Birthday magic: 17 effective conspiracies, rituals and prayers

Each of us has a day on which he came into this life. The umbilical cord is cut so that another person regains independence in the physical world. The energy effects of a date of birth are highly influential. That is why birthday conspiracies are most effective. Stressful phenomena of birth contribute to a person experiencing various negative manifestations before this date. Troubles, illnesses, mood swings and even depression can follow him.

But the birthday also carries enormous potential for raising strength, energy, correcting the situation and getting what you want. It is from this day that the most powerful changes for the better become possible.

Birthday is a special day to make a difference!

Why is birthday a special day?

There is a tradition around the world to celebrate a birthday, that is, this day is special. It is good to show virtues such as gratitude and appreciation. After all, coming to the physical world is the greatest blessing. From this date begins the countdown of the next year of life, a new cycle in human development. It is on such a day that there is an impact on what will happen in the future. It is the strength of the birthday that triggers the most favorable processes for the coming year of life. Hence the desire to have fun and share the joy of what is happening with other people. And that person who gives a birthday present becomes involved in the extravaganza of good energy, generously pouring out for joy and happiness.

It is absolutely not worth it to show grief, resentment, envy, insist on their own right. After all, a birthday in order to be healthy, good-natured, to be in a good mood. Thus, a person is tuned in to balance his life, to come to harmony and balance.

There were certain rules regarding how to celebrate a birthday.

  • Celebrate the date you were born. Do not put off or bring closer
  • Particular vulnerability is observed at the energy level at this age: men - 40 years old, women - 53 years old. There’s advice to avoid celebrating these dates,
  • Avoid thirteen people at the table,
  • Do not change clothes twice, otherwise you run the risk of getting financial problems,
  • Do not become a crybaby on your birthday. Have fun!
  • Refuse anyone who applies to borrow on your birthday.

The susceptibility to mysterious rituals rises sharply for one born on that day. Spells and conspiracies to fulfill wishes are best read on a birthday, because it is much easier to get the desired result. The energy field becomes new, and what is possible and what is still difficult to clarify is revealed to man. Often there are situations on the day of the birthday that they might seem frivolous and spontaneous. However, they appear on previously prepared soil. The impact of the ceremony is the most effective and extended in time if it occurs on a birthday. At the same time, many factors that are important for its implementation are combined. Given these features, you can fulfill any desire.

How to read conspiracies on a birthday?

how to read a conspiracy on a birthday wish fulfillment

What is it that conspiracies on a birthday have such power? It so happened that the very nature of the conspiracy contributes to its effectiveness. Please remember the main things:

There is only a conspiracy on which to keep a clear focus.There is no place for unnecessary thoughts and doubts at the time of the ceremony, when the words of the conspiracy are pronounced. Indeed, at this moment, three are connected: the one who desires the fulfillment of desire, what is desired and the words of the conspiracy, which repeatedly increase the energy of desire. Three in one. Not a single superfluous thought, not a single extraneous judgment.

The plot acts emotionally. Nourish it with the emotion of possessing the desired!

Follow simple and effective tips regarding the preparation and conduct of the ceremony. Avoid disputes, scandals, noisy showdowns before your birthday. At least two days. And even better in a month. Why is preparation for the rite important? This is to demonstrate your willingness to receive what you want and the strength of your desire. Believe that the Universe seeks to support you and ensure the fulfillment of your desire.

Start with cleanliness in your own home. Get rid of rubbish and trash. Fill with joyful anticipation that this birthday will be the most special in your life.

Let your birthday food become attractive, healthy, beautiful. Remember that with each next birthday it is better to refuse food than to eat plentifully.

Think in advance about what you want. Imagine that you have the power to realize the realization of absolutely every desire. Then which one do you start with? Imagine that you got what you want.

Now you have the intention to perform the required ceremony on your day of birth.

A selection of conspiracies to fulfill wishes on a birthday

It is good to read it at the exact time of birth. After all, it is precisely this time that connects a person with the energy given to him at birth. In the absence of an accurate time, the plot should be read at sunrise. This is a great time to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. Noise, mental activity, the presence of other people will become distracting, which means they will become obstacles and hindrances to the successful realization of desire. Belief in the fulfillment of the desired and trust in the words of the conspiracy are the basis of its success.

Option 1: "At Sunrise"

A strong love plot can be read on birthday

Remember the power of the plot. He is able to change every subsequent minute of life. Are you sure you want change? How great is your willingness to take and change your usual way of life one day? After all, it’s easier for a person to be in a comfort zone than to marry her.

In ancient times, conspiracies were read in shirts worn on a naked body. Nowadays, it is important to wash and put on clean underwear. Maybe even a new one. Hair should not be tied, but loose. Clothing while reading the plot is supposed to be loose, without belts and belts. All possible jewelry on the hands, neck, legs, face should be removed. Words should be spoken at dawn. Place must be flat to see the horizon. Facing the rising sun, the following words should be clearly, intelligibly pronounced:

All that I have said will be tightly bound.

I want to let go, I get fulfillment.

Amen. Amen. Amen. It will be good for people!

Why hold the ceremony on the day of birth?

At the moment of birth, the sacred connection of man with the Universal Forces is especially evident. Each subsequent birthday is the starting point of the personal annual cycle. It is on this day that you can change the program of human life for the next 12 months.

It has long been believed that during the period of birth, Heaven itself listen to the wishes of the birthday man.

Option 2: “Love Conspiracy”

Take the head scarf. It folds into corners to the center of the scarf. The following text is pronounced:

Like a ray from the sun, so love emanates from my heart in heat.

As the four cardinal points meet,

So the ends of the scarf are connected to meet us.

The one whom the ray from my heart meets on the way

Let that love return me. May it be so".

The headgear in this form remains from evening to morning at the entrance to the house. And then it should be hung. And wait for the groom to appear. The ceremony is carried out with faith, without doubt in its effectiveness.

What are birthday rituals like?

The main rites for the birthday are birthday traditions:

  • gifts,
  • congratulations and wishes,
  • blowing out candles and making wishes.

However, they also carry out special actions aimed at:

  • attraction of love, health and wealth,
  • neutralization of negative attitudes,
  • activation of amulets and talismans.

How to make a wish

Rules for a dream to come true:

  1. Positive light charge. They do not remember failures, defeats, and do not wish all kinds of troubles to offenders. After analyzing the situation, draw conclusions and forgive. Thus, they present themselves with a gift in the form of getting rid of destructive emotions.
  2. A clear statement of desire. If this is an attraction of the second half, they describe how she looks, what she does, and what character traits she may possess. For promotion, indicate the position, salary and process of work on the desired vacancy. If this is a purchase, exactly determine the characteristics of the acquisition, down to the model and special functions.
  3. Lack of restrictions. Pointing or writing out wishes on a separate sheet, they leave to the will of the Universe how they will be fulfilled.

The strength of a birthday or how to make a wish from Lina Naidenova’s channel “Energy and Beauty”

Option 3: “Conspiracy for money”

Find out what money conspiracy to read on your birthday

An interesting rite exists to attract money. It is worth going to the window and throwing a coin. At this point, say:

I give a small money, I return a hundredfold and a hundredfold.

As the grain falls into the ground and sprouts spike

So cash flow flows from the coin and flows to me and my house.

From now and forever and ever. Amen.

The day of coming into the physical world gives each ritual mystical power. After the event, it is good to surround him with a halo of mystery. Do not spread to parents, girlfriends, in social networks about what happened in your life. It should be with you.

Tip: Keep with you the fact that a conspiracy has been made. This contributes to the best formation of circumstances, events and situations for its implementation.

You decide whether to celebrate a birthday or not. But you can use the energy of this day for the benefit of yourself and others. Traditions of different nations believe that Birthday is able to open a better period of life. Children are waiting with special delight. After all, they expect gifts, refreshments, fun. Air balloons. Toys Go to the cinema or children's cafe. Guests and friends. Music, joy and happiness. Also, an adult can open up to the atmosphere of anticipation of exceptional events in his own life. And pronounce any of the conspiracies given here in order to feel in harmony and safety.

Effective options for magical actions

On this day, you can call for the help of guardian angels, spirits of the clan. Birthday conspiracies and ceremonies are diverse. Can be used:

  • a birthday conspiracy to fulfill a wish,
  • a conspiracy for a birthday for marriage, for finding a happy relationship and for happy motherhood,
  • a conspiracy for money and for the acquisition of material well-being,
  • various charms are also made that will protect the person throughout the next year,
  • rites to attract success.

Remember that conspiracies for a birthday should be a secret, it is not worthwhile to devote anyone to the fact that you carry out magical actions to achieve your goals. Also, all manipulations should be carried out, being in an excellent mood, in a positive mood.

To fulfill a desire

There is a belief that if you make a wish on your birthday, it will come true. To make the dream come true, a special magical action is performed on the fulfillment of a wish on a birthday.In order for a wish to be fulfilled, which is made on the day of his birth, it is necessary to correctly make it. And for this you need to clearly articulate your request. This may be a desire for happiness, success in professional activity, meeting the future second half, motherhood (or fatherhood). Of course, after the cherished words are made up, they do not come true immediately the next day. Sometimes they are performed on the last day before the next birthday.

Remember that the desired goals should only be positive. You can’t guess someone else’s husband, position or take away their luck from someone. Also, you can not wish anyone failure and illness. Otherwise, a boomerang effect awaits you. To enhance the effect of the utterance, you can use a special ritual for desire, with which it will be much easier and faster to achieve the cherished goals.

Morning rite

To achieve your cherished goals, you can conduct a special morning ceremony. Get up early in the morning, go to the window, bow to the rising sun, read yourself on the fulfillment of a cherished dream:

“God merciful! Become my assistant and patron. Grant me a good fate. I will send my failures and evil rock in the mirror, let all the bad go far beyond the dark forests and deep swamps, never come to me again. I’ll cover myself with crosses, I’ll stay only with happy deeds. ”

Using candles

Birthday conspiracies can be carried out using various attributes. For the fulfillment of a cherished dream, a powerful is the rite with the help of candles. This slander will need to be learned by heart; during pronunciation, you cannot stumble, stray or confuse the words read. This spell is cast 12 times in a row. Previously in the temple or in the church to purchase three candles. Put them on the table in the form of a triangle. Set fire to candles; they should completely burn out. Sit at the table, looking at the flame of candles, repeat 12 times:

“Good God. Olya-yaksh and the devil-knight himself, Pass through the gate, fly through the window. Fly through the chimney. Yes, come to my oak table. Bring me not cherished dreams, but already fulfilled goals. As nightly the moon in the sky describes its circle, so let me (name) get luck. And it will be with me from this day, from this hour. How much sand is in the sea, so let it be with me luck. ”

The use of black pepper

There are certain magical actions with which you can fulfill a cherished desire, as well as get rid of anger and negative energy. This is a kind of protective amulet, which will become an assistant for exactly one year. The procedure is performed at midnight, on the eve of his birthday. Preliminarily prepare such attributes: three candles, holy water, a red bag, black peppercorns, cinnamon.

Light candles, ask for help from higher powers. Take two plates, put peas of black pepper on one and cinnamon sticks on the second. Looking at the candle flame, read:

“In honor of my birthday I am preparing a holiday. I ask for help from heaven. Yes, my wish is fulfilled for my happiness. For wealth, luck, for luck. I will get rid of anger and envy by reading these magical words. Grant me, Lord help, for I ask you. May help come to me imperceptibly, may my path be bright, protected by angels. I’ll wait for the fulfillment of my dream, with God's help I’ll wait. ”

Drink a few sips of holy water and continue:

“I ask you, Lord, I ask the Virgin, I ask the saints and saints. Give me your blessing and your omnipotent help. ”

The second part of the ceremony involves the use of black pepper. It personifies a powerful neutralizer of negative energy. Crush peppercorns, imagining how with this action all the bad disappears from your life. Mentally imagine the negative events of this year, get rid of them by throwing pepper in the window. Then hold cinnamon sticks over the flame of the candle, tell your dream. Say:

“Lord God, mother of God, help me on this day, may I be heard. Let all my dreams come true. May they no longer be dreams, but now they will come true. ”

Then lower the cinnamon stick into the red bag. Hide under the pillow. Let this talisman be kept there until the desired becomes apparent. This magical procedure is very powerful, it helps to achieve the desired more quickly.

Good luck

There are strong conspiracies for the birthday man, with the help of which they attract luck, luck, success in all areas of his life. To use conspiracies on your birthday correctly, you should choose the right time. In this case, you will need to wake up early, with the first rays of the rising sun. Then stand so that the rays fall directly on you. The read slander must come from the heart itself; it is important to believe in its strength:

“I will get up in the early morning, I will cross myself with a cross. I'll go outside, bless. Yes, I wash my face with morning dew. Out of the door, out of the gate. I’ll go clean. There is a blue sea beyond the field, and on that sea is an island. There are three magnificent towers on this island. The first tower made of wood. Our Lady lives in it. I’ll go to this hut. I will ask my mother for help. The second tower of gold is created. Saint Praskovya lives in it. I’ll go to her, dodge low, ask for help. And here is the third hut - jasper. Saint Peter and Fevronia live in it. I’ll come to them too, I’ll file my petition. May my prayer and prayer help to achieve success and luck in all my deeds and undertakings. From this day, from this minute, from this second. ”

Conspiracies for luck will help you quickly achieve your desired goals with the help of magic, but it is not recommended to be too greedy for your desires. Be sure to make real things. There is no conspiracy to win, since it does not depend on the person himself, no efforts will be made to achieve the goal.

On wealth

On your birthday, magic ritual actions will be effective to achieve material wealth, the number of which will increase after these conspiracies and prayers are used for themselves.

For financial well-being, conspiracies for luck and money are read at the time when a person was born. Such variants of magic rites are the most effective. It is important to know the time of your birth. Prepare a candle.

Light up and read:

You can increase your financial wealth

“I will cross myself with the cross once (to cross myself), bless myself for good deeds (bow). Gracious God, you have dominion over the world, visible and invisible. Your will is holy. In the days of my life, grant me your mercy. Yes, take me to great deeds, to wise deeds. Yes, let the payment will only please for these accomplishments. ”

Such birthday rituals are effective, if you believe in their strength. After reading the text, hide the cinder behind the icon. Let it be stored there for a year. On the next birthday, hold a new ceremony, and take this cinder to the temple and leave it there.

To love

A birthday conspiracy to love will help you get a speedy marriage or marriage. White magic is a great helper in love affairs. Early in the morning, a plot for a man’s love is read:

“My chosen one, become a faithful husband for me. Help me to remove loneliness, grant a happy married life. May our marriage be held together by heaven, may our wedding be quick, may our feelings be strong, no one can destroy them. “My guardian angel, seal our bonds in our own strength.”

Read prayers to the Lord, the saints, and the guardian angel. After which the conspiracy to marry will act very soon.

Birthday prayers

Orthodox appeals are protective and thankful. They start the morning with them, in order to have reliable patronage and help in difficult situations throughout the year.

  • prayer to Heavenly Father
  • Thanks to the Blessed Virgin Mary,
  • prayer to the Guardian Angel.

The main Orthodox birthday call is:

“Lord God, Lord of the whole world, visible and invisible. All the days and summers of my life depend on Your holy will. Thank you, compassionate Father, that you have allowed me to live another year. I know that because of my sins, I am not worthy of this mercy, but You render it to me because of Your ineffable humanity. Extend and still Your mercies to me, the sinner, continue my life in virtue, tranquility, in health, in peace with all relatives and in harmony with all neighbors. Give me an abundance of earthly fruits and all that is needed to satisfy my needs. Cleanse my conscience first and foremost, strengthen me on the path of salvation, so that, following it, after many years of this life in the world, passing into eternal life, I will be honored to be the heir to Your Kingdom of Heaven. God Himself, bless the year I begin, and all the days of my life. Amen".

To health

Improve your physical condition

To protect your health from illness, you can use a strong birthday conspiracy. Looking at the shadow the plot reads:

“Let my shadow, like a mirror, take away illnesses, ailments. Let it become an invisible defense against ailments. Grant me, heaven, health. May it abide with me forever. And no one can pick him up, neither a magician, nor a sorcerer, nor a witch. Amen"

On a birthday, a health conspiracy will become a powerful amulet for the next year. And a year later, repeat it again. Let it become a tradition.

Prayer to the Guardian Angel:

For intercession and help, they turn to their Guardian Angel at any time.

But there is a special appeal that can be used only once a year:

The angel of my birth.
Send me your blessing
From trouble, grief deliverance,
From the enemies of my nine nine

From slander and blasphemy in vain
From a sudden and terrible disease
From the tip in the dark, from the poison in the bowl,

From the beast to the thicket

From the sight of Herod and his troops,
From anger and punishment
From the tear of animals
From the eternal cold and fire
From hunger and rainy day -
Save, save me.

And my last hour will come
My angel, abide with me
Stand at the head of the bed, make it easier for me to leave.
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Prayer for Conception

They also make requests to the Most Holy Mother of God, the patroness of all Orthodox Christians:

“Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God. Do not be angry at my request, I do not melt sins from you. For cursing and impatience, I apologize to Jesus. Let the diseases be rejected, the relatives do not rumble, and sincerely repent for all sins. May all wishes be fulfilled as soon as possible, and the gaps in the unbelief of the Good will be filled. If these desires lead to the Underworld, I will read the Lord’s prayer for salvation. Thy will be done. Amen".

From evil eye and corruption

Protection against damage can also be carried out on this day. Read prayers to the icons of the Mother of God, the Almighty. Light a candle, say these words:

“I will speak with powerful speeches of myself (name) from sorcerers and sorcerers. I will send them all away, let them wander through the forest, but they will not find their way to me. As long as I’m alive, no one can bewitch, drink or spoil. Strong words, let the spoken come true. ”

Such words-amulets from envious and ill-wishers are effective, if you sincerely believe in their strength.

Appeal to the Guardian Angel

Ask your angel in the morning after waking up:

“My angel, Guardian, may you hear my prayer. Become a protector for me, hide from all the bad. May you be with me all my life. Remove, higher powers, all negativity and blackness. May my soul and body be filled only with light energy. ”

There are also certain customs, beliefs, signs for a birthday. For example, there is such a superstition that one cannot celebrate 9 years and 40 years. It is also better for a woman not to celebrate 53 years, and a teenager - 13 years.

Effective Birthday Prayers: Wish Conspiracies

Birthday is considered the most important event in the life of every person.We all remember how long-awaited this holiday was in childhood, each of us believed in a miracle and in the fact that any desire made on a name day would be fulfilled.

Growing up, people no longer believe in miracles, but this does not mean at all that the power of the magic of the date of birth is weakening with each passing year. Conspiracies, prayers and rituals held on this day have tremendous power. Therefore, it is worth taking the opportunity, because it is provided only once a year, and ask the guardian angel about the most secret.

Most of the rituals are quite simple, and therefore performed independently at home.

It turns out that not always the date of birth was considered a holiday. For example, according to Muslim customs, this day is not equated with a solemn or significant event. Perhaps, according to this contemporaries, the exact date of the birth of Jesus Christ is still not known.

Ritual preparation

If you decide to ask for well-being for yourself or your children, then it will not be superfluous to observe some rules.

  1. On the eve of the solemn date, be sure to go to church and order a prayer service there.
  2. If possible, confess, partake, and clear your conscience.
  3. If there is no way to go to the temple, then you can pray at home at the icon of the Virgin.
  4. The most important component of any magic ritual is your faith in the supreme powers.

Of course, nothing bad will happen if you invite your friends to a celebration dedicated to your anniversary, but the feast should be modest and not noisy. It is best to devote this day to prayers and thanks to the Lord for the opportunity to continue life.

Carrying out the ceremony on your birthday, you need to get up so that your own shadow does not intersect with the shadows cast by surrounding objects

Orthodox prayers read on this day are divided into thanksgiving and protective. The former are intended to praise the patron, the latter, to attract supreme powers in moments of need and vulnerability of the supplicant. Well, everyone already decides to ask for health or money.

Prayer read at the time of birth

The strongest ritual is considered to be carried out directly at the exact time of birth. However, if this information is not available to you, then you can simply read the plot three times throughout the day.

My faithful guardian angel, appointed to me by the Lord on my birthday.

I sincerely ask you for your blessing.

Grant me deliverance from all the sorrows of life. Protect me from enemies, from gossip, slander and blasphemies in vain.

Do not let me get sick with a deadly and terrible disease. Save me from the tip in the dark, from the poison in the bowl, from the beast in the thicket.

  • Warn me from the tearing of a fierce beast, from the cold piercing and hot fire.
  • Do not let me survive the terrible famine and witness a rainy day.
  • My guardian angel save and save me.
  • If it happens that my last hour comes, then be with me my heavenly protector, do not leave me in difficult times.

Come to my head and facilitate my departure. Amen.

While praying, hands must be locked

A ritual to fulfill a desire

Important! To fulfill your plan, carry out the ceremony in solitude and do not tell anyone about the ritual.

The ceremony is not simple and will require small preparations, do not be too lazy to do everything right, because the fulfillment of a desire is worth it. To get started, get seven candles and the same number of icons in the shop at the church: the Kazan, the Virgin, Jesus, the Miracle Worker, the Sarov Seraphim, the icon of all the saints and the icon of your personal patron.

On the morning of the day you were born, lay a white new tablecloth on the table and set the icons. Place a candle near each image. Then you need to make a wish and write it on seven blank sheets of paper. Leaflets are fixed to the back of the icons with melted wax from a candle. When everything is ready, read the plot:

I appeal, the Slave (s) of God (s) (your name) to You, the Savior of the human race, the Great Lord Almighty, to You the Blessed Virgin Mary, to all Saints, to all Miracle Workers. I ask you all to hear my sincere prayer and respond to it. On this day, I ask only about one thing - to fulfill my most cherished desire. Amen.

Continue the ritual by reading thrice “Our Father” and say out loud your desire. Until all the candles are burned out, gentlemen must be asked about the fulfillment of the envisioned. In conclusion, the images need to be removed from the eyes of men. Do not tell anyone about the deed.

Birthday conspiracy to fulfill a desire to read three times, looking at the rising sun

The ritual of Stepanova in abundance

The famous healer Natalya Stepanova willingly shares the mystery of the conspiracy for prosperity and good luck in business. However, the ceremony can be performed on a certain phase of the moon.

If your birthday falls on the full moon or the waning moon, then it is better to abandon the ritual, in this growing month will indicate the right path to wealth and satisfaction of material needs.

Read the text three times in complete solitude, standing near the icon with a candle:

I appeal, the Slave (s) of God (s) (proper name) to the heavenly forces with a request for help in improving my financial situation.

I ask you, Lord, give me luck and finances. Help me heaven, fill my life with prosperity and well-being.

Let money be my life companions. Let them be found with me and never be translated.

How many stars in the dark night sky, how many mice in a wide field, how many fish in a swift river, how many rains in thunderstorm,

Let there be so much paper money in my wallet. This is a prayer from the heart, and money to me is not for the evil of others. Amen.

Wrap the candle in a new handkerchief and store in a secluded place.

Prayer for prosperity can be read in a voice, if you are confident that you are alone with yourself

Birthday magic conspiracies

Birthday conspiracies can be pronounced:

  • to fulfill wishes
  • to get rid of problems
  • to attract love, wealth and good luck,
  • for happiness in everything
  • for promotion,
  • to change fate
  • to get rid of loneliness.

Features of conspiracies and rituals for a birthday

A person’s birthday is by far the best time to conduct rituals and read conspiracies. The magical rites performed on this day have a special power. However, do not forget that on a person’s birthday, the energy of a person is very weakened, so any ritual or recitation made should be a sacrament. The birthday man must also remember that on this day it is impossible to conduct rituals of black magic, to wish anyone harm. It is better to turn to the help of white magic and prayers in order to protect oneself from troubles, illnesses and wish all detractors happiness.

For the fulfillment of desires

The spell is cast three times at sunrise, hands clasped:

“I will arise, servant of God (name), blessing myself, crossing myself, washing myself with clean water, going out of the hut, saying goodbye to my father, blessing to my mother. I will go from the hut to the canopy, from the canopy to the porch, from the porch to a pure field. Beyond that field, the sea is hovering, and in that hawk the island of Buyan. There are three towers on the island. The first wooden tower, in the tower is Mother of God, I’ll go, bow to her and say: Mother of God, as you looked after Jesus when he walked on the earth, look after me as long as I walk on the earth, and give me damask health and bright beauty. The second golden tower, in that tower St. Paraskeva, I’ll go, bow to her and say: Holy Paraskeva, give me good luck in money matters so that I do not suffer from a lack of anything. The third tower from jasper, in that tower saints Peter and Fevronia, I’ll go, bow to them and say: Peter and Fevronia are saints, I ask you for hot blood, a heart full of love, and a strong spirit, for family consent.As the door to the doorpost is pretending, so my words are pretending to me, all the days, all the hours, at noon and midnight, day and night. Amen".

Birth Hour Spell:

“Lord Almighty, Heavenly Father, hear my prayer! Assistants come, go to my oak table, and let there be no window or door for you. Bring me the precious dust from the gold, and the bone from the mighty bull. Leave them to me as assistants, defenders, concealers. From now on, I (Name) will be lucky in all undertakings and good thoughts, good luck will not go away, and gold will come. I’m locking my words tightly, and whoever tries to break it is wasting nothing but force. ”

The following conspiracy is read on birthday, on burning church candles, at least twelve times:

Walk through the gate
Through the window
Through the black pipe
To my oak table
Bring me
Gilded dust
Crushed hare lip
And three bones from the heifer.
Like the moon in its hour
Walking through the sky
So to me, God's servant (name),
From this hour, lucky.
Sand in the sea, word, deed -
On constipation.
Key, lock, tongue.
Amen. Amen.

What a conspiracy to read on birthday eve

On the eve of your birthday, you can read the conspiracy to fulfill a desire. The conspiracy is read all alone, no one, even the closest people, should know about the rite and the desire of the birthday man.

The ceremony is carried out at midnight on the eve of his birthday, for its implementation it is necessary to prepare the following attributes:

  • 3 church candles
  • consecrated water
  • transparent or white glass without a picture,
  • 2 white saucers
  • black peppercorns,
  • cinnamon sticks
  • red fabric pouch.

Pepper and cinnamon sticks must be laid out in saucers and lighted candles. Looking at the flame of candles, you need to say the text of the hex 1 time.

Next, you should take a few sips of the blessed water from the glass and say: “I ask you, Lord, I ask the Virgin, I ask the saints and saints. Give me your blessing and your omnipotent help. ” After reading the prayer, you need to take a plate of pepper and crush all the peas, mentally imagining how the negative is destroyed and leaves life.

The crushed pepper should be thrown out the window, pick up the cinnamon sticks and bring candles to the flame reading the words: “Lord Almighty, mother of God, help me on this day, may I be heard. Let all my dreams come true. May they no longer be dreams, but now they will come true. ”

Enchanted cinnamon sticks must be put in a pre-prepared bag and put it under the pillow. Such a do-it-yourself amulet will help to attract good luck, protect from diseases, and also cleanse of negative energy.

What rituals can be performed on a birthday

From ancient times, it was customary to read special conspiracies and conduct fortune-telling for the future. It was believed that it was on this day that the Higher Forces give accurate answers to all questions of interest and help to fulfill the cherished wishes of the birthday man.

What conspiracies can be read on a birthday:

  • to health
  • to beauty and attractiveness
  • for mutual love and marriage,
  • to have a baby
  • on financial well-being,
  • good luck in business.

It is believed that magic birthday rituals can be performed only by the birthday man. However, a young mother who wants to protect her young child from illness and adversity can also help the baby read a special conspiracy-charm before blowing out the candles on the cake.

A few days before the celebration, mother should help to learn a simple text of the conspiracy and make a cherished desire. Before the child blows out the candles on the cake, the little birthday boy must mentally say the text of the prayer and make a wish.

If the child is very small, the text of the prayer can be read to himself by his mother, standing behind the baby.

To get rid of birthday problems

A conspiracy to save from trouble can be performed by a close person or relative.

  • new handkerchief
  • small coin
  • thing belonging to the birthday man.

At midnight, on the eve of the holiday say:

“Whoever asks the Lord for help, the Lord helps. May my great desire be fulfilled with the help of heaven. Unknown roads to the servant of God (name) happiness will come, all problems, troubles will turn away. I’m tying my handkerchief now, to help bright, to good deeds. Amen"

  1. In a handkerchief, hide a coin along with the birthday thing.
  2. A bundle is laid at the head of his bed.
  3. After the fulfillment of desire, the scarf is untied.
  4. The coin is taken to the temple.

Birthday rituals

Few people know this, but candles on the holiday cake and the cherished words "happy birthday" are already attributes of white magic. After all, if you congratulate a person from the heart, then, means, share with him a piece of your positive energy.

Having woken up on the treasured day, the birthday man first must go to the mirror and carefully look at his reflection. Then you should contact your guardian angel. To do this, say the following words: “My dear Angel, thank you for spending this whole year together.

Thanks for the help and support. I ask you, do not leave me alone, may there always be happiness and wealth in my life. " Remember that everything perfect and said on this day will certainly come back to you in the future.

The key rule today is not to harm anyone. Ask the Universe for health, love and prosperity. It is permissible to conduct ceremonies aimed at what interferes. This may be overweight, a protracted conflict with loved ones, a lack of stable work.

Prayer "Cleansing from Sins"

All bad deeds committed over the past year of life must be recorded on a piece of paper. Prayer words should be read in front of a lit church candle.

After reading the words of the prayer, a sheet of paper needs to be burned, and the ashes washed off with running water.

Also on your birthday, you can conduct a special ritual to cleanse yourself of the negative. Since ancient times, such a ritual was carried out around a fire. If it is not possible to light a fire, the birthday person may use one or more church candles. At midnight, you need to retire to the room and look at the fire for several minutes. Next, you should cross yourself and say the text of the prayer: “As you, Tsar-Fire, burn everything in your path, so you and my illnesses and illnesses will be burned, all illnesses, bodily and mental, will be destroyed forever. May that be said come true. Amen".

After reading the words of the prayer, you need to wipe your face with a clean napkin and burn it with the words: “Here you are, Tsar-Fire, my illnesses and ailments. Deliver me from them, Fire. ” And thrice: "Amen."

Rite with colored candles

To perform a magical action, you will need a red candle and a green one. They will symbolize love and prosperity in the house. Light the wax products and place them on the table.

Then you need to say the following words: “Go away, misfortune, into the black pipe - come, love, to my table. I lock the door with a key, I’m not letting trouble. ” Wait until both candles burn out and go out completely. Tie the cinder in a small scarf and hide it where no one will find them.

Wax remains can be stored for a very long time, but in no case should they be thrown away. If you want to get rid of candles, bury the contents of the scarf away from home.

Why exactly on the birthday: signs and customs

Many magicians insist that most conspiracies are most effective precisely on the person’s birthday. In such cases, the result appears rather quickly and lasts for a longer time.

The main reason lies in the fact that it is on such a day that all higher forces are most favorable to a person. The universe favors people who firmly know what they want, and therefore correctly performed rituals, desires and rituals will certainly come true.

Such a supportive attitude applies to both Orthodox prayers and various conspiracies.Moreover, the conspiracy or the prayer that was read without fail at the exact time of birth is most effective.

Attention! It is strictly forbidden to read conspiracies aimed at causing harm to other people on such a day. All of them will instantly return as a boomerang to the birthday man himself.

Also, higher powers can forever turn away from such a person. Therefore, it is allowed to conduct ceremonies and prayers only to oneself.

Dream Ritual

To complete this ritual, complete privacy is required. Stand in a convenient place and close your eyes, imagine something good. Repeat to yourself: "I am one with the whole universe." You will feel warmth and a surge of strength. Then think about your innermost desire, draw it in your imagination. Your dream is a particle of positive energy, the whole Universe will work for its fulfillment.


In order to verify firsthand the high effectiveness of all the rituals described below, it is necessary to remember that:

  • the best time for them is the exact time of birth, if it is not known, prayers should be read at sunrise, but no later than before sunset,
  • each conspiracy takes away the strength of the person who read it, which is needed to activate it, so you should not read all of them in one day,
  • you should never tell anyone about the rites, especially when the wish has already been fulfilled,
  • to carry out all the rituals on his birthday is completely alone, there should also be no animals in the room.

Do not forget that all prayers and conspiracies are uttered in a half-whisper, all words must be clear and clear, you can not go astray or be interrupted, because it will be possible to remake the ritual only after one year.

The rite of change of fate

After a magical procedure, it is best to go to church, and before that, adhere to moderation in nutrition.

Set mirrors in such a way as to see your reflection in them. Between the mirror surfaces are placed icons, candles - in front of them and behind.

The fortuneteller spends two circles: one consists of salt, the second - from holy water. In this case, the salt figure is located inside. Now we sit in a circle and cast a spell: “Lord, illuminate me with clear light, cast out all evil spirits. Do not leave me without protection, your slave. "

After reading, cross yourself and let the candles burn out. After some time, you will feel that the number of everyday turmoil has decreased, and new ways for development have opened up for you.

Read 1 time for a wish to come true

Each person has the most cherished dream and it is his birthday that is the best time for its realization. And this will help a special conspiracy, which is read strictly at sunrise.

It is necessary to take a shower and put on light and preferably new underwear, go outside and, looking at the horizon, say three times:

After reading the plot, you must clearly and concisely express your most cherished desire.

Reference. Experienced magicians recommend releasing it after the rite. This means you should not get hung up on your dream every day, in this case the ritual will work much faster.

On our birthday, we are given a special opportunity to fulfill our most secret desires and dreams. This can be done using esoteric practices or magical rites. This video details one esoteric method:

For happiness in everything on your birthday

In order to make themselves happy, waking up in the morning, they approach the open window and say:

“Lord Almighty, I appeal to you, Servant of God (s) (proper name) give me a good and happy fate. Let all the evil that comes next to me in life go forever into the mirror of the bottomless. And all bad luck on a long journey goes and never comes back to me.I cross your saints from life's failures reliably and with happiness forever remain. I praise and pray, Lord. Amen".

After the festive feast, all leftovers of food are collected from the table and taken out to homeless animals.

Magic gift

Any jewelry that is given to a person on his birthday can become his treasured talisman. But for this it is necessary to conduct a special ceremony and charge the gift with positive energy.

You will need: a green ribbon, ginger, church candles, small coins and a magnet. The ritual begins in the evening, after the festivities, and continues for seven days. Every day a candle is lit and placed in front of a magnet.

In one hand, you need to take a magnet, on which coins are fastened, and in the other - put the gift jewelry, pre-tied with a green ribbon. The following spell must be read: “A large and strong tree will grow out of my sprout. That's how my luck will increase until I change my mind. ”

Repeat the procedure for seven days. As a result, your jewelry will be charged with positive energy. Now wear it boldly.

On rejuvenation

This ritual is especially relevant for women over the age of 35, but the most important thing is that it is really effective.

The words are as follows:

You should pronounce the words of this spell in full voice and once at sunrise.

Attention! Such a plot is read for 10 consecutive days, followed by a seven-day break, and then the ritual is repeated for another 10 consecutive days. But to begin reading the conspiracy is absolutely necessary on your birthday - this is the main guarantee of success.

For promotion

If career growth has stalled or if you want successful changes and luck in work, read in the morning before leaving home, the spell:

“Lord, protect me and encourage me with career advancement. Amen".

After fulfilling the request, a rich redemption is paid to the temple - tithe from the new salary.

You can plot on birch bark:

  1. Having broken off a piece from the birch, they say: “I took a good deed, with approval and an increase I went. Let the work argue, multiply with rewards. Amen".
  2. Birch bark is sewn into a linen bag.
  3. Store at the workplace.

Birthday Signs

Popular signs associated with a birthday:

  • Birthday is not congratulated in advance. If the circumstances are such that on a key day you will not have the opportunity to congratulate a significant person, but you want to do it, you can neutralize the negative. Let the culprit of the event respond to your congratulations: “May God live, but survive all the enemies!”,
  • the following dates are not noted: thirteen years, forty years for men and fifty-two years for women,
  • in three years, as well as in twelve and eighteen years, you can’t decorate a birthday cake with candles,
  • the birthday person should not change clothes on the treasured day more than three times,
  • It’s not allowed to meet your “personal” holiday all alone,
  • if during the celebration you accidentally broke the dishes, do not rush to throw out the fragments. Carefully shift them to the side, and take them to the bin with the departure of the last guest,
  • to borrow or lend on such a day - to poverty.

Rules of celebration

The first thing to do when you wake up in the morning is to put on new underwear and clothes. In this way, a person draws luck into his life. Put a few banknotes in your pockets - for financial stability.

It is unacceptable to have a haircut today: luck will be cut off with hair. It is very important to carefully consider the list of invited guests. Otherwise, among them may be those who have an antipathy to you.

Such people, by their actions or even words, can harm the hero of the occasion. The number of guests should be even: if one of the guests does not have enough couples, he will be angry with you. Do not invite someone who is clearly visiting you. There is a high probability that this is an envious person.

Unfortunately, the culprit of the holiday is practically not able to influence what gifts he will be given. But even so, there are a few basic rules. For example, if you were handed some sharp objects (knives or forks), you must definitely give them credit.

Here are some common coins. If you received a new wallet as a present, immediately put a couple of large bills in it.

Negatives can bring such objects as a gift: handkerchiefs, shampoos, shower gels, jewelry with pearls and bird figures. If you still get something from this list, you don’t need to be upset. It is likely that the donor is unaware of the magical interpretation of his gift.

To protect yourself, while accepting such a gift, utter in a whisper the words: "I take a gift, but not a lining."

On the flower

An ancient floral ritual is used to ask the Higher Forces for the fulfillment of several desires. To perform the ritual, several flowers from a bouquet presented for a birthday, a church candle and 4 colorful ribbons will be required. Each shade of the tape will correspond to a desire:

  • red is pure love
  • blue - good health
  • pink - beauty and attractiveness,
  • green is wealth.

Having secluded herself after the festive celebration in the bedroom, the birthday girl should light a candle and tie one of the ribbons on the flower stalk, saying: ““ I will tie a knot, I ask you to fulfill my wish. Let be…. (desire) ... will come true. " Having tied the ribbon on the last flower, you need to pronounce the words of hex.

What is forbidden to do?

There are things you can’t do on your birthday:

  • Do not visit a sick relative or friend on your holiday. Risk losing health
  • Do not take out the trash and do not wash the floor. It’s better to do everything in advance,
  • To celebrate, do not join with other birthday people. Also, it is not necessary to celebrate any other significant events on this day. From the financial point of view, this, of course, is beneficial, but such savings in the future will bring a lot of trouble,
  • do not attend weddings: this way you break your energy,
  • on a birthday you should never cry. Allowed only tears of happiness
  • do not give alms. Take the risk of giving your own luck with her,
  • You can’t cook pancakes. This is a memorial meal.

On a scarf

To carry out a simple ritual to fulfill a birthday wish, you will need a new handkerchief. Taking the handkerchief in hand, you should retire to the room, concentrate on desire and read the words of slander 3 times.

After reading the words of the conspiracy, the birthday boy needs to tie one knot on the scarf. An enchanted item must always be carried with it until the wish is fulfilled. After the desire is fulfilled, the handkerchief must be burned on the street without untying the knot.

What to do after the holiday?

You can’t relax right after your birthday. The next twelve days will be considered special, this is a sacred number. Each of them symbolizes one month of the new year that has come for a person.

The birthday boy should pay attention to any area of ​​his life, this must be done every day:

  1. day of loneliness and introspection. It’s good to make plans for the future,
  2. make a financial report of success. Treat yourself to delicious food,
  3. day for establishing useful contacts and business contacts,
  4. spend time with your family today. Favorable period for large purchases,
  5. this day should be completely devoted to children,
  6. take care of your own health
  7. pay maximum attention to your other half,
  8. today is the best time to solve those issues that were constantly postponed to "later",
  9. cleanse your consciousness from negativity
  10. time for important changes: relocation, change of religion, wedding,
  11. it’s best to visit a church today
  12. Take time for a career or self-education.

To the shadow

Another special conspiracy to fulfill a birthday wish on a shadow, despite its simplicity, is considered one of the most effective and powerful.A prerequisite for conducting a simple ritual is silence. Even if the wish came true quickly, no one should be allowed to talk about the ceremony performed.

Before reading a conspiracy for shadow, you must memorize its text by heart and articulate the desired result. The ritual should be carried out on the street, in a deserted place. Hex words should be pronounced 1 time, very quickly and without hesitation.

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How to make a birthday wish:

Children are very fond of and are waiting for their birthday, with age, the attitude to this date often changes. One celebrates the holiday on a grand scale, while the other prefers to retire. In any case, a person rarely thinks about the magical meaning of the date of his own birth, and yet this can directly affect his future life.

On candles

To conduct a ceremony for wealth and success on your birthday, you need to prepare:

  • 3 church candles
  • a white tablecloth without a pattern and patterns,
  • white saucer.

The ritual should be carried out alone, preferably in the room where the birthday man is sleeping. The tablecloth needs to be laid on a flat surface (table, tube). Wax candles should be slightly warmed up so that they bend easily, and hold them a little at the chest, concentrating on the target. Charged candles must be placed on a saucer, lighted, and read the words of a conspiracy above them, turning east.

After reading the text of the hex, you need to wait until the candles burn out. The cinder should be hidden with a tablecloth and saucer in a secluded place. Magic attributes cannot be used for a year.

On coins

On your birthday, you can also use the cash ritual for coins and candles. To conduct it, you will need several green wax candles and a handful of coins of different denominations. It is advisable that the magic candles are lit in the temple. The number of candles should be how many years the birthday is celebrated.

Harvested coins must be scattered in the corners of the house and say the following words: “Let wealth come in my house!”. Next, you should light the candles, setting them on a flat surface and over each lit candle pronounce the text of the hex.

Birthday cash rite

The powerful Money Bath ritual performed on your birthday is very effective - the result will not be long in coming. To conduct a special holiday ritual of wealth, you will need:

  • small metal container
  • 8 coins
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 4 tsp dried parsley or a small bunch of fresh.

All ingredients must be placed in a container and pour boiled water for several minutes. The resulting broth must be added to a pre-filled bath with warm water and pronounce the words of hex.

After pronouncing the magic words, the birthday girl needs 5 times to plunge into the charmed water. A similar ceremony can be carried out again after 5 days.

On a piece of paper

The simplest, but effective conspiracy on the health of the birthday, can be read using an ordinary sheet of paper and any candle. On a blank sheet, write the full name, exact date and time of birth. After that you need to write on a piece of paper the words of a magic plot.

The sheet with the notes must be set on fire, and while the paper is burning, read the words of the hex out loud. Ashes from burnt paper should be dispelled in the open air.

To the smoke

To protect against diseases, you can also read a special conspiracy for the birthday man. Before conducting a strong ceremony, it is necessary to prepare:

  • white candle
  • dried inflorescences and hypericum leaves,
  • close-up photograph of a birthday boy
  • white thread x /
  • saucer,
  • a new white tablecloth.

To read the conspiracy on health follows at the person’s birth hour. If the exact hour of birth is unknown, then the ritual should be performed at midnight. On the table covered with a tablecloth, you need to lay out all the attributes:

  • saucer with dried plant
  • lighted candle
  • a photograph.

St. John's wort needs to be set on fire and smoke a photo, condemning the text of the slander.

After the grass has completely decayed, the photograph must be tied to a candle with a white thread and wrapped in a tablecloth. The package should be hidden in a secluded place so that no one accidentally finds it during the year.

To attract good luck

To attract good luck, you can conduct a special ritual. To do this, you will need:

  • 4 any candles of different colors,
  • aromatic oil or sticks (rosemary, lavender, mint, ylang-ylang),
  • stone (rose quartz),
  • blank paper
  • pen or pencil.

At midnight, you need to lay out all the attributes on the table, light candles and aroma lamps. On a piece of paper you need to write: "I want happiness and good luck in ...", read the text of the hex above the sheet.

The text of the plot should be read 1 time. All attributes must be put in a box and hidden in a secluded place.

To return good luck

Also, on a birthday, it is necessary to conduct a ritual to return good luck, especially if the previous year turned out to be difficult. You need to prepare coins in advance - their number should correspond to the number of letters in the name. The ritual is carried out at noon at the nearest crossroads. Crossing the intersection, you must pronounce the words of hex.

After pronouncing the words of hex, you need to turn around, throw coins over your left shoulder and say: “Paid!”. On the way back, you cannot look back or talk with anyone.

For a quick marriage

For unmarried girls, on their birthday, you can conduct a simple rite of love and fast marriage. The ritual is performed early in the morning, while all the household members are sleeping. The girl needs to go to the landing and sweep it towards the doorway of the apartment, pronouncing the words of the conspiracy.

The garbage collected by a broom should be carefully folded in a bag and hidden in a secluded place until the wedding day, and then burned. Such a simple but effective ritual will help you meet your fiancée throughout the year.

Remove loneliness

To remove loneliness, the birthday girl can hold an old rite and read the conspiracy on the red candle. Also, to conduct the sacrament, you will need a transparent glass and blessed water.

After midnight, a woman should go to a deserted intersection and light a candle. Dripping wax of a red candle into a glass of consecrated water, you need to read the words of hex.

Spellbound water can be poured into the ground, and the candle can be kept until the next birthday.

To change the fate of the birthday

If a person is haunted by setbacks and troubles, a conspiracy to change fate and open new perspectives is required.

“The mirror is dark, black in the heart. Lord, help me, sanctify the soul. I light a candle (light all 7 candles) and in a prayer I ask: I placed the seal of Hell on me, the servant of God, the prince of Darkness, reflect the black fire of Christ that the black seal placed on me, the servant of God, evil people, protect Jesus, unbearable protection. Lord Jesus Christ, Mother of the Most Holy Theotokos, I put three bows: for the first time (the cross) do not turn away from me, God's servants, for sins, free and involuntary. Amen. The second time (the cross) grant salvation to my soul, Lord. Amen. The third time (the cross) to the glory of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit! Protect me, the servant of God, with an unbearable cover, an indestructible protection. Amen. Time after time, cross after cross, lock me, Lord, with your finger. I lay three crosses with holy water (a cross on the body with holy water), in the name of the Lord I close myself with a cross (another cross) in the name of Jesus Christ I close with a cross (another cross) in the name of the Holy Spirit I close with a cross. Amen".

Features of the ceremony:

  1. Read in front of the icon and candles, in solitude.
  2. Withstand 3 days strictly fasting.
  3. Candles are placed in the temple to the image of the Savior, the Blessed Virgin and the Holy Trinity.

For a purchased item or gift

Also, in order to protect yourself from troubles and negative influence, you can make a special amulet.As a spellbinding item, a jewelry, keychain or any personal thing of a small size is perfect. To conduct the magic rite you will need:

  • a gift or purchased item, item,
  • purple candle
  • a glass of blessed water
  • a small glass container with a lid.

A protective plot-amulet is read at midnight or at the time of birth of the birthday man. Consecrated water must be poured into a container, and on the right side of it, place the item to be warmed up. It is necessary to light a candle and drip wax into the consecrated water with the words of hex.

After the item to be covered up, it is necessary to immerse in water and close the container with a lid. In the morning, the item should be removed, dried and put in a bag, purse or pocket of clothes. A candle with a container should be buried away from home in a deserted place.

To get rid of loneliness

If loneliness is a burden, you should enlist the support of the Higher Forces, having performed the ceremony on the day of your birth.

For execution, you will need:

  • red candle
  • clear glass
  • the water consecrated in the temple.

On the night of their birthday they go to a quiet intersection, light a candle and drip wax into a glass of water saying:

“I am a servant of God (name) on the dark night I will go on that road that brought misfortune. I’ll pray, I’ll cross on three sides. I will ask for the solitude of deliverance and the crown of celibacy of oblivion. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. "

On the mirror

This beauty ritual for a birthday girl can only be performed by unmarried women. To do this, you need a large full-length mirror. A woman needs to get up at sunrise, take off all the jewelry, clothes and loose her hair.

Sitting in front of the mirror, the birthday girl needs to read the magic words.

Conspiracy Matrona of Moscow

Lord God, Lord of the whole world, visible and invisible. All the days and summers of my life depend on Your holy will.

  1. Thank you, merciful Father, that you have allowed me to live another year.
  2. I know that because of my sins, I am not worthy of this mercy, but You render it to me because of Your ineffable humanity.
  3. Extend and still Your mercies to me, the sinner, continue my life in virtue, tranquility, in health, in peace with all relatives and in harmony with all neighbors.
  4. Give me an abundance of earthly fruits and all that is needed to satisfy my needs.
  5. Cleanse my conscience first and foremost, strengthen me on the path of salvation, so that, following it, after many years of this world’s life,
  6. Passing into eternal life, he was honored to be the heir to Your Kingdom of Heaven.

God Himself, bless the year I begin, and all the days of my life. Amen.

The fulfillment of any desire is more likely if you make it and pray for it on your birthday

Magic rituals on a birthday.

Birthday is a special time when all the doors are open in front of the birthday party in order to change his life for the better. The most famous ritual that almost every person performs on his birthday is blowing out candles on a cake, and an intimate desire should be made. And if you think about it constantly during the week, then it will be fulfilled within a year.

In addition, the birthday is just perfect for the rite of purification. Unlike the previous ritual, purification should be carried out in complete solitude. For this, in nine days it is necessary to prepare silver water. This is done like this: in the predawn time spring water is collected (you can use water from a well, but not from a tap) and for nine days three silver things are lowered into it. In the morning, the birthday man washes himself with silver water, clearing all the negativity that has accumulated over the year.

Also, magic rituals on the birthday and for attracting love into your life are effective. It is better to perform such magical actions before going to bed, but before midnight. Having taken off all our clothes, we light a red candle, on a small piece of paper we write the name of a loved one and burn with nine dry red rose petals.Pour the ashes into a pre-prepared bath with lavender oil and take procedures in this water. After it, you can not wipe with a towel, all the droplets must dry on their own.

I would like to note that after performing such manipulations over the next week, it is forbidden to swear, go to cemeteries and commemorations, cry, gossip, and commit acts that are contrary to generally accepted moral principles.

To the growing moon

Another beauty conspiracy on a birthday should be read in the morning on the growing moon. The ceremony is quite simple and suitable for young and adult women. Waking up early in the morning, the birthday girl, not getting out of bed, must read the text of the conspiracy.

After reading the text of the hex, you can begin to engage in everyday affairs and preparation for the celebration.

With candles

To preserve and enhance the condition, buy green candles, the number of years of the birthday. A trifle from surrender is laid out in the corners of the home with the words:

“It has come to me, and let it come to my house”

They light candles and pronounce the dream over each.

Samir Ali channel wish fulfillment ritual

Baby readable plot

The power of maternal prayer is undeniable. There are many strong Orthodox prayers of the mother. Prayer addresses are distinguished by miraculous power and are considered amulets. With their help, you can support your bloodstream at different stages of life. Sincere prayer of the mother, which comes from the depths of the soul, allows you to install an invisible protective shield over the child that no evil or negative can penetrate. A strong prayer for children needs to be done daily, and in this case, the mother can be sure that her child will successfully cope with any difficulties and will bypass all the troubles.

Especially strong is the prayer on the child's birthday. It allows you to reliably protect your child from sorrows and troubles for a whole year. Before the prayer, which should be pronounced at home, you should definitely visit the temple, where you need to light a candle for the health of his daughter.

A prayer is pronounced before the icon of the Savior, the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. Before them, you should definitely light up the church candle.

His mother reads while standing east 7 times, you can read until a child reaches the age of 35l. In this case, the word "baby" is changed to the word "slave, servant of God."

“I, a slave of God (name), baptized, named after her, conceived a baby, gave birth to a baby at a blessed hour under a happy star, I will speak a baby (name) at this hour for every success, to high posts, to royal roads, to high thresholds, to they’ve arrived, in full purses. I’ll whisper the secret word, the mother’s word in the morning, sunrise and I’ll speak the baby (name) from this hour on, every year, to a high star, to posts, for goodness. Amen and my word. ”

Prayer for the memory of the deceased on his birthday

Prayer on the birthday of a deceased person will honor the memory. Light a candle for peace in the church and read:

Remember, Lord God, Slave (name of the deceased). Lord, forgive him all the sins of the earth, for he created them by his own unreasoning and error.

Deliver him, Lord, from eternal and unbearable torment for his sins, known and unknown. Let it not burn hell fire and not suffer terrible torment.

We living all close to him, pray to you and glorify you the All-Merciful. Your truth is forever and ever and your mercy is unlimited. Amen.

Remember that resorting to the powers of magic, you need to use it only for the good. Do not make a wish, the fulfillment of which can harm others. The signs and superstitions associated with a birthday have great power and, if properly handled, can bring the requestor love, luck and fulfillment of desires.

By my 33 years, I had no children, and behind my back - as many as 3 failed marriages.

Well, I have not yet become pregnant from any of the husbands - God has saved. I began to think that we need to radically change our lives, and before that turn to a fortuneteller.Well, it cannot be that all relationships go according to one scenario - something is unclean here.

Maybe auto-suggestion? A friend advised one little thing and at the very moment when I thought it, a fever appeared in my chest. Light but warming and pleasant. The mood quickly rose, I wanted to put on the best outfit and go for a walk and met him ..

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For money

Perhaps the rite to raise money on your birthday is considered the most popular and not surprising, because it really helps to significantly improve your financial situation.

First you need to exchange 100 rubles for small coins and mix them with wheat intended for sowing. At dawn, you should go to a plowed but not sown field and swipe to throw money with grain there. In this case, three times it should be said:

Reference. Residents of the city can go to the park or to a small private garden. It is important that the grown wheat is not torn out of the earth before the spikelet is formed.

On your birthday, you can not only hold a rite of purification and make a wish, but also attract money to your life. A money bath will help you with this. More details in the video:

How to get rid of poverty - a conspiracy on the birthday of wealth

One of the ways known to mankind to attract money fortune to a person is a birthday conspiracy for wealth. By combining the magic of your zodiac sign, the moment you are born, and directing the energy of the life cycle to one task, you can greatly enhance the effect of any conspiracy on money.

On a handkerchief

There is another very effective rite to bring true love into your life. But it is only suitable for those women who wear a head scarf or scarf. This wardrobe item must be in use.

On his birthday, he must be folded with all 4 corners to the center and say the words aloud once:

After reading the conspiracy, the headscarf, when unfolding, should be removed by the icon or in any other secret place where it can not be seen, and even more so outsiders can pick it up. There he must remain until love appears in life. Only after that it can be deployed and used further for its intended purpose.

Preserved N. Stepanova on her birthday

Birthday is one of the few days when you can talk yourself out of all the troubles and other people's slander! The famous Siberian healers Natalya Stepanova, whose work we constantly turn to, have many amulets that need to be read on their birthday. We recommend you this amulet. His power will speak you for a whole year from troubles and evil.
Reading the talisman of Natalia Stepanova on her birthday is necessary on a new church candle. Light a candle and say the words of the amulet. You can read this amulet, both for yourself and for any loved one.

“I speak to the servant of God (name)
From all the sorcerers and sorcerers,
From sorceresses and sorcerers,
From the old man and from the old woman.
I send from the servant of God (name)
All for green forests, for wide fields.
From the ground - mother tolnik to take,
Bother yourself.
While the servant of God (name) is still alive,
Do not waste it, do not bewitch anyone,
Do not spoil, do not spoil.
Not a word of conspiracy,
But not a bad thing, no day.
Jesus Christ is my protection.
Everywhere and everywhere the road is wide and bright for me.
There are no barriers to me anywhere.
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Reviews of magicians about rituals

Most clearly, the effectiveness of all these rituals is confirmed by the words of people who are professionally engaged in magic. They confirm the fact that such rites are really highly effective. Here is what the Siberian healer Stepanova Natalya Ivanovna says:

“Conspiracies and prayers recited on your birthday are highly effective. The main thing is to correctly follow all the recommendations and believe in success. But do not hope for a momentary fulfillment of all requests.Higher forces themselves know when the requestor should be gifted. ”

Birthday is a time when even people who do not have any magic skills can significantly improve their lives. All that is necessary is to correctly perform the described rituals and be sure to believe in success.

How to read a wealth conspiracy birthday plot

As we know, the day of birth is special for every person. It is celebrated from year to year, marking the completion of the next life cycle and the beginning of a new one.

It is on this day that conspiracies, prayers, rituals, and all kinds of enchantments gain strength more than ever.

Time-honored rituals on your birthday will help bring happiness and joy, financial well-being, positively charged energy to your home, which will continue to nourish you with strength for all subsequent days of the year.

A birthday conspiracy for wealth is aimed at fulfilling your one and only desire, which should be sincere and coming from the heart. This may be the correction of the financial situation in the family, the search for a new job with better conditions, and the attraction of cash investments. The main condition is your pure desire and strict adherence to the rules of the rite.

Birthday money conspiracies

The most ancient and popular is the rite of attracting money and good luck. To conduct it, you will need three wax candles made of natural wax (paraffin candles or candles made of other artificial materials are not suitable), a white tablecloth without a pattern, a white dish without a pattern, and also the knowledge of the exact time of your birth. Not necessarily accurate to the minute, but the better you know it, the higher the probability of a successful outcome.

The ceremony is held in your bedroom when you are alone and there is nobody in the house. Preheat the candles so that they can be easily bent, without breaking. Lay the tablecloth on a pedestal, table or other suitable surface, so that when you get east you should be facing the laid surface at the same time.

Visualize your desire: imagine how your dreams come true, you are lucky and any of your endeavors are successful, the flow of money that goes into your wallet is not impoverished. For some time, keep the candles near the heart, nourishing them with your energy.

Put them on a plate and light them, then start reading the plot:

Lord God, bless me with your blessing. Come through the oak gates, paved by the road to my table, covered with a tablecloth. Bring the wax candles blessed to me, yes gilded dust, and a chipped pipe. The midnight moon is in a hurry in the sky, happiness beckons me into the house. From century to century, there will be my words for a century!

It is very important not to stumble or stray while reading the plot. Wait until the candles burn out to the end. They should not go out without burning out, and at this time no one should enter the room: neither households, nor pets. If the candle is still extinguished, light it from another candle. After the candles burn out, hide the ritual objects (tablecloth, dish) in a secluded place. They cannot be used during the year. Only after your next birthday can they be used as household items. Prior to this, it is not advisable for anyone to see them, and even more so, to touch them. This can destroy the energy of the conspiracy and even harm you if a person has bad thoughts or intentions.

There is also a special rite that can only be performed by a person who has been baptized in the Orthodox rite. This birthday money conspiracy requires nine consecrated candles, memorized words, and a little time alone - about half an hour.

Memorize the plot, light candles. Look at the fire and focus on your desire.

Ask yourself: what will change when a dream comes true? How do you change? Would you harm someone with your desire? If after this your determination remains the same, then read this conspiracy twelve times:

Lord God Almighty, bless me! Let through the gates, but through the window the devil come in, to the oak table, come through the chimney, bring gilt dust as a gift. Aki wanders through a clear night in the sky, so in my house, the servants of God (name), he will always find luck. The matter is strong, but the word is stucco. Amen.

During reading, you can not take long breaks, lose concentration, take long breaks between repeating the plot. Count how many times you have already said it. After you read it for the twelfth time, leave the candles to burn out, but it is advisable to keep an eye out so that not one goes out.

Scrap the wax, roll it into one piece, wrap it in a white cloth and hide it until the next birthday, after which it can be thrown away.

Do not wait for the instant fulfillment of desire and raise money - you have a whole year ahead of you, during which magic will act and ultimately lead you to fulfill your dream.

The next Christian rite will require a handkerchief. Take it in your hands, concentrate, and then read the plot:

Whoever asks the Lord for help, the Lord will help him. May my great desire be fulfilled with the help of heaven. Unknown ways happiness will come to me, life will grow alive. I’m tying my handkerchief now, to help bright, to good deeds.

After that, tie a knot on a scarf and carry it with you everywhere. When your wish is fulfilled, burn it somewhere outside the confined space, while the knot is not untied. Do not tell anyone about your rite.

In no case should one wish evil to one's neighbor, to send damage or a curse by means of a conspiracy on the day of birth. The conditions and prohibitions in magic clearly state: those who break this rule for the whole next year will be persecuted by failures and the exact same troubles as he wished for another. Therefore, this prohibition cannot be overstepped, since it will not work to grind it or ask for forgiveness, having cleansed in this way.

In addition, on your birthday you can’t cry from grief, think or talk about illnesses or other misfortunes, or discuss the topic of death. Do not feel sorry for yourself or talk about your failures.

On this day, your energy and your aura are undergoing renewal, and therefore you are especially vulnerable to external influences - and bad thoughts can help the ill-wisher in his evil deed.

Do not lend money to others - this is how you withdraw money from your home.

It is impossible to celebrate this holiday in advance, as well as to create a magic bound to it on another day of the year. At thirteen, a child should be protected from a lush and noisy celebration, a man at forty, and a woman at the onset of fifty-three years. The number of candles multiple of three is not placed on the table.

You should not spread that you turned to magic for help. It is dangerous to talk about your desire and how you want to achieve it - among your friends and relatives there may be an ill-wisher who intends to break the spell and hurt you. Silence and faith are a guarantee that desire will come true as soon as possible.

In general, conspiracies for money that can be read only on one day of the year can be useful to every person. On his birthday, anyone can improve their financial situation, health or personal life with the help of witchcraft.

Charm from adversity and adversity, read only on your birthday

The angel of my birth.
Send me your blessing
From trouble, grief deliverance,
From the enemies of my nine nine
From slander and blasphemy in vain
From a sudden and terrible disease
From the tip in the dark, from the poison in the bowl,
From the beast to the thicket
From the sight of Herod and his troops,
From anger and punishment
From the tear of animals
From the eternal cold and fire
From hunger and rainy day -
Save, save me.
And my last hour will come
My angel, abide with me
Stand at the head of the bed, make it easier for me to leave.
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Birthday wish plots

Stand at the window or go outside, it is best if during the plot you will see the rising sun. If you have long hair, then loose it. Cross your palms and clasp them to your chest, read these words:

I will arise, servant of God (name), blessing myself and crossing myself, I will wash myself with clean water, I will go out of the hut, I will say goodbye to my father, and I will bless my mother. I will go from the hut to the canopy, from the canopy to the porch, from the porch to a pure field. Behind that field is the sea-okiyan, and in that okayan the island of Buyan. On the island are three towers.

The first wooden tower, in the tower is Mother of God, I’ll go and bow to her and say: “Mother of God, as you looked after Jesus when he walked on the earth, look after me while I walk on the earth and give me damask health and bright beauty.”

The second golden tower, in the tower that is Saint Paraskeva, I’ll go and bow to her and say: “Holy Paraskeva, give me good luck in money matters so that I have no shortage of anything.”

The third tower from jasper, in the tower that saints Peter and Fevronia, I’ll go worship them and say: “Peter and Fevronia are saints, I ask you for hot blood, a heart full of love, and a strong spirit for family consent.”

As the door to the doorpost is pretending, so my words are pretending to me, all the days, all the hours, at noon and midnight, day and night. Amen

Birthday conspiracies - let all wishes come true!

Do you know which birthday plots can be used to attract love, luck, wealth? Birthday is a special holiday that is suitable for holding numerous ceremonies.

Birthday is a truly amazing holiday, which is associated with a lot of signs and superstitions.

From ancient times it was believed that if you carry out special rituals on that day, then throughout the next year you will not leave happiness, luck, you will be healthy and loved. You can use such knowledge today.

If you do not want to use love spells, to evoke the spirit of love, but really want to meet a suitable person and finally become happy, you can conduct such a ritual. As soon as the guests leave you and the night comes, close in your room, take a white sheet and a pink wax candle. Light it, pick it up and think about what kind of person you would like to meet.

You can describe his personal qualities, attitude to life, appearance. Try to describe as many details as possible. After that, take a piece of paper and write down what your meeting should be.

Once everything is ready, fold the leaf several times and set it on fire. You will need to collect the ash from the burned sheet, therefore, you can put it in a fireproof container. While the description sheet is on, say these words:

Love will come into my life, I meet love, I protect love. Let it be as she said.

When everything is ready, the ashes should be dispelled in the wind. If the candle has not yet extinguished, then it can be extinguished. Be sure that this year you will meet a person with whom you will have a serious and wonderful relationship.

Such ceremonies are performed only if you know at least the approximate time of your birth. Should I ask my parents for the exact time? minutes. It is enough to know that this happened in the morning, afternoon, evening or night. Rituals are performed at the time of day when you were born.

Take a sheet of paper, write down on it your name, surname, patronymic, as well as the day, month, year and time (if the exact one is known) of birth. Fold the paper several times. Light a candle, hold it in your hands and say:

Merciful God, come to the table through the cobblestones through the oak gates. Wax candles illuminated bring me, but the gilt dust. Hurry the moon across the sky, happiness beckon me to my home. From century to century, there will be my words for a century.

Saying these words, imagine how fortune finally turns to face you, everything starts to work out for you.When the plot is said three times, the sheet with the record will need to be held several times over the flame of the candle and hide. Keep it throughout the year and luck will be attracted to you.

In this case, you will also need a piece of paper on which you will need to write your name, day, month, year and time of birth. After that, write the following words on it:

I conjure that to ailment me, the servant of God (name), bypassed by side, so that all ailments would disappear, so that pains and hardships would not lie in wait. Amen.

You will also need a candle and fireproof cookware. Ignite the sheet with the record and, while it burns, repeat the text of the plot again. When only ash remains from the sheet, it must be dispelled through the air. Now you can not be afraid, any disease will bypass you throughout the year.

Nothing pleases like money for new purchases

This ritual is carried out only at exactly midnight. When the birthday celebration is over, collect a full pocket of coins and go outside. Become so that you are under the moonlight. It would be ideal if at that moment the moon will be growing.

Remove a few coins from your wallet and place them in front of you. The rest let them be in the wallet. Take it in your left hand and shake it. At the same time, condemn these words:

I leave a few coins, I wish Mother Moon wealth. Let my coins be added to my wallet, and in my life my troubles will be reduced.

After you read the plot 5 times, you can go home. In any case, do not take the left coins as a gift to the Moon. Otherwise, higher powers are angry and wealth will not be sent to you.

Blowing out candles, do not forget to make a wish!

Everyone wants his wishes to be fulfilled. However, how can this be achieved? Of course, you can call on a magical entity that is able to fulfill a dream (genie, mermaid, fairy).

There is also a special plot for the fulfillment of desires, which is read only on his birthday. In order to conduct one of the short rituals, take a few minutes to retire during the holiday. Take a small handkerchief (it is advisable to take the one that you often carry with you) and say three times:

Whoever asks the Lord for help, the Lord helps him. May the greatest desire be fulfilled with the help of heaven. Unknown paths, may happiness come to me. I’m tying this scarf now, for help, light, for good deeds. Amen.

Make a large knot on a handkerchief. Until the knot is untied, your desires will be fulfilled. However, they must be kind, bright. If you wish evil to other people, then it will not be fulfilled.

You can also use another plot. It is used at night. Go outside, stand so that you clearly see your shadow, and say:

As night does not live without a day, so is a shadow without me. As the Lord created the night with the night, so did he give me a shadow on my birthday. Fulfill the shadow of my dream (describe the desire). As said, it will be so. Amen.

After reading the plot, you can safely go home. Your dream will come true.

Birthday conspiracies will help you get what you want. Remember, the more you believe in the power of such prayers and spells, the higher the likelihood that everything conceived will be fulfilled.

A plot to attract good luck and money

It is read in front of a lit candle on the day and hour of its birth. If you do not know the exact time, then it is advisable either at sunset or at dawn:

“Lord Almighty, Heavenly Father, hear my prayer!
Olya-yaksh and the devil-knight himself, come, come to my oak table, and let neither window nor door be your barrier. Bring me the precious dust from the gold, and the bone from the mighty bull. Leave them to me as assistants, defenders, concealers. From now on, I (name) will be lucky in all undertakings and good thoughts, good luck will not go away, and gold will come. I’m locking my words tightly, and whoever tries to break it is wasting only power. ”

Read this conspiracy 12 times, by the number of months in a year. From this moment on, luck will not leave you, and the money itself should flow into your hands!

Birthday wish conspiracy

In order for this ritual to work, it must be performed at least at about the hour when you were born. For the ritual you will need 3 soft wax candles, but not church ones. Having made a wish and secluded in the room where you sleep, you need to hold the candles for several minutes on a flat chest, then twist them together, realizing this from top to bottom.

Woven candles are placed on a white saucer in the center of a table covered with a completely white tablecloth, lit and turned to face them east, 12 times they read the following spell:

“Lord God, bless and have mercy. Come through the gate, through the door, through the bright window to my oak table. Bring me the gilt dust, the wax candles and the silver pipe. As the Moon goes through the sky at midnight, so I, the servant of God (name), will be lucky from this hour. From century to century. ”

Candles should burn out completely, and while they burn, you should not leave the room and no one should enter it. Neither a saucer nor a tablecloth in everyday life can be used until the next birthday, and your desire will certainly come true.

Rules for conducting ceremonies and rituals on a birthday

When conducting ceremonies for a birthday, it is important to consider and follow certain rules:

  • it is advisable to read conspiracies at the hour of birth, if the exact time is unknown - at midnight,
  • you can’t conduct rituals of black magic, charm and spoil - any negative impact or utterance will turn into a disaster for the birthday person,
  • rituals and conspiracies must be kept secret, otherwise the magic will not work.

Powerful birthday rituals that will attract money and luck

Everyone knows that by blowing out candles on a cake in honor of a birthday, you need to make wishes. This tradition has come to us for a reason.

The fact is that the day you came to Earth in a bodily shell, esotericists consider the time of power. On his birthday, the Almighty especially responds to the requests of man.

We invite you to get acquainted with simple rites to attract wealth and good luck on your birthday.

Any rituals of fulfillment of desires should be carried out on auspicious days. Experts distinguish several time periods of power: mass religious holidays, the rising moon, lunar eclipse, birthday. These days, the chances of fulfilling a desire increase several times.

Rules for conducting ceremonies for good luck on your birthday:

  • silence - no one should know that you will perform the ceremony,
  • loneliness - all actions to attract good luck and wealth on the birthday should be carried out alone with yourself,
  • faith - in many ancient treatises they write that according to your faith it will be given to you - these are not empty words, if you do not believe in the fulfillment of a desire, it will not come true,
  • away thoughts of the bad
  • do not wish anyone harm.
  • Following many of these rules in life, and not just during the rituals, will help you pull whatever you want.
  • Good morning ritual

As soon as you wake up, go to the bathroom and wash yourself three times, you can use holy water saying: “I’ll wash away my failures, I’ll open the doors of well-being.” Then go to the window and say: “Luck flies from all over the Earth, it charges me with force, happiness promises, drives problems away. ” Happy birthday to you.

Ritual for fulfilling wishes On your birthday, go to the crossroads. Worship all corners of the world, pronouncing a cherished desire in your mind. Throw a coin on each side of the world. Go home. On the way to the house, do not talk to anyone and do not turn around, otherwise there is every chance to scare away luck. Ritual of wealth

Take the number of coins equal to your years. On your birthday, put them in your pockets with the words: “Years run, accumulations grow. As much as I am fulfilled, so much will come. ”Coins should be in your pockets for a day, then put them in the piggy bank and do not open it until it is full of money.


It is not known whether the special rituals and conspiracies on the birthday help a person to achieve success and find happiness in the new year of life. Perhaps the ancient rituals simply help the birthday man to tune in to the best, gain faith and support of the Higher powers. In any case, the fulfillment of the cherished desire and the well-being of the birthday person primarily depends on the person and his faith in his own strength.

Birthday conspiracies: for wealth, for desire

The day when a person is born into the world is special in every sense. On this day, he begins to exist separately from the mother’s body (with which he had previously been a single energy structure), receives its own energy shell.

Birthday can be called a personal new year of a person - it is from him that every next year of life is counted.

For a child, the day he is preparing to appear in this world is especially difficult. The birth process is a huge stress for both the body and the soul. Because of this, it often happens that for a person already an adult, the day on the eve of his personal holiday is hard, brings a lot of trouble and is practically the most unlucky day of the year.

Therefore, in order to protect yourself as much as possible, nothing serious should be done before the date of your birth, and it is better to put all the responsibilities for preparing for the celebration on the shoulders of relatives and friends.

Birthday magic

Birth is a process during which a creature (in our case, a human) begins its independent life independent of the mother’s body. Energetically, until the moment of birth, the fetus and mother are a single energy structure.

And only when the baby is born, at that second, when the umbilical cord is cut, and the baby begins to exist "autonomously" - only at that moment a person acquires his own energy bodies.

First of all, it is necessary to remember that the New Year for each individual person begins not according to one or another popular calendars (for example, December 31 or March 22), but on his birthday. This is the beginning and end of the personal countdown of the year.

It often happens that on the eve of a person’s birthday, troubles follow: he can quarrel at home or at work, he can catch a cold, he can have a bad mood, and in general, for most this day is almost the most unlucky of the year.

In order to avoid major troubles, the day before the birthday is not worth doing any serious business. It is better to delegate preparations for the holiday to relatives or to do it earlier.

Remember: you are born, for you it is stress, as for your whole body and soul - take care! However, in addition to a variety of pleasant and not very accepting, the day you are born can be used for your own good. To do this, it is worth only a little "help" to your guardian spirits through a variety of magical actions.


  • For happiness, success - invite an even number of guests to visit, Crying is a bad sign of a birthday. Cry only with happiness. Also, do not borrow money on this day,
  • Get out of bed in the morning, look out the window. Who do you see? Man - promises you loneliness. Woman - a year full of warm relations. Cat or other pet - be careful about your health,
  • On this day, you are sensitive to various signs, be careful about them, try to notice only the good,
  • Take a bathhouse or a good bath on your birthday night. This is a kind of rite to cleanse the soul, body, chakras.

Crossroads ritual

At the intersection of two roads, the Higher Forces are asking for fulfillment of desires or for help. They find a quiet, secluded intersection and at noon, becoming in the center, they say:

“I bow to the servant of God (name) to the east, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.I bow (name), east, bow west, bow north, bow south. I order all four cardinal points: you will call all the powers of heaven and the powers of the earth. May all forces fulfill my cherished desire (pronounce the desired). May that be said come true. Amen. Amen. Amen".

You need to learn the words in advance and speak, turning, on each of the four sides. In the form of farms for magic, leave a few coins.

Rite with shadow

They stand opposite the wall so that the shadow does not obscure anything and is visible to its full height. Folding their hands in the castle, they read the words four times:

“My God, thy servant, is before you. How You created the Moon, and the Sun, and part of the Star, and the blue sea, and the black earth, and man, and his shadow - all this on the seventh day. And the Lord gave me a shadow for every day. I ask her and order: let (give a definition of desire) be fulfilled. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen".

The ceremony can be carried out not only for oneself, but also for children or a loved one, inserting his name into the text of the conspiracy.

Birthday Signs

The cherished date comes on the calendar. The birthday boy prepares treats for friends, loved ones bring gifts, and then the next morning comes. Incredible forces go nowhere until next year. The strength of 24 hours every 365 days is familiar to a small number of people.

Signs on name days have been unknowingly used since childhood, when a mother tells her daughter to whisper cherished words at night or blow out candles, concentrating in a naked desire.

Casting cumbersome spells is not necessarily enough with one sign to get what you want.

Prayer at the hour when the baby was born is charged with strong energy and really gives the baby more strength, health and energy for future achievements.

How is prayer different from signs? You can believe in anything. And to know on an intuitive level about the reality of spoken words is a completely different matter. Signs give a more tangible effect.

Thinking for signs is not the same as faith or prayer. A sign that can determine the future fate of a person:

Wishes. A hundred years ago, words were spoken of as a force distributed to people to do good deeds or silence. Today, congratulations on holidays is a familiar, even routine matter. A simple sentence will protect you from negative energy from others. In those cases when the birthday man does not intend to accept a congratulatory speech, the following is pronounced to himself:

"Your speeches, yes on your shoulders." Candles on the cake help make dreams come true. It will accept an exorbitant amount with candles, and not all of them are true. Beliefs say that a friend who helps to blow out the fire of candles is an assistant in the implementation of the desired. To ask a stranger in blowing out candles is not worth it. Wishes along with smoke will go to the Guardian Angel, protecting the birthday man from the first breath on Earth.

Turning to an angel or a higher power does not matter. The true meaning lies in the thoughts of the birthday man, in his true faith in what he longs for.

The energy of a person on his birthday is more vulnerable than usual, so it is very advisable to try to follow certain signs and tips that will help to avoid trouble and trouble.

  1. You can not celebrate your birthday in advance, later doing it is also not recommended.
  2. An unkind sign is considered if someone congratulates you on your holiday prematurely. If this still happened, be sure to say to yourself: “May God live and survive all the enemies!”
  3. Do not cry on this day - a bad sign. The exception is crying with happiness.
  4. Do not borrow this day and do not borrow money - you will scare off monetary fortune for the whole next year.
  5. It should be humble to celebrate a birthday if a man is 40 years old, a woman is 53 years old, and a child is 13.
  6. Try to invite an even number of guests - this will attract happiness and luck.
  7. If you do not want to shorten your life, try to arrange the number of guests at your holiday so that they are not 9, 13, 18, 21, 50, 99 and 100.
  8. Do not decorate the holiday table with candles. And if you really want to, make sure that their number does not reach 3, 9, 12, 18. This does not apply to the candles on the cake.
  9. Don't take the day of your relationship into disregard. Remember that this date is extremely important.
  10. Use it for good, and magic will help you.

Conspiracies on the eve of birthday

Only once a year a person is able to influence his own destiny. The rituals of Vanga or the spells of Natalya Stepanova help to not easily attract love or marry successfully, but to get rich, attract money, fame, success. Mages say all you need is to find a starting point. The date determines the magic number of the birthday person. How to use it? The conditions for the rituals:

  • solitude and silence
  • correctly formed wish,
  • candle or other attribute of fortune telling.

It is best to perform actions on health, love, luck or wealth at the exact time of birth. Casting spells in the presence of family or relatives is not worth it. Plans, no matter how desirable, should be kept secret.

Often during the holidays they plan a different kind of magical action. A talisman, an amulet, a protective charmed item, charged on its holiday, has incredible power. Rites on the eve of the coveted day:

  1. rite with candles
  2. effective plot in your own shadow,
  3. ceremonies at the crossroads
  4. plot for quick luck.

It remains only to choose the desired ritual. Reading conspiracies is easy, and performing sequential actions is easy.

"Money bath"

For this beautiful and effective ceremony you will need:

  • candles
  • a teaspoon of cinnamon stick powder,
  • a bunch of parsley
  • 8 coins.

Perform the following actions:

  1. Coins of different denominations are put in a small container and sprinkled with ground cinnamon.
  2. Add 4 tablespoons of finely chopped parsley and 5 glasses of water.
  3. The dishes are set on fire.
  4. The boiled broth is cooled.
  5. At this time, they collect a bath, light candles in the corners.
  6. Infusion is poured into the filled container, saying: “Let money flow like a golden river and always be with me”!
  7. Plunge into the bath, relax and visualize the desire.

Rite with candles

Rituals without proper preparation can not be carried out, that on a holiday, that on weekdays. To read the plot must be memorized, then the effect of the ritual will not have to wait long.

The amulet is being prepared on the eve of the celebration, the time of the ceremony is midnight of the treasured day. Nine ordinary candles are prepared in advance. Arrange the attributes should be on the table, then again formulate the desire. Candles are lit at once.

You must read the words of the spell to yourself, repeating the learned words exactly twelve times:

“Lord God Almighty, Bless me! Let through the gate, but through the window Damn noble come in, To the oak table, but through the chimney come in, Gilded dust will bring as a gift. Aki wanders for a clear night in the sky, So in my house, God's servants (name), He will always find luck. The matter is strong, but the word is stucco. Amen."

His name is pronounced clearly, with a calm, clear intonation. Rites for good luck with candles or according to the date of birth are performed without witnesses. You can attract money using a ritual on the eve of the treasured date. The rituals of such power do not promise the annual effect, but it will help to implement short-term bold plans.

For a woman, a name day is a chance to find love and a faithful, reliable rear. When pronouncing the words of the spell, one should represent one's ideal. The gift referred to in the conspiracy may be a man. Constant, confident in the future, able to protect his own woman, children, home. Life brings surprises, you just need to slightly direct fate to the desired direction.

Rite of achievement

In traditional magic, there is a unique ritual that activates the personality traits according to the chosen color. In the form of the main tool, multi-colored and white candles are used.

The color shade is the conductor accompanying the desire in the information field of the Universe:

  1. Pink is a doctor who heals serious heart shocks and helps restore mental strength and balance.
  2. Green - has the energy of money, opportunities and means. Helps to quickly advance in a career, actively increasing financial strength.
  3. Red is an exciting element of mutual passion, feelings and emotions. Able to introduce fervor into a cooled hearth.
  4. Yellow is the color of confidence and energy, helping to easily cope with great physical and emotional stress.
  5. Silver - promotes deep self-knowledge, helps to determine life priorities and fulfill oneself.
  6. Golden is the color of action and wisdom, directing all forces to desired goals.

  1. Having determined the tone of the candle, according to the sphere to which the wish belongs, the predicted is written on it.
  2. White candles are placed in the center and on the right.
  3. The conductor is placed on the left and lit last.
  4. They say: “I deserve success. I have done a lot of work and this work continues to lead to the achievement of the goal (pronounced clearly stated goal). "
  5. Allow candles to burn out, pondering and visualizing their desire.

Prayer to the Lord on his birthday

The plot is read at the time of his birth. If the hour is unknown, then you need to read at midnight on your birthday. No one should be around while reading the plot. Take a candle, light it and put it in front of the icon. Conspiracy read 12 times:

“I will be baptized with the cross, and I will bless the Lord. Amen. Lord God, Lord of the whole world, visible and invisible, all the days and summers of my life depend on Your holy will. I thank you, the compassionate Father, that you allowed me to live another year, I know that because of my sins I am not worthy of this mercy, but you show it to me through your ineffable philanthropy. Extend and still Your mercies to me, the sinner, continue my life in virtue, tranquility, in health, in peace with all relatives and harmony with all neighbors. Give me the abundance of the fruits of the earth and all that is needed to satisfy my needs.

Most of all, clear my conscience, strengthen me on the path of salvation, so that, following it, after many years of this life in the world, passing into eternal life, I will be honored to be the heir to Your Kingdom of Heaven. God Himself, bless the year I begin, and all the days of my life. Amen".

After will be well-being in all matters, as well as in cash.

Amulet of luck on a birthday

If you have been given a birthday decoration, you can charge it so that it attracts good luck to you. To do this, you will need seven green ritual candles, a piece of ginger, a magnet, bergamot oil, as well as several coins related to the currency of our country.
The ritual is held for 7 consecutive days (including birthday).

Every day, light an altar candle and incense, put a magnet in front of a burning incense. Lubricate one of the green candles and place it in front of the magnet. Put the coins near the candle or under the magnet, put the jewelry on the right palm and read the following spell seven times:

As a big tree grows from a young seedling, so let my money multiply every day. Let every penny turn into a dollar, and this process lasts forever. Let it be as I intended!

This strong enough affirmation is used in many rituals to attract money. Let the candle burn out completely. Then remove the coins and other accessories and every day begin to carry out the ceremony on the freshly cleaned altar (table), adding new ones to the old coins. At the end of the week, remove all the coins used in the ritual in a box or box for several weeks.

Ritual of protection

The protective rite on the birthday will restore energetically and save the whole next year from dark influence.

  • capacity (glass or cup),
  • spring water,
  • inexpensive new jewelry (ring, brooch, medallion).

  1. A thing is acquired in advance, at least a week before the birthday, and is worn without taking it off.
  2. On the night before the holiday, the product is placed in a container, filled with water and left on the windowsill.It is desirable that it be illuminated by moonlight.
  3. In the morning, the jewelry is taken out of the water, wiped dry and clenched in a fist, asking for protection.
  4. Wear it constantly or put on in especially difficult situations.

A modest little thing will become a powerful amulet given to the Universe itself.

"Flower" rite

This ritual will allow asking the Higher Forces not one desire, but several.

To carry out the required:

  • color matching tape
  • church candle
  • flower from a presented bouquet.

Select one or more ribbons of the desired color:

  • to attract financial well-being - green,
  • red - if desire is associated with love and passion,
  • blue - will contribute to the strengthening of physical strength and health,
  • for femininity and outward appeal - pink.

  1. Having retired after the holiday, light a candle.
  2. Tying the ribbon on the stem of the flower, they say: “I will tie a knot, I ask you to fulfill my desire. Let (voice a dream). ”
  3. If there are several desires, repeat the ritual with the next tape.
  4. Having tied the last one, they say: “The flower will dry up, and my dream will become a reality. May it be so".

Good and bad omens for a birthday

The omens that fall out on this holiday will tell you whether the year will be happy, as well as what to fear:

  • to break the dishes on the birthday - to a successful year,
  • accept congratulations in advance - unfortunately
  • Celebrate before your actual birthday - shorten your life,
  • to borrow or lend on this day - to poverty,
  • to celebrate the 40th anniversary is to abandon wisdom.

The rite of change of fate (karma correction) on the birthday

Also, this rite removes the curse, removes the attacks of astral beings, protects against damage and all that is bad. Must have:

  • holy water
  • 7 church candles
  • icon of Jesus Christ
  • icon of the Vladimir Mother of God,
  • quaternary salt
  • 2 mirrors
  • matches.

Put the mirrors on the table on the right and left so that your image is in both and they themselves are reflected in each other. Between the mirrors are icons, in front of them there are 4 candles, and closer to you are 3 more candles. To your right is a cup of holy water. Around the table and the chair on which you will sit, protection is made clockwise, first it is drawn with holy water, then with Thursday salt. The circle of holy water is external!

Now you can sit down and start.

“The mirror is dark, black in the heart. Lord, help me, sanctify the soul. I light a candle (light all 7 candles) and in a prayer I ask: I placed the seal of Hell on me, the servant of God, the prince of Darkness, reflect the black seal of Christ that the black servant put on me, the servant of God, protect you, Jesus, with unbearable protection. Lord Jesus Christ, Mother of the Most Holy Theotokos, I put three nods: for the first time (cross yourself), do not turn your back on me, God's servants, for your sins, free and not free. Amen. The second time (cross yourself) grant salvation to my soul, Lord. Amen. The third time (cross yourself) for the glory of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, protect me, a servant of God, with an unbearable cover, an indestructible protection. Amen. Time after time, cross after cross, lock me, Lord, with your finger. I lay three crosses with holy water (hold a cross on the body with holy water), in the name of the Lord I close with a cross (another cross) in the name of Jesus Christ I close with a cross, (another cross) in the name of the Holy Spirit I close with a cross. Amen".

Now cross yourself and bow. Candles should burn out.
The plot is read quietly, but distinctly. The water on the body will dry itself (the ritual is performed topless).
Before and after the ritual, 3 days of fasting. The next day, go to church, buy 12 candles and put 3 to the icon of Jesus Christ, 3 to the icon of the Holy Trinity, 3 to the Mother of God, 3 to Panteleimon the healer.

Candle ritual

On birthday, buy exactly as many candles as you are years old. Take change in change. Arriving home, throw her to the floor, saying:

Light candles and focus on the fire, speak the words

“I (name) came to eat in this joyful and happy world.
I confidently walk along the chosen path.
May my mind be clear.
Let the happy light illuminate my way.
Let my chosen path lead to good and prosperity.
May love always surround me ”

Career ritual

On the date of birth (number) you need to wear any new thing and wear three days. Before that, say:

“I’m putting a new thing on, punching a new career for myself,
service and friendship come to me, prosperity in work,
understanding among people. ”

Then rinse the thing in clean water and spray the workplace with this water (threshold, chair, office).

Get rid of trouble

In the afternoon, on your birthday, you can successfully get rid of everything that bothers you. If you have health problems, overcome the ailments provoked by witchcraft intervention from outside, collect a small fire, light it when it flares up - cross yourself and, looking at the fire, read three times:

“Tsar of Fire, as you burn branches and logs, you burn everything in your path, so you burn my diseases and ailments, all ailments, all the pains of heart and soul.”

Take a towel from head to toe, throw it in the fire and say:

“To you, Fire, I abandon my diseases. Go away, pain, into the Fire! Take it, Fire, the whole ailment. Amen. Amen. Amen".

Bury the ash left after the fire in the ground and leave without looking back.

Fortune telling on a birthday

On your birthday, you can guess what awaits you throughout the year. To do this, in the morning, as soon as you get out of bed, look out the window:

• if you are the first to see a woman, you won’t have to complain about your health,
• if a man - you will be alone.
• The cat promises illness,
• and an empty street - a quiet life without any changes.

Is it possible to celebrate a birthday in fasting?

Of course you can. However, if you do not want to sin and want to do everything according to the rules, you should remember: you can serve lean dishes on the table and alcohol must be excluded. If the birthday falls on Easter or on one of the days of the Great week (the last week before Easter), then it is still better to transfer it to the next week. By the way, then on the table you can serve not only lean dishes.

Birthday and angel day, what is the difference?

People’s name days are called the namesake day or the day of the Angel, that is the day of celebration to the saint in whose honor the person is named. Before the 1917 revolution, the name was designated at baptism in memory of the saint, the celebration of which coincided or was very close to the child’s birthday. A birthday is a person’s actual birthday. And it was customary in families to celebrate a name day, not a birthday. Since these dates were almost always on the same day.

After the 1917 revolution, baptism and the giving of a name in the church were canceled and reproved in every way. Parents themselves chose the name of the child, not associating it with the celebration of the saint. And birthday was often called birthday. Now, when Orthodox traditions are being revived, and people find out that they have a holy heavenly patron, in whose honor they are named, it turns out that a person has an Angel day (name day) six months later, or even more, after his birthday.

What can not be done on a birthday

It is believed that since every day a person lives the stage of creating life anew, his soul is especially vulnerable.

In order not to make a negative in your life, you should not do harm on your birthday:

  • spoiling
  • inducing a love spell,
  • announcing the curse.

Charms on the daughter's day Angel

Any mother wants to protect and defend her girl. There are several amulets that are read on the day of the angel of the daughter. Mother reads the amulet in the evening when the baby is sleeping. The amulet is read standing at the feet of the daughter.
These are the words of the mother’s amulet for the daughter.

“Oh, Glorified Mother of God,
Oh Guardian Angel, heavenly protector,
You are the defenders of my daughter
Slaves of God (name).
Do not spoil it to a sorcerer,
Neither a witch nor an evil enchantress,
Guard and protect
God's servant (name) in all affairs,
In all the ways
All days and hours are per diem
In the sun and moon.
Save and preserve, Lord God and
Mother of God, patroness of Our
My little daughter (name).
I lay three crosses: Jesus Christ is in front,
Mother Mother of God is behind
Guardian angel, heavenly patron over his head.
Save my daughter and protect from evil and misfortune.
Amen. Amen. Amen".

Conspiracy by shadow

Conspiracies provide opportunities. Magical powers are incapable of creating reality instead of man. The whole world literally each of its components indicates a further path, but the man remains to recognize the secret magical signs. A strong ceremony with a shadow will take a couple of minutes. The birthday person should be in front of the wall.

The position of the body is chosen so that the cast shadow does not obscure furniture or other objects. A proper perspective will ensure accurate divination. Hands are locked at chest level (a so-called lock is created). A conspiracy to fulfill hopes (of love or strong success) is read three times in a row:

“My God, thy servant, is before you. How You created the Moon, and the Sun, and part of the Star, and the blue sea, and the black earth, and man, and his shadow - all this on the seventh day. And the Lord gave me a shadow for every day. I ask her and order: let (give a definition of desire) be fulfilled. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen".

A strong conspiracy will act as soon as the next morning arrives. Rituals of such power will work on behalf of the parents (a ritual of well-being for the son or daughter). In such cases, the name of the son is inserted into the plot. The spell’s readable text should come from the bottom of the heart, with sincere faith - this will happen in the near future. Magic does not tolerate jokes, ridicule or skepticism.

Here is another mother's amulet for her daughter.

It must also be read on the day of Angela's daughter.

“Sleep, daughter. The guardian angel protects you
Mother Mother helps him.
Protect the servant of God (name) in all matters,
In all ways, at home, on the road, with strangers,
On the wrong side.
So that no one could offend and cause harm
A servant of God (name), their hands would not have risen,
Legs would not go, eyes blurred.
Guardian angel daughter my (name) wing from
Enemies close
Mother Virgin reads protective words.
My conspiracy cannot be removed
Do not interrupt my words.
My daughter (name) does not offend anyone
And do not limit.
Key. Castle. Tongue.
Amen. Amen. Amen".

Black pepper plot

There are ceremonies that help to fulfill a desire and relieve negativity. You can make a charm for yourself, which will serve you exactly one year. The ceremony is carried out at 12 nights, just before the birthday. Prepare for him three candles to buy at the church, holy water, a bag made of red cloth, a few peas of black pepper and cinnamon (2 sticks).

Light candles first and pray, making wishes. Then take two plates, put black pepper on one, cinnamon on the other, look at the candles and read the plot:

“The great spirit of the Lord’s help will fulfill my cherished desire, For Heavenly Father helps those who ask for his help. Help will come in ways unknown to me, my desire will grow in reality, it will acquire events the way for implementation. The Holy Spirit will be given to the servant of God (name) what I ask. I’ll tie a scarf to my desire, I’ll ask God for it and I will wait for fulfillment. Amen. Amen. Amen". Then drink holy water and say again: “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Saint Nicholas the Blessed Virgin, I beg you. Help the servant of God (name) come true (name what he wants). Amen. Amen. Amen".

The main magical property of black pepper is the neutralization of negative energy.

Crush a plate of pepper, before placing it on the table. So you destroy everything bad that you had last year. Throw the rest of the pepper out the window. Now the turn of desire. You will need cinnamon sticks. Swipe them over the candles and say what you need. Then read the plot:

“Lord God, Blessed Mother of the Virgin, all Saints, all Miracle Workers, you hear my prayers, you hear about my needs, help me, the servant of God (name), fulfill my (my) desires. Amen. Amen. Amen".

It remains only to put cinnamon in a red bag, tie and leave under the pillow. There she must lie until the desire is fulfilled. If you take all the rituals, this one is difficult to perform, but it is strong and effective.

How to put a talisman on a daughter

So that no one will ever harm your daughter, read on the day of her Angel, standing at the feet of her bed while she sleeps, the following conspiracy:

My daughter, are you sleeping or are standing before the Lord,
Do you look at Mother Virgin?
Jesus Christ, Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
Protect my daughter in all matters, in all ways,
In the sun, in the month
With a night road and a day road,
On strangers, strangers.
Her enemies’ legs and arms would be taken away
I would find darkness on their brains
So that they don’t recognize either their father or their mother,
It would not be common for them to offend someone else's daughter.
This spell can not be removed.
Key, lock, witch ceiling. Amen.

To attract money

It’s hard to live without money, which is why rituals for wealth are so popular. These rituals are easy to perform. They must attract money to the house.

There are a lot of conspiracies to attract money, they have a lot of names, but the goal is always the same - to increase their income, so that there is a lot of money.

Effective Smoking Plots

Put a talisman on his son

So that no one could offend, harm your son, put a special charm on him.

The plot is read on Angel's Son's Day at midnight, standing at the head of his bed while the baby is sleeping. The words of the conspiracy are as follows:

Angel from birth to his preservation,
Wings wave enemies
Likhodeyev, killers
Destroy with fire, sword
Save my child. Amen.

From poverty

The conspiracy is read in the hour that the person was born. If you do not know the time of your birth, do it exactly at midnight of your birthday. But there is one caveat. In magic, midnight comes at a time when the sun sets, so find out this time in advance and prepare everything you need.

You will need a church candle and the Almighty icon. First read the prayers you remember, then say the words of the conspiracy 12 times. When you finish reading, extinguish the candle with a pinch of the fingers of your right hand.

Then wrap it in a clean paper sheet or cloth and remove it by the shrine. You can hide behind the icon. She has to lie there all year.

On the next holiday, you will again read the conspiracy on a new candle, and this can already be taken to church.

“I will cross myself with the cross (be baptized once), I will bless the Lord God (bow). Amen. Lord God, the lord of all visible and invisible! All the days and hours of my life depend on the will of your saint. Thank you, Lord, for giving me the opportunity to live this year. After all, I am sinful and not worthy of mercy. But you are patient and multi-merciful, Lord. Grant me your mercies. Extend my life in peace and virtue, in the health and abundance of earthly fruits. Grant peace and love with my relatives to live in harmony with your neighbors. And most of all, clear your conscience, strengthen on the path of salvation, to be to me the heir to your kingdom of heaven. God bless my year and all the days of my life. Amen."

Conspiracy on Grandchildren on Angel Day

This plot is read by grandparents on their grandson on the day of his Angel, even before dawn, while the child is sleeping. The words of the conspiracy are as follows:

Lord Heavenly Father
Thy power and Thy will.
Save, save and preserve
In all ways, in all roads
In all my affairs, the grandchildren:
Their eyes are clear, their legs are sober,
Their souls are angelic.
Save, save them from evil dashing,
From life is bad.
From all sorts of ailments
From water and fire
From glass and a knife,
From any pain.
Lord, take away evil people.
Lord, have mercy and pity.
Save, save and defend
Servant of God (name). Amen.

Birthday conspiracies: popular

Birthday is a unique event that you can use for your own good, having resorted to the help of your invisible guardians. On this day, you can do various magical rites, pronounce conspiracies. They, in particular, can be aimed at:

  • fulfillment of secret desire
  • attraction of love
  • pulling luck
  • protection from troubles, troubles and grief,
  • getting rid of poverty, raising money wealth, etc.

I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the content of some of these conspiracies pronounced on your birthday and the rituals that accompany them. Applying them, you can significantly improve your life, fill it with pleasant events.

A strong conspiracy to help fulfill a cherished desire

The text is pronounced on the birthday of 3 lighted candles (they need to be given a full burn). The number of reads is 12 times. The words:

“Lord my God, have mercy and bless. Olya-yaksh and the devil-knight himself, through the gate, through the window, through the black pipe to my oak table, pass the gilded dust, pounded hare lip, bring 3 bones from the heifer to me. As the moon walks through heaven in its hour, so do I, the slave (slave) of God (God) (my name), let him be lucky from this hour. Sand - at sea, word, deed - constipation. Key, lock and tongue. Amen (3 times)! ”

A conspiracy that has great power - provided that its text will be learned in advance by the birthday man by heart, and the fact of use is kept in the strictest confidence. You also need to think about the wording of your desire first.

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