes irregularities over the entire surface of the flask, but does not seal the cut points. Hot scissors clean only the edge and at the same time seal it. If the dissection is not only at the end, then both procedures can be combined. First polish the surface, and then fringing with hot scissors to prevent leaching of keratin from the medula.
  2. Do hot scissors do haircuts on wet or dry hair? The procedure is performed only on wet strands, because the high temperature of the instrument causes rapid boiling of water inside the hair, due to which clipping occurs. The resulting microburn closes the access of harmful substances, leaving nutrients inside.
  3. How is a hot scissor haircut different from the usual? There is no visual difference, but if you look at a section under a microscope, it will be clearly visible that ordinary scissors, even the sharpest ones, push the flask through, so it becomes oval and delaminates. And a hot tool does not have time to push hair due to high temperature. When closed, the heated cutting blades cut off the damaged area and immediately burn it. The flask remains round with a smooth sealed end.
  4. How long does a hot scissor haircut last? The duration of the procedure depends on the style, density and confusion of the hair. The amount of time taken is the same as when performing a similar operation with a conventional tool.
  5. When to wash your hair after cutting with hot scissors? The procedure does not provide a specific exposure time before washing the hair. This can be done when the first signs of contamination at the roots appear. Using a shampoo is not contraindicated even immediately after the procedure.
  6. How long does the effect of cutting with hot scissors last? The place of heat treatment and clipping of the damaged tip will no longer delaminate, however, there is no guarantee against the appearance of defects along the entire length. The duration of the effect depends on what effect the hair will be exposed to. Discoloration and perm or straightening reduce the effect of mechanically eliminating trichoptilosis.
  7. Before or after dyeing, is it better to cut with hot scissors? All types of long-term styling and staining should be performed before the procedure. Chemicals spoil the hair, and a heat cut will eliminate all damage - old and new, which appeared during exposure to harmful substances.
  8. How often do you need to cut with hot scissors? There is no clear gap through which the procedure can be repeated. It is necessary to get a haircut as soon as new dissected tips become noticeable. If damage does not appear, then for prophylaxis you can do the procedure once every two months.
  9. Which is better, cutting with hot scissors or lamination? These are two completely different damage control techniques. Lamination hides all the irregularities of the structure under the protective microfilm, and hot scissors cut off split ends. These procedures can be combined to enhance the therapeutic effect. A silicone laminating film will protect the length from leaching of keratin, and hot scissors will seal the tip.
  10. Do I need to wash my hair before shearing with hot scissors? This is always a prerequisite, regardless of whether the tool is shearing - hot or cold. Dirty hair is poorly combed out, so you can leave unshaved areas that will be visible after washing. All imperfections are then revealed on clean, not sticky hair.
  11. Why after shearing with hot scissors will my hair split again? This happens when they are spoiled not only at the ends. Microdamage to the structure is invisible to the naked eye, they can be seen only under a microscope. If the hair is often exposed to various chemicals, then cutting with hot scissors should be combined with other medical methods. Otherwise, further dissection cannot be avoided. And also repeated delamination at the ends may appear due to insufficient heating of the tool.

Shearing with hot scissors is a technique for mechanically removing cut ends with their simultaneous sealing at the cutting site. Despite the protection of the trimmed area, the procedure does not guarantee the occurrence of damage along the length. To maximize the effect of hot scissors hair treatment, the procedure must be combined with drug methods for eliminating trichoptilosis. However, as an independent treatment of hair, cutting with hot scissors is ineffective.

Which is better - cutting with hot scissors or polishing?

Cutting with hot scissors (thermal cutting) is considered a treatment and prophylactic procedure that eliminates the cross section of the ends of the hair and prevents this. It is carried out by special scissors, the blades of which are heated to a certain temperature by means of electricity (from the mains or battery). The temperature is adjustable from 80 to 150 ° C and is selected depending on the structure of the strands.

Thermal haircut differs from ordinary haircuts in that the hair cut after the procedure does not remain open and, as it were, is “sealed” - it sticks together under the influence of high temperature and hardens. Due to this, the treated hairs do not lose their integrity and stop splitting. In addition, the procedure contributes to the following:

  • hair becomes protected from external factors,
  • locks do not lose moisture and nutrients that are inside,
  • hair is quickly restored and healed from the inside.

Another hairdressing procedure has a similar purpose - polishing, in which damaged tips (0.2 - 1 cm) are cut off using a special nozzle worn on a clipper. This is preceded by the mandatory alignment of hair with an iron. So the strands are given a well-groomed appearance without visible loss of length. Many women want to know which method is more effective - polishing hair or cutting with hot scissors.

It’s worth mentioning right away that the polishing method is not suitable for curly, excessively thin and short hair, cannot be used for hair loss and scalp diseases. Often it is recommended for long straight hair, not very damaged and suffering only from the cut ends. In other cases - with very weak, loose, thin, dissected hairs, with short haircuts and curls - it is better to resort to a haircut with hot scissors.

Revolutionary technology

The hot shearing technique came to Europe from New York. Arsen Gurov, who is one of the most sought-after and popular hairdressers now, is considered to be its founder. Why is this technology better than traditional exposure?

Ordinary scissors are cheap, but they open the cuticle and leave the hair more susceptible to aggressive environmental influences, this can lead to the tips starting to curl, becoming dry and naughty. Heat from hot scissors seals the hair. Moisture, collagen and keratin, which are inside each strand, fall into a trap, as a result of which the curls remain alive and elastic for a very long time. Of course, this does not mean that you can not cut your hair at all, but the number of haircuts will be significantly reduced.

Advantages of hot scissors:

  1. It helps with split, brittle, exfoliating tips,
  2. This haircut is very useful for alopecia,
  3. Curls lie beautifully and without styling,
  4. In the "hot" way, it is much easier to create a neat and well-groomed haircut than the traditional one, at least take a caret and cascade, which after a regular tool are most often disheveled and ugly.

Unfortunately, the methodology has its limitations:

  1. It’s very expensive, on average, cutting with hot scissors is two to three times more expensive than usual,
  2. It will not save you from regular visits to beauty salons,
  3. There are very few professionals who really mastered the technique of hot scissors.

Video: the benefits of cutting hair with hot scissors

Hot Shearing Technology

It is necessary to be prepared for the fact that the first two or three procedures are recommended to be carried out with an interval of one month. The only exceptions are cases when a short haircut is made from long hair, and at the same time all hair is “soldered” the first time. Further, hot scissors can be applied every 4-5 months. Often, cutting with hot scissors by flagella is performed, and this is the right approach.Technology consists of the following main steps:

  1. Diagnosis of strands.
  2. Giving the hairstyle the desired shape with ordinary scissors.
  3. Separation of hair in small sections.
  4. Alternately twisting tight flagella from small locks.
  5. Cutting with heat cutters of cut hairs sticking out of flagella along the entire length.
  6. Application of indelible nutrient.

All the work of the master takes from one to four hours. The completion of the haircut with ordinary scissors is unacceptable - either hot scissors or a hot razor should be used at the end of the procedure to adjust the shape of the hairstyle. In the end, the specialist gives recommendations for further hair care, which must include the use of masks, limiting the use of hair dryers and curling irons.

What is thermal cutting

The first mention of the use of hot scissors dates back to ancient Egypt. Queen Cleopatra, who was famous for her luxurious thick hair, ordered them to be cut with scissors heated on fire.

The procedure is cutting hair using scissors with hot blades. This is a special tool that connects to the mains and heats up to a temperature of 80 to 150 ° C. When cutting, the hair cut is sealed. As a result, more nutrients and moisture remain inside the hair shaft - the hair stops chopping at the ends.

The cost depends on the level of the beauty salon, the experience of the master, the availability of related services (for example, ultrasound diagnostics of the condition of the hair), the length and density of the hair. On average, the price of a haircut varies between 1000-3000 rubles.

Hair after hot scissors

Photographs of women who had a hot scissor cut before and after, show that the results can be expected from the procedure:

  • the strands look more shiny, smooth, obedient,
  • elasticity increases, dryness and brittleness are eliminated,
  • after several sessions, the volume of the hairstyle increases, the hair grows noticeably. Hot scissor haircut

What problems does the procedure help?

Hot scissors can be cut as a prophylaxis and to solve specific problems.

Indications for:

  • Dry, split and damaged hair ends.
  • Confusion of hair.
  • Protruding hairs.

The procedure is often done after staining, lightening and perm. First of all, it is recommended for owners of long hair. To give the hair a well-groomed and healthy appearance, thermal cutting is combined with lamination, keratin straightening and shielding.

Photos before and after the procedure:

Recommendations regarding hair type:

Hair of any type and structure is suitable for the procedure: straight, wavy, curly, thin, stiff. Depending on the type of hair, the temperature of the scissors must be taken into account:

  • If you have thin, dry and porous hair, the temperature should be no higher than 110 degrees.
  • For normal hair, a temperature regime of 120-130 degrees is suitable.
  • Thick and hard curls are sheared at temperatures up to 150 degrees.
  • To cut severely damaged hair, scissors are heated to 80-110 degrees.

What are the hot scissors

The tool looks like ordinary hairdressing scissors with one difference: it connects to the mains using a network adapter. Also, the kit may include: a temperature controller, thinning scissors and a razor, which also work from the network.

There are stationary and mobile devices. The temperature range of most thermal shears is 80-150 degrees. Mobile and stationary systems have different operating principles. For mobile scissors, both cutting blades heat up, and for stationary - only one. The handles in both cases of the tool are covered with heat-insulating material - this eliminates the possibility of burns.

The most famous manufacturers of scissors are Jaguar (Germany), Yasaka (Japan), KIEPE (Italy). The cost depends on the company, the quality and characteristics of the tool and varies from 40,000 to 60,000 rubles.

The difference between a hot scissor haircut and polishing, a hot razor and hair treatment with fire

In addition to thermal cutting, there are other procedures that give smoothness to the hair and relieve damaged ends.

Unlike cutting with hot scissors, polishing does not solder the ends of the hair. A special machine is used for the procedure, which cuts off all the cut ends, even from the shortest hair.

Hot razor cutting differs from scissors in that in the first case, the master can use only two techniques - flagella and a sliding slice (slicing). The use of hot scissors allows you to resort to other techniques - for example, a direct cut, etc.

Pyrophoresis (hair treatment with fire) also allows you to get rid of the cross-section of hair and improve their health. But unlike cutting with hot scissors, pyrophoresis involves treating the strands along the entire length, and not just soldering them at the tips.

Also, when treated with fire, oils are applied to the hair for additional treatment and nutrition. The procedure has a high cost: pyrophoresis will cost you at least 4000 rubles.

The choice of a suitable procedure is purely individual. You need to consider the type and general condition of the hair, as well as the amount of money that you are willing to spend on improving your hair.

Types and technology of cutting with hot scissors

The following varieties of haircuts:

  • Flagella. The master separates a thin strand of hair, twists it into a tourniquet and cuts hair that is knocked out. With this method, the hair is cut along the entire length.

  • Contouring. With the help of thermal shears, you can simulate any haircuts. In this case, the haircut is performed using the same technology as ordinary scissors.

  • Polishing. This type of haircut with hot scissors resembles polishing, but with one difference. The master pulls the strand to be handled and bends it. All the ends of the hair that are knocked out of the strand are sheared with hot scissors.

How is performed

Hair cutting with hot scissors with flagella and strands is performed at a temperature of instruments up to 310 degrees Celsius, while special hairdressing devices are used - scissors connected to the electrical network. Such high rates are achieved by transferring electric current to the cutting edges of the scissors. Despite such high temperature indicators, during the procedure, the girl does not experience any negative feelings, moreover, pleasant warmth spreads, which helps to relax.

Consider how this happens - cutting hair with hot scissors, how salons perform the procedure and how to conduct it at home.

  1. Previously, the curls need to be washed and dried very well. One women's forum claims that it is at this stage that the success and effectiveness of the procedure is determined,
  2. Hair is divided into conditional locks, unused locks of hair are fixed with the help of special hairdressing salons “crocodiles”,
  3. Such a haircut does not require stretching the hair at the right angle, unlike the traditional one, so the hairdresser simply measures the desired length with his fingers and comb, and then cuts off,
  4. At the end of the procedure, a composition is applied to the hair, which seals the ends. This may be a light form of lamination mixture.
Photo - Hair condition after scissors

How to perform the procedure at home

Assume that a medical haircut with electric hot scissors is not possible, because You can’t buy this tool, do not despair, because there are many step-by-step photos and videos on how to heat scissors without electricity.

  1. It is necessary to boil water, after boiling, leave the liquid on a quiet fire so that the temperature does not decrease,
  2. After you need to arm yourself with scissors. We recommend using models with plastic or wooden handles, but not metal ones, then you will not burn your hands during heating,
  3. Wash and dry your hair
  4. After we take a small strand in the hand, twist it into a flagellum and quickly use our fingers several times against hair growth. The twisted tips that need to be cut will be beaten out of the twist. Before each exposure, you need to heat the scissors - lower them into water for 10-15 seconds,
  5. A legend about the miraculously hot Cleopatra's scissors and the fact that you can heat them over an open fire or a lighter walks on the Internet. We do not recommend doing this at home because of a number of reasons: carbon deposits remain on the cutting edges, it stains curls, the scissor handles may melt or even light up, the temperature may be too high.
Photos - Hair before and after hot scissors

RememberWithout experience, this procedure at home can be harmful, do not risk it. Ask the masters of your city who can conduct an inexpensive session outside the salon.

Many salons offer discounts for cutting with hot scissors, for this you can buy a coupon or visit a hairdresser on certain days, so the cost will be somewhere around 50-100 rubles less.

Hair Care Recommendations after Haircuts

To keep the effect of the procedure for a long time, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  • Reduce the frequency of use of curling irons, ironing and hair curlers. When styling, be sure to apply thermal protective agents to the hair.
  • Periodically, you need to do nourishing hair masks.
  • It is preferable to dry hair naturally. When using a hairdryer, you must select the minimum temperature.
  • Hair must be protected from the negative effects of the environment. It is advisable to wear hats (a hat in the winter and a hat in the summer) and try not to get in the rain.

If you want to get rid of the cut ends and give your hair smoothness and elasticity, pay attention to cutting with hot scissors. The combination of cosmetic and therapeutic effects makes this procedure an excellent assistant for solving a number of hair problems.

Yana Ilyinskaya

Beauty and lifestyle straight from Europe (Prague, Czech Republic).

Each of us was upset at least once due to the fact that a perfect haircut lost its shape and charm a few days after visiting the salon. Often the problem is not in a bad haircut, but in split ends, which negatively affect the shape of the haircut and the quality of styling. Especially for this situation, hot scissors were developed, cutting which makes it possible to "seal" the tips and prevent their section for a certain time. We find out how the “thermal cutting” occurs and what are the pros and cons of this process.

What is a hot scissor haircut?

When cutting with hot scissors, everything happens in much the same way as during a regular haircut, with only one significant difference: the master connects the scissors to the outlet!

The design of special scissors has a heating element, the temperature of which can be set depending on the type of hair. For example, if the hair is dark and has a dense structure, the heating temperature should be higher. Blonde and naturally finer hair requires a more gentle approach, so the temperature is set low.

The benefits of cutting with hot scissors

Hot scissors got their popularity deservedly: the heated elements of the tool, cutting off the ends of the hair, solder them to prevent cross-section. Thus, even a few weeks after visiting the salon, the curls remain thick and shiny, and the haircut keeps its intended shape.

What problems can a hot scissor cut solve?

  • long preservation of the selected form of haircuts,
  • hair regrowth
  • victory over split ends and fluffy hair,
  • minimal care for curls between visits to the salon.

Thanks to the sealing of the tips, cutting with hot scissors gives a long-lasting effect. Trimmed hair is disciplined for several weeks, not allowing the curls to behave differently from what you want.

By the way, they say that it is thanks to this technique that the hairstyles of many Hollywood stars look perfect!

Cons of hot scissors

Like any salon service, a hot scissor haircut has its own “contraindications”.

Do not choose a haircut if you:

  • do not like to visit the master regularly: a haircut with hot scissors should be repeated 1 time per month to maintain the shape of the hairstyle and 1 time in 3 months when growing hair,
  • not ready for a higher price: cutting with hot scissors is usually more expensive than usual,
  • you have very thin hair: in this case, even the minimum temperature for heating the scissors can be fatal to curls,
  • Every day we’re used to using tongs or an iron for styling: these gadgets have the exact opposite effect to hot scissors and negate the master’s efforts to seal the tips,
  • dream of an instant transformation: a hot scissor haircut should be repeated regularly to make the effect obvious.

Hair care after cutting with hot scissors

After visiting the salon, it is important to maintain the effect of cutting with hot scissors. This is not difficult, because the most important thing you have already done is to get rid of all dry and split ends!

It remains to fix the result:

  1. Limit the use of hair dryers, ironing and curling irons

One way or another, heating leads to dry hair, so it is better to refuse daily use of curling irons or a hot hair dryer. If this is not possible, arm yourself with strong thermal protection, which is best applied not only to the ends of the hair, but also along the entire length of the curls.

How is the heat cut carried out

As a rule, thermal cutting takes much more time than the classical procedure. In order for the effect to be obvious, it is necessary to carefully process the tips along the entire length.

To do this, the master separates the small strands, twists them into a tight tourniquet and cuts off the extruding tips.

Do not be afraid that the hairdresser will burn you: the scissors blade directly glows, so the probability of burns is almost zero.

Do not see the tricks of the master, offering a little more “walk” with ordinary scissors to fix the result. This is a sign of lack of skill and poor quality work done. Together with the cut off sealed tips, the whole effect will disappear.

How often do you need to cut the ends with hot scissors?

The frequency of cutting depends on your goals: if you want to grow long hair, it is enough to visit the master once every 3 months. To maintain the shape of the haircut, the procedure should be carried out every month.

Thermal haircut is an excellent way to prevent the ends of the section, therefore, in order to improve the hair and improve the appearance of hair, it is worth visiting the salon as a problem arises. A hot scissor haircut will be very useful for damaged and weakened hair, “burned” by dyeing and perm.

What is a good scissor haircut?

  • Regular cutting with hot scissors allows you to increase the density of hair. This is because the condition of the hair improves significantly and as a result, they are less prone to brittleness and loss.
  • Cutting with hot scissors allows you to solder every hair, holding nutrients in the hair shaft for a long time, providing natural protection and the harmful effects of the environment.
  • The procedure allows you to restore even the most damaged hair with thermal styling and chemical dyes.
  • A hot scissor haircut is a godsend for girls with long hair who need regular maintenance of the beauty of curls along their entire length. Thermal cutting allows you to give your hair a healthy and well-groomed look.

Cons of hot scissors haircuts

  • Thermal cutting of the tips is several times more expensive than usual, but there is always the possibility of falling into the hands of a layman and throwing, as they say, money down the drain.
  • The time of the procedure depends on the length of the hair and can reach one and a half hours.
  • Be prepared for the fact that after the first procedure you will not notice a cardinal transformation. To achieve a lasting effect, several procedures are necessary.
  • Regular use of a hair straightener and nippers can nullify the result of the procedure.

Hair care after thermal cutting

Proper and timely care of curls after cutting with hot scissors will significantly extend the "shelf life" of the procedure and improve the appearance of hair.

Damaged and weakened hair, prone to loss and cross-section, needs special attention. For intensive nutrition and restoration of "tired" curls, ALERANA® experts have developed a nourishing mask designed for all types of hair.

Panthenol, which is part of the composition, restores natural shine and elasticity to the hair, protects curls from the negative effects of the environment.

Auxiliary components create a protective film that does not allow harmful UV radiation and makes it easy to comb.

Expert opinion

The ALERANA® mask contains keratin, a type of protein that is part of the keratinized parts of the body, including hair. Keratin molecules penetrate deep into the hair structure and fill all voids. Thus, their density becomes greater, and the hair improves from the inside.

Another important component of the mask is the clinically proven Capilectine, a plant growth hair growth stimulant.

Capilectine improves cellular respiration and activates cellular metabolism in the hair follicles, which helps accelerate hair growth.

It stimulates the transition of hair follicles to the active stage of growth, prolongs the life cycle of the hair, contributing to an increase in density.

What gives a haircut with hot scissors

Individual therapeutic hair cutting is done by a professional hairdresser, it slightly changes the structure of the tips, the hair becomes twisted. After the usual shortening of the strands, the problem of the cut ends can return in a month, and after a hot haircut for at least 3 months, the ends will be healthy. The cost of such a procedure is not cheap, but the result is worth it.

Hot scissors procedure

  • Each person’s hair types are different, so before you cut off the unhealthy tips, you need to know what degree to set on the thermal device. It is important to remember that the expected result depends on the correct diagnosis of the type of hair.
  • A thin strand is twisted into a flagellum, all damaged, split hairs are bristling, creating the appearance of “sticking thorns”.
  • The procedure is done with hot scissors, the master cuts and seals all the damaged parts of the cut ends, not forgetting to simulate a haircut.
  • The final touch after the healing procedure is styling.

Hot Scissor Cutting Price

Pricing table for this service.

The name of the beauty salon

How much does a hot scissor haircut cost. (Price depends on hair length)

Beauty salon "Polyanka"

Moscow, st. Bolshaya Polyanka, 51A / 9

From 2400 to 5000 rubles

Beauty salon "Emerald"

Moscow, st. Emerald, house 52

From 1700 to 2700 rubles

Beauty salon "Art Style"

Moscow, st. Yartsevskaya, 1

From 1200 to 1800 rubles

How to cut with hot scissors

The result of the haircut mainly depends on the quality of the tool. Before you buy hot hair scissors, it is important to pay attention to such important features:

  • The quality of the metal the scissors are made of.
  • Country of origin or brand name.
  • Ergonomics, sharpening angle.
  • Design, quality of the exterior finish, whether they fit comfortably in the hand.

Hot scissors can be cut as usual. Well-proven thermal tools from the German brand Jaguar. The master needs to connect the power tool to the network, set the desired temperature and start cutting. To carry out this procedure, hairdressers undergo a special training course.


Lera, 48 years old. The impact of poor-quality paint during staining greatly spoiled the structure of curls, natural elasticity and elasticity disappeared. My hair became lifeless, brittle, I was very upset. My daughter advised me to go to the beauty salon and make my hair a hot scissors. Appearance changed after the first haircut, I am satisfied.

Masha, 27 years old. The damage from perms is obvious, I knew this, but could not resist and yielded to the desire to be beautiful. After 3 months, my hair began to split, I ordered a procedure at the hairdresser: “Hot scissors”, after which I saw the main advantages. The curls looked healthy, became shiny, I advise everyone who has their ends split to make a haircut with such a tool.

Katya, 17 years old. For the sake of interest, I decided to cut off the cut ends with electric scissors. This procedure is inexpensive, and therefore decided to experiment. Previously, the master determined the structure of my hair, and then she twisted the locks and sheared unhealthy hairs. I didn’t feel the difference, maybe I need to do more procedures.

Inna, 23 years old I visit a beauty salon regularly, after the winter the hairstyle has lost its elasticity and has faded. On the advice of her hairdresser, she did several procedures using hot electric scissors. I am very pleased, my strands came to life, I began to look much more spectacular. Therefore, I advise everyone, especially those who have a similar problem.

What is

Hot scissor cutting is an extremely popular service that many salons provide. Thanks to the visit to the master, it is possible to get rid of split ends, to prevent their reappearance, to make curls smooth, obedient.

The technology for performing such a haircut is simple, and it occurs in compliance with the following steps:

  • First, the curls are subjected to computer diagnostics, due to which their thickness and structure are determined. By clarifying these parameters, it is possible to heat the scissors to the desired temperature without damaging the hair,
  • the strands are twisted in the form of a bundle and cut off at the level of the excised ends with hot scissors,
  • the hairstyle is given the required shape,
  • if certain sections of the hairstyle must be shaved, then a hot razor is used for this.

The master heats only the scissor blades, and the heating temperature is always different (maximum - 180 degrees). Thanks to this heating, the ends of the curls are instantly sealed, which prevents their repeated excision.

The blades have a special plastic edging, so the possibility of getting a burn is reduced to zero. Thanks to the heated instrument, it is possible to create even the most complex and masterly hairstyles, while transforming the hair itself, returning it to smoothness and a healthy appearance.

The haircut itself in time can take from one to four hours. It all depends on the length of the strands and the thickness of the hair. However, the procedure cannot take less than an hour, as the master has to process all the hairs in turn.

When it is necessary to resort to the procedure

Cutting with hot scissors is not a cheap procedure, and it should be performed exclusively by an experienced master. In the hands of a layman, such a weapon against split ends can result in worsening strands.

And yet, the procedure is enormously popular, largely due to the positive results of the haircut. In what cases should you resort to such a salon service:

  1. If the ends of the hair are excised.
  2. If a girl wants to prevent the cross section of curls.
  3. If the curls are brittle and weak.
  4. The procedure is used to heal curled strands.
  5. This procedure should be used if the girl is struggling with the dryness of the strands after staining.
  6. Cutting with hot scissors speeds up the process of hair growth, which means that those ladies who have long dreamed of a chic hair can resort to it.

The procedure is especially effective in controlling the drying out of strands and their fragility, which in turn causes a cross-section. Drying can be directly related to poor nutrition, environmental influences, and even genetic predisposition.

If hair damage occurs against a background of internal causes (illness, poor nutrition, lack of vitamins), the effect of such a haircut will not be long-term. In order to transform your strands in this case, you will have to think about changing the diet and daily routine.

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Is it possible to perform at home

Having learned how much the procedure costs in the salon, many girls seek to carry out a similar procedure at home. It seems that there is nothing complicated, because it is enough to heat the scissors to a certain temperature and rob the split ends.

Hair cut under a microscope before and after the thermal procedure

In fact, such a gamble can result in a sharp deterioration in the condition of the hair. Hairdressers urge you not to experiment with a hot haircut for the following reasons:

  • too high a heating temperature can worsen the condition of the hair, and too low will not give the desired result,
  • with hot scissors you can easily get burned, not having sufficient qualifications in this matter,
  • the procedure itself requires considerable painstaking, and therefore the girl can’t cope with the processing of all the locks on her own,
  • a noticeable result will be achieved only after 3-4 haircuts, and each of them will be fraught with its own difficulties.

To select the correct heating temperature, it is necessary to conduct a computer study. Also, the girl can find out from the master at what temperature a haircut is carried out, in order to further work with hot scissors on her own.

If the woman still decided on the procedure, she should enlist the help of friends. Each strand needs to be twisted into a flagellum 3-4 cm in size, after which only split ends should be cut off.

After the procedure, the curls should look beautiful and smooth. If their condition worsens, then the heating temperature was chosen incorrectly.

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How much and reviews

It was already mentioned above that cutting with hot scissors is not a cheap procedure. For one session in Moscow will have to pay more than 1,500 rubles. It all depends on the skill of the master and the popularity of the salon. In regions, the cost is an average of 800-1100 rubles.

To notice the effect, you will have to resort to processing at least 3 times, which only increases costs. Also, the cost can increase if the girl has too long or very thick hair.

Despite the fact that the prices for a hot haircut are high, this does not affect the popularity of the procedure. Girls are increasingly resorting to it, and the number of reviews about a haircut on the Internet is growing. What do the ladies say about such a salon procedure:

  • Liana, 30 years old, Kazan: “Shearing with hot scissors saved my hair after a failed perm. The hair was so thin, brittle - just scary. The positive effect was noticeable after the second procedure, but in general I visited the salon 4 times. ”
  • Anna, 21 years old, Kirov: “Once she did a haircut with hot scissors and did not notice any changes. I know that for a complete transformation of the hair you need to contact the master 3-4 times, but for my 1,500 rubles I did not get any effect at all. I don’t turn to such procedures anymore. ”
  • Nina, 34 years old, Krasnodar: “Twice I did a haircut with hot scissors in the salon, then I decided to repeat this experience at home. Bottom line: burned the hair, restored it for almost six months. I advise the girls not to experiment and trust their hair in the hands of only experienced, qualified craftsmen. ”

Turning to a hot scissors haircut, a girl should be aware of not only its advantages, but also possible disadvantages. Nevertheless, the technology is so popular for a reason, because the effect of it is noticeable after a couple of weeks.

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